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I’d really love to hear from you guys about topics you would like see covered on the blog.  With life as busy as it is, it would be great to have a database of things I can post about that directly interest you.  Now, I can’t address specific design questions about your own home (we have e-design for that), but general design or fashion questions or roundups would be great!  Best bedding sources? What to wear to a spring wedding?  Favorite paint colors? You name it!  Leave a comment so I can visit this post often when my creative juices are just not flowing!



  1. Curtain hardware – what’s in and what’s out – should I go with heavy rods? Or thin? And finials? How do you know?

  2. Hi Erin, You haven’t spoken of must-haves for doggie mamas lately and I would love to hear what Baxter and Oliver are loving. Obviously love all posts though :)

  3. Windows, Windows, Windows. I just finished a major renovation/addition. Very open concept. The master suit/bath upstairs faces the front of the house/street, while the living room downstairs is in the back of the home. How do you dress the windows to provide appropriate privacy while still allowing adequate light and an appealing exterior aesthetic?

  4. I would love to see posts on the best places to get accessories for the home and how to accessorize your house. I have the base but adding the bling to house mystifies me.

  5. Definitely lighting! I loved your post from awhile ago about attractive flushmount light fixtures, and I’d be so happy to see a round-up of stylish chandeliers (especially modern ones) and lamps.

    And since you suggested it, a post about good sources for bedding would be most welcome, too. Also, area rugs and bar carts! ;)

      1. YES! and what’s the deal with an outdoor rug? I’ve never lived in a place where we had a porch/deck/patio and now I have all 3!

  6. I would love to see a post on affordable, stylish pendants! We live in a condo that we’ll eventually rent out, so I’m looking to replace the generic ones the builder put in for something a little nicer.

    I also wouldn’t mind a post on how to style a couch, especially how to pick great pillows. We have a tan leather couch (hand me down that works for now) and I always have a hard time figuring out what to do with it :)

    Love your blog! My parents are in Mystic, CT – so I always love your Noank posts and grams! (I <3 Ford's!)

  7. I’d love your take on updating an otherwise traditional home by adding sculptural and modern accents. We built our home ten years ago and, thankfully, my wise interior designer kept the bones of our home very traditional…it’s hard to tell whether we moved in yesterday or ten years ago. Now, though, I’m ready for some changes to bring it into 2016!

    Also, I LOVE your clothing suggestions…more please!!! Maybe on mixing high and lower end pieces–my closet is filled with everything from Gap to J. Crew to Chloe.

  8. Would LOVE best dresses to wear to a spring wedding – I have one this next weekend and need some ideas!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

  9. How you build your wardrobe? Do you have a capsule wardrobe? With seasonal changes? What is your daily “uniform”? What’s on your shopping list each season? Do you buy according to trends or do you pick and choose?
    By you, I also mean us. Is the day of the giant room size closet over and we learn to make more deliberate choices for a much smaller closet?

  10. I would love to see a post with a roundup of media storage. Sooooo hard to find stylish / modern media storage (obviously I would love to do built ins, but that’s just not an option for our house at the moment). Thanks!

  11. I’m really interested in outdoor design ideas right now what with spring on the horizon! A post on outdoor lighting would be great, especially focused on sconces to flank garage doors. I have a huge double garage, taller than most normal 1-story garages, but I’m having so much trouble with figuring out scale.

    Additionally, I’ve always loved seeing your moms garden/window boxes, they’re always so amazing! I would love if she did a post on how to spruce up your garden or planters for spring, including what to plant, when, and what kind of sun exposure they need, etc. Something simple enough, or something with step-by-step instructions so that even the blackest of thumbs (me) stand a chance at recreating it :)

    Love your blog!

  12. I would love to get your thoughts on two necessary evils in home decor: the bathroom rug/mat and the ceiling fan. Now, I realize in some parts of the country a ceiling fan is not necessary or even evil, but in the the Deep South where I live, it is both!
    Love your blog!

  13. I would love some “how to” recommendations. For example: How to get your curtains wrinkle free (like in your books and house). What equipment should you buy, or maybe rent if you do not need it often, when to just go to the dry cleaners. Another example is how to style “X”

    High, medium, low would be helpful too. When to splurge, when swapping out a bargain find is ok.

    P.S. I hung curtains today (almost wrinkle free – need a hand steamer for the stubborn creases) and WOW!!! What a difference it makes to go all the way up to the ceiling as you advised. I was trying to preserve the look of the beautiful mill work in my home by installing the rods just below the crown of the mill work on the window. I hung the curtains up an inch below the crown molding on the ceiling and pushed the rods out further past the windows and it makes my 10 foot ceilings look even taller. Thanks EOS!

