1. More plus sizes! I loved when you linked the ASOS plus off the shoulder top last week. I know you’re not plus sized, but I love your style and would love to see more of your picks for us curvier gals :)

  2. Love these dresses! Here’s an idea for a post! How about some outfit ideas for a bachelorette party for us 30+ ladies? Or how to incorporate some current trends – crop tops, fringe, leather, t’s with sayings – into an outfit so we look cute & age appropriate?

  3. Oh! These are awesome! I’m obsessed with numbers 2 and 3! I need to lose this baby-weight pouch in front (3 kids have done a real number, phew!)

  4. #7 must be my lucky # today. I chose 7, 17, 27!! Fun post! How about a post with styles for 30-40 yr. olds and 50+ to show what would be good for both age groups. I know sometimes it can cross over and sometimes, not so much. I would love a post like that!!

  5. I just bought a dress on ModCloth.com. They have a lot of great dresses at good prices. Just thought I’d share.

  6. I was so excited when you included a plus-size top last week with the other off-shoulder tops! Would love to see more! You have such exquisite taste :)

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