Wedding Weekend in Palmetto Bluff

This past weekend my family went down to Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina for my brother’s wedding and it was such a wonderful experience I had to share with you.  Palmetto Bluff is HEAVEN. Absolute HEAVEN. I can’t wait to go back with Andrew and Henry for a longer stay.  The homes in this enclave are bananas- almost Truman Show perfect.  A mix of cottage styles with lowcountry charm, I could have moved into almost any of them!


Every inch of the streets was even perfect- prom the street signage to the gas lanterns all over the property.



Some homes had fences covered in honeysuckle that smelled so incredible when you walked by.


And the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees created such a magical feel everywhere you went. As if someone even decorated the trees for you to enjoy!


More charming homes…



The house we rented, complete with a GORGEOUS wraparound porch

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 9.47.04 AM

One section of the porch and the screen porch with a gas fireplace we lit up in the evenings.

IMG_4119 IMG_4117

The inn has cottages that are drop dead gorgeous/adorable/perfect too, if you need less spacious accommodations (photo by Meredith Perdue)


The chapel where the wedding took place.


BEYOND adorable. The interior was gorgeous too but I didn’t get a shot.


The wedding reception was outside and a mix of blush, white and greenery, chandeliers and raw wood….



Some tables were outside under the palms complete with twinkly lights.  When the professional pictures come in I’ll share some with you too as my shots are sub-par at best!


Mike and Summer arrived via Hinkley boat….


The bride and groom with their parents (for those of you who asked on Instagram my mother’s dress is from Eliza J)


How perfect is this shot (by Devon Donnahoo)?


Come to find out, my FAVORITE house in the village is actually for sale.


So perfect. So it’s not surprised to find out it was featured in Coastal Living.


Chip and Joanna would approve of the shiplap all over. :)



imagereader.aspx10 A small but perfectly appointed kitchen


Love the huge pantry with the transom windows for light



Master bedroom


Powder bath


Kids bunk room (there are two of these window beds)


Guest suite



If you have a spare 1.6 million I think this is the perfect investment. :) And then you can rent it out to me for a vacay! Win/win! :)

And Henry was such a good boy on his first big trip. He loved the warm weather and all the excitement. So proud of my little man.




  1. Gorgeous! And I love that compact, functional kitchen with the butler’s pantry off of it (in the Coastal Living cottage). Stylish and practical – so good.

  2. Amazing post! But can we please talk about that last Henry picture…he is the cutest!!!!

  3. It looks like a perfect weekend. I love South Carolina and North Carolina, two beautiful, welcoming states. I am with you on the homes. I always feel like I am in my element when I am there. I was born and raised in California, but this gal definitely has an East coast aesthetic. Henry could not be any cuter, what a little doll, his littler personality is really starting to shine through.

  4. LOVE!! South Carolina in general is magical, so glad ya’ll had a good time! And just FYI-the “honeysuckle” is Confederate Jasmine. Smells similar but is evergreen, starry and delicious! Your little man is adorable! The three of you looked very relaxed, hope you were able to recharge. XO

  5. This place looks like house lovers’ HEAVEN! Love to swoon over other people’s wedding pics (your mom almost stole the show with her dress but i also liked the wedding dress + bouquet) and the fact that you included a cottage tour as a bonus makes this a perfect post :)

  6. Ohhh I have a blog post idea for you! I am attending a bachelorette weekend in Charleston in July but I’m from the Midwest. I would love to see a post about how to dress for an east coast girls’ weekend. Perhaps based on occasions – day at the beach, brunch, window shopping/site seeing, night out, etc.

  7. Erin, you’re the best! I clicked through to read/comment on this post before I even saw that you included one of my photos – thank you so much for crediting, too! Isn’t this place just the dreamiest? Hoping you’re able to get back there again soon!

  8. You had me at window beds. Love window benches, but one big enough to really sleep in, heaven!

  9. Beautiful. Would love that home. We took a quick trip to Hilton Head Island last month and loved it. Could not get over the moss on those gorgeous trees. Unfortunately, my husband seemed to be allergic to them. Henry is the cutest.

  10. Gorgeous!!! I have to ask, do you know the name of the church? It looks darling for a wedding…. asking for a friend ;) !

  11. Beautiful post and photos Erin! Palmetto Bluff is very special, no doubt about it. I am happy for your family that all went well.

  12. Might have to book a trip to South Carolina soon — your photos are better than a travel brochure.

    So glad you and your family had a great time in Palmetto Bluff. And Henry is just darling … I’ll bet he attracted as much attention as the bride and groom! :)

  13. Visited Palmetto Bluff in March – loved it. But travel with two kiddies under 4 is no picnic… Just wondering if you have a source for those amazing leather-handled hurricane lanterns? I could use a few of those!

  14. Ahhh, I just felt like I took a little mini trip. What a beautiful spot for a wedding! Fabulous cottages and a Hinkley boat to boot!

  15. The house you featured looked perfect for spring/summer. What are your tips for changing this up for fall/winter? Future blog post? Seasonal decor?

  16. So glad you enjoyed yourselves down south! I think you would like it down here – much slower pace and everything is so much cheaper!!! My family has a place on the Chesapeake Bay, and one of our favorite places to visit is Kiawah Island – talking about perfect! And so close to Charleston! And I love little southern Henry in his madras plaid!

  17. Beautiful! …any way to please get the source for the Mother of the Bride’s dress, also?!

  18. Beautiful. Every single shot. The Wedding. The Inn. The Chapel. The house for sale-LOVE! Thanks for sharing. BTW: you and your little family are so adorable. How fortunate for us all that you are kind enough to share. Beautiful!

  19. Henry is such a cute little munchkin! Lucky mom & dad! This place is dreamy….I just had a pinning spree. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Glad you could visit my neck of the woods! All of SC is pretty much magical….the coast, the mountains….I can’t get enough! I hope it was restful for you all!

  21. Welcome to the South. :) It’s lovely down here.

    You have a beautiful family. I’m so glad that y’all enjoyed the trip.

  22. I feel you captured the lazy, whimsical beauty of Palmetto Bluff so well with your pictures! The smell of honeysuckle is on point! I cannot believe it took 15 minutes to drive down the driveway lined with large, majestic oak trees- like leaving the busy world behind. Aside, it was so nice to meet you and your family. Summer really got lucky with y’all!

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