Fashion Friday: Sponsor Welcome- Tapered Collection

As of late I’ve been super frustrated buying t-shirts. It seems like every good looking one is made of linen- which is ridiculous because who has time to dry clean or hand wash a flipping t-shirt? Every time I’ve bought one of them I’ve mistakenly put it in the washer and dryer (because, you know, it’s a t-shirt amongst lots of other t-shirts) and it inevitably comes out a size more appropriate for Henry. There goes another $45. Cotton tees seem to be so see through you need to be okay with exposing your bra or need to wear a cami underneath- defeating the purpose of a t-shirt! So when I was sent a sample of a new tee brand, Tapered Collection, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted.

Designed by a mom of three to not only be of substantial quality (US sourced 6 oz. supima interlock cotton) that is garment dyed and pre-shrunk (and not see through)- it is also cut to flatter in a tapered shape that doesn;t sling right where your jeans meet your waist.  The anti-muffin top tee! Hooray!


They are $48 and made in Fall River, MA- which is super awesome.  There is a size guide here to show you how each size fits.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.37.09 PM

Given the fact that I just had a baby, this shirt is great for me, as I’m feeling less than taut in the midsection.  Here’s how I’d wear mine (paired with my new favorite skinny mid-rise jeans that also keep things “secure” in the middle.)


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. Obsessed. Need this. // 5. How amazing is the new Reed Krakoff for Kohl’s line // 6. // 7. A super natural color for fingers // 8. SUCH a yummy summer scent! // 9. // 10.


*This post was sponsored by Tapered Collection. All opinion are my own.  Thank you for supporting these vendors who make EOS possible.




  1. Oh. My. God. Erin, are you serious?!? There’s a Reed Krakoff collection at Kohl’s?! Out of my freaking mind right now. Must get myself to a Kohl’s ASAP.

  2. Ok, normally I love the Friday fashion posts…but that tee? No. Just no. Not flattering even on the model.

    1. Agree. Plus, this particular type of short sleeve makes even super toned arms look fat and flabby.
      Lucy Liu used to wear this kind of T-shirts and short dresses all the time in the first two seasons of “Elementary” and it was awful. She looked fatter than she really is.

      1. Masha you are so right, this sleeve length is very unflattering on us girls with muscular/thick arms. Hopefully they’ll come out with more styles soon!

      2. I think the tees look lovely, but as someone with arm issues, I know that I would feel uncomfortable with that type of sleeve. My favorite cotton tees right now are from Everlane, so for those who are still looking, you should check them out.

    2. Not everyone looks good in everything, and that’s ok. Perhaps that’s not necessarily your choice for your wardrobe so focus on positive. It looks good on other people and so nice to share this post and support a mom-based business. Comments are a great forum to share support and focus on the positive.

  3. Spot on Erin – linen and see through tees drive me insane. I actually love the silhouette of these tees and will give them a try. Thank you!

  4. Wonder if the fabric would hold up to wearing over jeans or would it get those mysterious tiny holes in front? I think the cut is cute, perfect if you don’t have flat abs.
    I just bought the best mid rise jeans, Paige–The Verdugo Ankle cut. At Evereve. They are the softest denim with perfect amount of stretch.

    1. oh my goodness, i have a baby (born a week before henry!), and you have so captured all of my frustrations with t’s. now that it’s warmer i have been so frustrated with comfy clothes since i can’t wear my plaid shirts anymore! thanks!!

    2. Glad to hear I’m not the only one to deal with those “mysterious holes in front”! That started happening to me last year and I thought that maybe I had moths! I ruined three tee shirts that way until I finally realized it was that top pointy part of my jeans making those holes!

    3. I was worried about that too – no holes and I wear mine weekly and wash!! I want to check out those Paige jeans, thanks for that tip!

    4. I own three of the Tapered t’s and I wear them all the time with jeans. The only holes in mine are the same 4 that they came with-arms waist and neck.

  5. Ok – this is off the main subject but I LOVE THAT FRAGRANCE TOO! Dying to get some. I feel bad about it though since I have 4 bottles of Bond #9 upstairs….

