Fall Favorites

Hi everyone.  So they are still working on the crazy issues with getting all my goods live today- fingers crossed! You can shop some pillows and all the candles here right now, with more to come (and a maybe even a restock of some of the sold out ones, so keep checking back if you missed out yesterday!)  In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my fall favorites since this is my most faaaaaaaaavorite time of year.  The cool air and changing colors and coziness is just the BEST and the whole reason I live in New England.  I get a total high off this season.


1. // 2. it may be #basic, but i love me some pumpkin spice! // 3. // 4. // 5. i just got these stemless wine glasses- they are the prettiest i’ve seen // 6. the coolest leather baskets // 7. // 8. // 9. i’m obsessed with this sweatercoat // 10. // 11. whoops. // 12. // 13. one of my cozy fall candle scents- Sweet Smoke is perfect for fall! // 14. // 15. YUM // 16. a cozy, warm fall scent // 17. // 18. // 19. looks so much like a Chloe bag without the Chloe price!// 20. // 21.



  1. Erin, I went to purchase a few of your pillows and the price has gone up from $38.99 yesterday to $58.99 today. I noticed other items have gone up quite a bit in price as well. What is up with that? Super disappointing as this is a 50% increase in price. Love your new products but….

    1. I just checked the velvet pillow, now $78. 99 for the square. Should have ordered it yesterday. i’m hoping the new price is a misprint.
      Erin, I’m sorry this new venture has so many growing pains. But it’s nothing that can’t be fixed.

  2. Erin-

    Sorry that you are having so many website issues with your launch! I was able to order the square green greek key pillows and they arrived yesterday – just wanted to send a note to say that they are beautiful and of very high quality for the price! I absolutely love them! Worth dealing with the issues!

    1. Hey lady! I too tried to order the leopard print pillow, for the lower price with no luck. Today, higher price, but again, no luck. Also the link to your cute boot #12, isn’t working. Sorry these technical glitches are putting a damper on your beautiful collection. Good news is we all still love you & your style & stuff, now if we could only get our hands on it… :)

  3. Loving all of these fall choices, Erin… That hat is a favorite, I have a couple of similar ones.

    And also, congratulations on your launch! I hope you won’t let these small issues put a damper on your well earned success.

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