A Quaint Escape in Connecticut (That Feels Like France!)

My aunt sent me a link to this property, Hidden Valley B&B the other week and I was amazed I had never heard of it or seen anything published about it. It’s a lovely three bedroom property in quiet Wishington Depot, CT and you can not only stay there as a B&B but also rent the entire property as a vacation rental through VRBO!

How adorable is the woman who owns and runs the house? I can so see myself doing something like this later in life!


It looks like visiting the French countryside!



My blood pressure just dropped like a zillion points looking at this chaise.



The interior also looks like an old home in Provence or somewhere! I love the shabby chic yet elegant and historied interiors.



This feels very Martha Stewart to me.



I could cuddle up here all day with a good book.



Anyone been? Heard of it? Want to go? :)


Images by John Gruen for New England Home Magazine



  1. This place is insanely adorable and makes me totally want to go there despite living in CT already :) Let me know when you’re free and we’ll go! LOL. Actually we share quite a few mutual friends! I went to Renbrook with some of your MPS girls!

  2. It’s so gorgeous and peaceful. I want to go stay there and I live only 30 minutes away from Washington!

  3. Love that house! This brings another question to mind that maybe folks can help with – my husband and I are planning on vacationing on the Maine coast this summer (August, probably, to escape the summer heat down South). Are there any particular cities/resorts you would recommend? Right now, I’m looking at Kennebunkport or Orgunquit, but am not quite sure if maybe there’s a hidden paradise for couple without kids who like to have some light activities, but am mostly interested in resting/wine/beer.

  4. Looks like a perfect girls weekend … or romantic weekend with your sweetie when grandma babysits. If not for free grandparents babysitting, my daughter-in-law would never get to sleep in.

  5. Who knew only an hour from my house is that gorgeous property!! I am totally visiting there soon, thank you for sharing!!

  6. This house is beautiful. I could happily live there but sadly I don’t have $4 million and I live in Australia which is a little far away.

  7. I’m french : for me it’s not french at all ! It’s the dutch flag and a dutch house….

  8. Talk about blast from the past! I stayed at this house in the late 90s with a guy I was dating at the time. I’ll never forget the dinner we had at the long table outside and the amazing front facade. The house left such an impression on me because it was SO beautiful. I felt like I was living in a magical fairy tale. Very fun and serendipitous that you wrote about it. Thank you!

  9. I lived in Westport, CT for 20 years and loved visiting Washington Depot! It’s a jewel of a New England town but this is the first time I have heard of this gorgeous place. Thank you for sharing!

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