    1. PS – I can’t even tell you where I’m getting jeans now….At 57, it’s a challenge…..

      1. I recommend NYDJ too. The only ones I wear now. And I’m in my 30s. (As I told a friend, I’d rather be wearing mom jeans than look like I’m wearing mom jeans. Besides, I’m a mom.)

  6. I think you mean taut :)
    I like the tee, except for the neckline – I’m a v-neck girl all the way!

    1. There’s a v-neck on the way from Tapered, not sure where she posted about it but I remember reading about it this week.

  7. They look cute. I like the two-tone espadrilles, too. As for post-baby tummy, I highly recommend Pilates. Also good for the pelvic floor–another thing that takes a beating with pregnancy and childbirth. I wish I had taken it up much sooner.

  8. I’m wearing the crap out of my Tapered Tee, no hole where the jean button is – YAY!! Washes perfectly! Well done!

  9. I need a new nude color for my nails. What is the color/# of the Dior nail polish?
    Thanks and Happy Friday!

  10. I always look forward to reading your fashion posts , Erin. I particularly like that you add fragrance and accessory suggestions. Even when the entire look doesn’t suit me, it always leads me to something that does. Thank you!

  11. Good find. I’m over the see-through white tees from Vince that cost a fortune, and quickly shrink and get holey. This post brings up a question I have been pondering lately: is it ok to pair a blue-jean jacket with white jeans? I’ve always shied away from the jean-on-jean look, but maybe it’s ok if the jeans are dyed another color?

  12. Hi Erin:

    Just discovered your blog today when I googled “why are current fashion trends so ugly?” I have not laughed that hard in years. Great blog. And I don’t do blogs. I find all of them boring, but yours is the absolute exception. Keep up the great work. And btw, you look fab in those t-shirts and jeans. Best of luck to you.

  13. I am sooo tempted! I am not as crazy about the sleeves (not a fan of my upper arms) but I’d put up with that for the great look around the waist/hips! My normal tees are not fitting so well after this rather indulgent winter…thanks for the info about these great new ones! Love a clever mom entrepreneur, too!

  14. Love this concept. Tapered – so obvious! Could not agree more about linen t-shirts. I shrunk one I paid $50 and wanted to punch myself in the face! Would definitely purchase a style with a v-neck and traditional sleeves. This style of neckline/sleeves aren’t the most flattering on big-chested ladies!

  15. I have two Tapered tees and they are by far my favorite casual shirts that I own. Love that they are made locally and by a fellow mom who “gets it” with regard to what works for my post-kids bod. She said on Instagram she is doing a longer sleeved version–can’t wait!

  16. Ohhh, we must be on the same wavelength! Now if only they would do a scoop neck (and/or V neck) with longer sleeves. As Masha pointed out, this sleeve length is very unflattering on those of us with muscular arms. I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on this brand though because it’s my life’s mission right now to find a blousy t-shirt that’s not too sheer.

    1. Hi Megan & Sarah,

      This is Astrid from Tapered Collection. We sampled a v-neck of the short sleeve and also a round neck and v-neck 3/4 sleeve tee for Fall 2016. Please sign up to receive news! I’m hoping for a 3/4 sleeve dolman sleeve dress as well.

  17. The mysterious holes from my jeans are my worst nightmare and I have this tee, have washed and worn it about 5 times and no hole in sight yet. I disagree with some – this is super flattering!!! I have it in black.

  18. I ordered a t shirt right after reading this post and got it in the mail the very next day. I am hooked! Fabulous t-shirt!
    Thank you for the post!
    I hope you had a great Mother’s day!

  19. Okay this post is JUST what I have been looking for! I am SO sick of t-shirts that fit incorrectly and cost a fortune. I am all about the relaxed look for Spring/Summer and supported a USA based company is just an added plus!! Your outfit choice with the tee and the white jeans is spot on! I would love a post of ideas for white jeans as well, I have shopped and shopped and just can’t find a flattering pair, so I love getting your recommendations! Oh and those shoes are everything, I need them immediately. Thanks for sharing a new great business find!!

  20. I will try this brand . Pretty happy with Lilla P, but it is $$$$.

    By the way, if anyone is looking for mom-friendly shorts, Ecru brand is the best I have found. I wear one size up from my normal size in Ecru.

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