Fashion Friday: Vacation Dreams

I cringe to think about it, but I used to get “bored” on longer beach vacations. I’d get fidgety just laying by the water all day and look for something to do with all my ADD energy.  But right now I would sell an ORGAN to be laying on a beach with absolutely nothing to do but be still. Kids will do that to you, eh? Makes those precious moments of quiet relaxation all the more blissful. So while I hallucinate the pure happiness brough on by blue water, a cold drink and the smell of sunscreen I shall indulge in a little vacation wardrobe dreaming as well full of tassels, fun punches of color and lots of white!

Click bold numbers for links!

1. // 2. How cute are these little beetle studs??? Banana has great new jewels // 3. // 4. Scalloped edges give these white shorts extra style // 5. Ann Taylor’s shoe game is so on point right now (and 40% off everything)! // 6. // 7. Tassels AND a palm print lining? YES PLEASE. // 8. Good beach read! // 9. Looks like my fave striped tees! // 10. Off the shoulder blouses are THE shirt for summer 2016 // 11. // 12. Wedge espadrilles are hot for summer // 13. // 14. Obsessed with this dress! // 15.


  1. Cute picks! I just might *need* the green top and flat tasseled sandals for my beach vacation next month. (sans kid, for the first time in 7 years, so I hear you on the organ selling…) And maybe the floral top. And scalloped shorts. :) Thanks for the round up!

  2. Cute picks. We give a week of our time share in Maui to son, wife and grandkids. The last two times, our vacations have overlapped. So we give the parents a day off. We watch the kids, feed them, and generally try to wear them out (not too easy with a three year old and nine year old) and Mommy and Daddy have a day to go away and pretend they’re childless again and get to swim, walk, read beach books and just hang out.
    And we get to go back to our room and go to bed really really early.

  3. I am right there with you. I used to be all about going going going! Now I can totally see the appeal of relaxing beach vacation. I love that you put dresses on your list. They are my secret to packing light. Dress them up, dress them down- they’re good for any occasion.


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