Fashion Friday: The Most Gorgeous (Gray!!!) Wedding Dress Ever

I saw this wedding in Martha Stewart Weddings while riding the train back from NYC (I had run out of magazines to read and rediscovered how fun and inspiring bridal mags are even after you’ve been married 10 years) and gasped out loud when I saw this gown. I’ve seen some pretty alternative color gowns, but typically in blush or other feminine shades. But GREY is not one I had considered and am now in love with. This gown the bride’s mother found at Bergdorf Goodman two months before the big day.  It’s by Alexandra Vidal whose work is incredible (you can see all her past creations on her website).


I mean, it’s just the most amazing skirt! Such artistry!



I cannot even deal with those flower girls!


The matron of honor’s gold Oscar de le Renta is pretty stunning as well.


Now prepare yourself for the rest of the wedding because it is INSANITY.  Designed and executed by Seattle’s Sinclair & Moore, it has to be one of the most spectacular events I’ve seen to date.  I mix of over the top and understated luxury.



SWEET BABY JESUS.  The ceremony was under a clear on a Seattle rooftop complete with potted trees (brought in just for the event), a zillion lucite chairs and chandeliers hung down the aisle.


All the incredible paper goods were done by La Happy.




Loving the groom’s mother’s gown too!


Look at those little angels in grey!


The reception was inside an old train station.



The absolutely stunning tables- the tall branch centerpieces are so simple and yet so striking.


Other tables had these luscious, low centerpieces.


The gold china and flatware coordinated perfectly (of course).


Every detail was perfect.



Oh wait, did I mention the seating chart was engraved on lucite panels and lit by candle light? No biggie. (OMG.)


jess-todd-wedding-seattle-cake-desserts-1034-d112604_vert jess-todd-wedding-seattle-clear-welcome-box-0051-d112604_vert


Just amazing.


Photography by Belathee.

I humbly tried to recreate the vibe of this wedding- which is nearly impossible without zillions of dollars but here ya go…


  1. By no means a budget option, but this Marchesa dress gives off a similar vibe in the same grey tones.
  2. Antique style large stud earrings let the dress be the showstopper.
  3. The great thing about wearing grey to your wedding– shoes you can wear AGAIN!
  4. I adore this gold dress for a maid of honor (or any fancy winter event!)
  5. Potted topiaries and trees add a wonderful natural, loose element to an event- plus they can be used much, much longer than cut flowers.
  6. Speaking of cut flowers, if you live in the Boston area check out Table & Tulip– they are amazing and do arrangements with the same vibe as this wedding.
  7. The flower girl may steal all the attention in this AMAZING (and affordable) tulle dress from Etsy!
  8. These Minted invites are such a close style to those used! Love the gold foil on charcoal grey palette.
  9. Gold banded china– how I wish I had registered for fancier china with gold accents! Silver was the name of the game in 2005 though….
  10. Gold flatware. A must for every bride registering these days!

All I can say is that I am pretty relived I got married pre-Pinterest.  I think I probably would have a stroke if I had to plan a wedding today with all the absurd, insane details out there available to make you feel completely sub-par. SHEESH! :)


  1. It’s gorgeous. I especially love the sites and the greenery. But, after being married for 7 years, my first thought is… it doesn’t really matter. Your wedding day should be special, but if I could do it over, I wouldn’t even want it to be so extravagant if I could.

  2. WOW! That gray wedding dress is stunning and the entire wedding is unbelievable. We have some family friends who had engraved lucite invitations for their daughter’s wedding. I’ve never seen anything like it and I just can’t imagine what it cost to produce & mail those.

  3. Gorgeous! Just incredible.
    Side note- a Fashion Friday post idea.. any advice on what to wear in family holiday card photos and not look cheesy?

  4. Full of all the things dream weddings are made of! And I am all about the grey at the moment. Realised (too late) today I have worn a grey jumper/top combination to work every day this week!

  5. Utterly beautiful and incredibly chic. Who lives with such perfection and comes up with these amazing ideas?! I wish!

  6. Wow, that dress is really amazing just from a craftmanship point of view. What a lucky bride to have a momma with such great style. Also, that lucite chuppah!

    The wedding was gorgeous – yet, having been married for 10 years, I see the wonderful pictures, sigh, and am quietly grateful that I didn’t spend a ton of money (or stress) on my own. I much prefer to admire other people’s lavish weddings.

  7. Wow! Gorgeous wedding! I love the ideas you pull together for your blog and your sense of style is impeccable. One request: do you really need to use Jesus’ name in an offensive manner? That is tasteless.

    1. Not everyone has the same religious feelings as you do. I find nothing offensive about what Erin wrote in this post. If you don’t like, either keep scrolling or don’t read. The need for some people to push their religious sensibilities onto everyone else is the tasteless part.

