The Fanciest Mobile Home Ever?

You may have read about Paradise Cover in the New York Times or Coastal Living- but for those who don’t know about it it’s America’s fanciest mobile home park located right on the beach in Malibu, CA. And when I say fancy, I mean mobile homes that go for $2 million. Yes, for real.

I came across this space there, which is a small trailer that serves as a guest house for someone obviously fabulous.  Designed by Kirsten Marie this bright, bohemian retreat is seriously amazing.










  1. You’re not looking at a tin can here. This looks to be a triple wide trailer. Once installed, they look like stick built houses. The setting on Paradise beach is divine!
    I assume they own their lots. I understand the view lots on the bluff are the most desired.

  2. Anybody else old enough to remember the 70’s TV show “The Rockford Files”? Mobile homes in Malibu will always remind me of Jim Rockford’s beat up green one. These are gorgeous. Thanks for the California dreaming.

  3. Paradise Cove is amazeballs. If I could….I would. When it is that beautiful inside AND outside…..who cares if it’s a trailer?!

  4. Never thought I’d say this but “boy do I want to live in that trailer! I wouldn’t change a single thing!”

  5. Erin – can you post a “get this look” section for this? Would love to find sources for the bedroom textiles and accessories. Thanks

  6. Have you seen the ‘trailers’ at the Carneros Inn? Fabulous hotel rooms built completely on tin trailers.

    1. I was going to say the same thing! Carneros is a great place for a party. I used to go by Paradise Cove all of the time when I lived out West. Dreamy locale although not all of the mobiles are as nice as this one. LOVE this look.

  7. Perhaps it’s because I share the same name, just a friendly note that it’s “Kirsten Marie” :)

  8. Oh my goshh! What a beautiful home! Love the elegant Indian style camel painting hanging on the wall. Each and every detail seems so refreshing and enchanting.

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