  14. These suggestions are all so good! I’d add posts on great options from “big box” stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears, etc.) for pretty much anything – fixtures, appliances cabinets, paint colors, vanities, tile, etc. There’s the standard subway tile but beyond that I never see many curated big box options on blogs, but for most people either renovating or refreshing that’s the primary local source where you can actually see what you’re getting before paying big shipping costs.

    I don’t know who styles the ads for the big box stores, but you should take over for them because they are the worst. I saw one the other day and a young couple was painting their kitchen lavender, paired with brown granite counters and yellow oak cabinets. No thx.

  15. I’d love to see your take on stylish and functional home office solutions. Especially for multipurpose rooms that house home offices and creative work spaces.

    Love your blog!

  16. Hi! I hope I’m not so late to comment but I’d LOVE a post about garden design or gardening and nature in general.

    I’ve always loved your comments about your moms garden and I would kind of love to have her insight too. I’ve seen you talk about her green thumb.
    Gardens! Landscaping! Pretty please ?!

  17. I am curious about the process when you hire a designer. What questions do you as the designer ask? What info or ideas does the homeowner need to have prepared? What do you do if you encounter someone who isn’t sure what they want? The whole hiring a designer process and how the designer sorts through all of that information. I like before and afters but am equally curious in the “in between” stuff. Or maybe I’m just nosey! ;)

  18. I would love to hear about how to pick the right shutters and window boxes for my house. Also-how do you put plants on a front porch-do you do like a window box? do you hang them? Do you just do pots?

    I would also like to see how to make the natural wood trim look great in my 1921 house-I don’t want to paint it, but all the inspiration out there is white trim-how do I make my house look beautiful with it’s wood trim?

  19. I always look forward to Fashion Friday’s! Love, love love the fashion & beauty recommendations.
    Anything you might have on affordable updaties for bathrooms, especially the ones that have (gulp) tile circa 1970 something, yikes!
    Chalk paint do’s & don’ts would be awesome too.
    One final request, creating a zen like outdoor space that is also goood for entertaining.

  20. Is it ok to mix metals in a kitchen or bathroom? Like with a faucet, knobs, light fixture, etc. Or does it all need to match? If so, what’s the best way to pull that look off?

  21. I have two topics that I’d love to learn more about:

    One is framing. I’d specifically like to know how to make a print or textile or original piece look up-to-date and high-end with framing. What type size frame and mat? Does it have to be done at a high-end frame shop?

    Also, I’d love to know actual tried-and-true sources for COMFORTABLE, but great-looking chairs for a family/TV room. Is there anything out there that is available to those of us that don’t have $3000 to spend on a single chair? I’m not just talking about looks, but the kind of chair that you want to curl up with a book, a glass of wine, or even a baby.

  22. I’d love you to do a Fashion Friday post on dressing for the office. I’m lucky to work in a super casual environment, but sometimes it can be touch to be casual, yet pulled together enough to be age appropriate!

  23. More DIY artwork. Loved that post you did awhile ago, and with your background and the trend of modern/abstract art right now, some more DIY tips would be great!

  24. Oh! And since wedding season is around the corner:

    – what are great items to register for/give
    – china you can mix and match

  25. We just started building our house. What is the best paint color for the house?? I like white ‘coz its neat but white can easily be notice if there’s dirt. Any suggestion where to purchase materials??? I really don’t have any idea.

  26. Hi Erin,
    This may have already been covered, but a post on natural fiber rugs would be great! Love the look of them but need help breaking down the differences of sisal/jute/seagrass in terms of cost, durability, feel, etc.

  27. Wallpaper favorites, recommendations for different rooms (i.e. children’s room vs. powder room vs. entryway), tips on when to use small patterns vs big patterns. Thank you!!!

  28. Would love to hear about entry rugs that are durable not just pretty (for winter snow and slush, and wet rainy springs).

  29. – How do you style a bed? I get so frustrated because my bedding somehow always looks frumpy, even when I iron! Would love to know how to select and style various types of bedding (sheets, duvets, quilts) and pillows (standard, Euro, decorative) for a unique but polished look. Should you layer a quilt with a duvet folded at the bottom? How do you mix patterns and colors for that perfect Pinteresty look? So many questions!

    – How do you arrange a gallery wall without hammering 18 million holes? (My current technique is very – ahem, trial-and-error, – which is guaranteed to upset my landlord … )


  30. Love your blog!

    I’m thinking Spring and want to update the exterior of my home (a brownstone). I’d love some inspiration for different types of window boxes, nice looking house numbers, shutter types, etc! Thanks

  31. So many great questions have been posted and I hope you can get to many of them!

    I will be watching for your suggestions on outdoor spaces- decks, patios and porches.
    Have you ever done a post on girl’s bedrooms? I would LOVE to see something on stylish tween bedrooms.
    BTW- I too look forward to your Friday Fashion posts!!

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