    2. Good God Almighty, please don’t shove your religious up-tightness onto this blog.
      If Jesus even exists, and is the Son of God = Love, I don’t think he cares one whit if someones says Sweet Baby Jesus. He might even chuckle at the term. I think it is cute. Stunning wedding by the way!

    3. For Christ’s sake. Snicker. Erin is one of the CLASSIEST bloggers around. Get over yourself, Andrea.
      Also, WOW. Erin, this knocked me out. I don’t even care to be married, but I do love to look at beautiful, thoughtfully planned events!

  8. Holy moly! It’s beautiful. All of it. Those tall branches actually work, being tall enough that people can talk below them. It’s terrible when the flowers make it impossible to see across the table.
    The dress is a dream, with those criss-crossed ruffles that keep it from looking like a wedding cake. Your alternative is lovely too. While the bodice on the bride’s dress is to die for, a strapless dress isn’t amenable to every figure, but the Marchesa looks much more forgiving.
    And that gold dress! Gorgeous. And all that Lucite. Like a crystal fairyland.

  9. All I can think is boy I’m glad I’m not the brides father. He is getting one big bill. If I were him I would have gotten plastered so I didn’t have to think about the bill.

  10. Also, I can just imagine the farmers/property owners face all confused like “You want my tree clippings?” I love the tree clipping centerpieces but when I think of how much I hate trimming the trees around our farm I get a little confused by the trend. After 4 truck loads of tree branches the last thing I’m thinking of is making a centerpiece. I just want a shower. Plus they don’t last long.

    1. Hi Amy, I actually bought all of these branches from a farmer who grows them for the intention of being cut down for designer to use. It’s his livelihood, so he was pretty thrilled when the order for this came through. And they last a really long time if kept in water and hydrated properly!

  11. what a great post! Absolutely love Sinclair&Moore styled events….have followed them for years on Instragram. So.Amazing.

  12. The lucite-engraved seating chart — OMG! Guess it didn’t lend itself to last minute changes, huh?

    Better tell hubby that we need to start saving for the 12 year old’s wedding NOW!

  13. I am stunned and awed by these wedding photos (my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail) . Next question, what, as a guest (say if I’d really been invited), what would be nearly classy enough for this elegant event?
    My own wedding and honeymoon (piggybacked onto a business trip to Hawaii) cost less than her wedding cake. And, like several others mentioned, I’m very happy it did! We spent all our money that same month buying our home. It was a great investment in our financial future. Since it was a second marriage for both of us, we didn’t need fancy and we were paying our own way.
    But still, those photos are just fabulous. Great choice for fashion friday. Oh, to be a flower girl in all that tulle!

  14. While the dress is certainly stunning, it can be a fine line between the woman wearing the dress or the dress wearing her. I tend to favor simpler/more streamlined styles that put the focus on the beautiful bride. Case in point – did anyone notice her hair/makeup?

    Still, love the idea of a grey dress!

  15. First: holy $$$$$ Batman!

    Second: of course MS Weddings because: Martha (see First)

    Third: gorgeous!

    Fourth: Without the $$$$, don’t even try. I know from experience that attempting to recreate MS Wedding extravagance with budget local vendors is hopeless (my MS Weddings-inspired caked executed by a MD baker was a wedding monstrosity never to be spoken of again).
    Fifth: With the money spent creating a wedding of this magnitude (or even attempting to recreate a wedding of this magnitude) you could buy a house. Do that. That’s an investment in your future.

    1. Agree 100%. And I had the exact same (horrible) experience trying to get a reputable baker who had done lovely things to recreate a MS cake!!! Ha! My MIL was so disappointed and mortified. I was annoyed only because I’d let them choose between that and a simple option that I also liked, and they chose to do the elaborate one and failed. But oh well.

  16. Would it be fun to go to that wedding as a guest? Every choice here seems magical. Like others have said it might take some magic to pay for all this. BUT, it never hurts to dream of what it might be like to have a wedding like this.

  17. All so lovely. But…
    Undoubtedly, a wedding for the Haves of this world.
    Little wonder why we are experiencing such a horrendous election when magazine spreads are trotted out like this.
    God forbid my daughter ever catches a whiff of this type of whimsy.

  18. WHO THINKS OF THESE THINGS??!!?? Absolutely innovative…PERFECTION (and..I’m not “easy” either!!) franki

  19. Thank you Erin for brightening the cloudy morning! What a spectacularly beautiful event and I love your picks!

  20. I adored this wedding! Thank you for posting!
    My husband and I don’t regret the money or time involved in our wedding. You only do it once and it’s such a fun celebration. I’d bet this couple doesn’t regret it either :)

  21. From an eye-candy point of view, it is stunning in every detail. Financially, I guess everything is relative: if they can afford this wedding, they probably don’t need to worry about saving for a house. But I am surprised that nobody else has commented on the sheer excessiveness. Engraved lucite, really?

  22. When you said the event was by Sinclair & Moore, I wasn’t surprised! They are some of the most talented and innovated event designers in their field. Gorgeous, as always!

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