Mother’s Day Gift Guide


1. & 2.  I created these two charms with M. Flynn specifically for moms- the small cobochon charm can be set with a child’s birthstone and engraved with their initials and birthdate on the back (and look great layered together for multiple children or one for each family member).  The Les Points charm and Plain Disc are classic looks but we designed them with this vintage style monogram based on some of my favorite engraving from vintage dinnerware and linens!  Each item takes two weeks to make and you can take 10% off your order until Mother’s Day with the code lovemom.

3. Who doesn’t have five random notepads around the house for grocery lists, to-do’s and notes for family members? Give mom a gorgeous set of personalized pads like these to dress up passive-aggressive notes about eating all the ice cream. :)

4. I LOOOOOVE the new Henri Bendel Uptown bag– available in a bunch of colors and with the good looks of the much lusted after but impossible to get/afford/justify Birkin bag.

5. I bought these sparkly jeweled sandals for myself and adore them- so comfy and they add such spunk to a plain outfit! And they are on sale right now for

6. If Mom loves flowers gift her this fabulous book on flower arranging.  It’s so easy to follow.

7. A gorgeous gift box from the impossibly chic Simone LeBlanc (so many variations to choose from).

8. I am pretty sure every woman wants to try something from the famed Rodin line!

9. & 10. For something sweet give mom a watercolor portrait of her child (furry or human!)

11. Crisp classic pajamas are always welcome!

12. I love the wood box arrangements from Olive & Cocoa– soooooo much better than those crappy other online flower places that always underwhelm.

13. HILARIOUS and perfect sleep mask!

14. A monogrammed makeup case for traveling.

15. These striped boxes are great for jewelry, change or just dressing up a bookcase.

16. & 20.   Pair these pretty french blue latte mugs with a gold french press for the coffee lover.

17. I love this resin tortoise necklace for dressing up any outfit.

18. & 19.  Funky leggings and a fantastic water bottle for the mom who loves to work out.

21.  How darling are these floral wellies? They remind me of vintage botanical charts!


  1. Great picks as always. I have gotten so many good gift ideas from your blog over the years. The Simone LeBlanc gift boxes are the busy woman’s solution. So stylish and classy and great for bridal, promotions, etc. Will definitely be using them in the future.

    Also, kudos to how you have dealt with the not so emotionally mature comments being thrown your way lately. People cannot buy or mask class and you have it in spades. It seems that the cyber bullies have really upped the ante since Henry came around. Maybe its just me trying to understand them but it seems that these women have harbored mildly suppressed jealousy for a while, but may have felt some internal boost of self esteem based on the fact that they had families while you struggled. And now that you are blessed with a wonderful, happy and healthy family they cannot stifle their overflowing inadequacy.

    As a long time reader I am very happy you are choosing to go forward with the blog and are taking the high road.

    1. Damn, you nailed it. I am of a different generation, I turned 66 in November. Some of the mean spirited comments were unbelievable. It’s as if the Women’s movement never happened. Women need to support each other. Please leave Erin alone and allow her to be who she is without the judgement. No o one has the right to tell anyone how they should be or feel.


      1. Thank you both. Such nice sentiments. I’m having a hard time understanding why the addition of Henry has caused so much vitriol and judgement. It makes me sad.

  2. That bag is pretty darn cute! I am really loving camel lately, and I love how this bag is structured. I can see putting this on my wish list, but as far as my mother is concerned, she really doesn’t need anything at this point in her life. My parents are downsizing and she really doesn’t need any more “things”, so I am moving towards giving her experiential gifts. I’m going to take my mom to a fancy foo foo lunch for mother’s day. We did that a couple of years ago, and it was really fun!

  3. Hi Erin,
    I follow your blog and love the list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day.
    I would really like to order a monogrammed rose gold disc from M. Flynn but am having trouble with their online shopping website.
    I live in Australia and even though it accepts my billing address & shipping address it won’t give me any options for shipping. It’s saying store pick up only.
    Do you know whether you can purchase and get shipping outside the US?
    Thanks, Tanya

  4. Some lovely ideas! But like some readers mentioned, at my point in life (age 66), I’m looking to downsize in three years so NOTHING that can’t be consumed and/or used up gets to come in the house (except people). So the food related idea is good.
    But what about gift certificate for a shared experience? Adding to the idea of a foo foo lunch mentioned above, maybe a trip to a new exhibit at the Art Museum? Tickets and date at the movies? Pedicures together? Or maybe a date to help mom sort through her clothes and come up with some fashionable updates?
    Or one thing a grandma can’t resist, an album of adorable grandchildren photos. Any of these would do for me.

  5. Erin,

    I am a long time reader but have never posted. Every week I enjoy your fashion and design talents and am thankful for your Mom candidness.

    I too struggled for years trying to start a family (about the same time as you). We had several miscarriages and lost our daughter who was heartbreakingly stillborn at 22 weeks. I finally found out I had a blood clotting disorder and we welcomed our twins into our life this past October.

    I have found that its hard for some people to be happy for others in the “her dreams came true bucket” when they spent so much time looking at them in the “she’s still struggling” bucket.

    That’s their issue not yours. You’ve fought your battle and it’s time to enjoy your victory.

    You have achieved so much-much more than most. But Henry will always be your biggest accomplishment.

    Be proud of your strength. Continue to be the best version of yourself you can. Most importantly, enjoy every sweet minute cheek to cheek with your little guy. He’ll be so proud of your perseverance for years to come.

    Enjoy your first Mother’s Day. I know I will.

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