Color Riot with OKL

As you know from my blogging here I have hard time committing to color in a big way- and I see it all the time with clients too.  It’s scary to invest in a bold color sofa, chair or even wall color- but it IS easy to add it via pillows, rugs and other accents.  And color doesn’t have to be COLOR!!!!!  A subtle use of a couple colors or the use of one strong color in a repetitive way can really make a mark.

So in partnering with One Kings Lane, we decided it was time to add a bit of color back into our office since painting over the bold coral walls with white.  And since I’m obsessed with blue, we decided on blue with a hint of coral-pink (a great combo!)  We found so many great items to make a real pop!

DSC_0015 copy

We started with this striped flatweave rug and then added pillows from Etsy complimented by a large blue and white ginger jar and seaglass beads.  To add in some pink, quince blossom stems and some David Austen roses :)

DSC_0036 copy

Of course I had to add in a little animal print with this cool matchbox and a dash of black (which always looks good) with the striped spine of my book and this chic candle.

DSC_0034 copy

I love the mix of stripes and floral chintz.

DSC_0028 copy

Someone else who is fabulous at combining colors is Lulu Powers- this outdoor sofa being one of the few examples of lots of color that totally speaks to me.


A more subtle combination of grey-blue, white and black and natural brown wood.  Subtle color is still color! :)


And color doesn’t need to mean modern- Lulu’s bedroom scheme here in golden yellow with hints of greeny-turquoise is perfectly traditional but still funky.


What’s your favorite current color to use in the home? I’d say 80% of our clients would say blue!


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  1. I keep seeing those glass bead strands described as sea glass, but I think they are West African recycled glass beads. It would be odd to find that many pieces of sea glass large enough to cut those beads out. I have traveled extensively in Africa for work, and have purchased many a strand while there.

  2. I’m a blue and white lover with a touch of animal print. In the context of those beads, I’d guess “sea glass” doesn’t refer to source, but to the frosted finish and color, similar to sea glass.

    Just as “Ikat” doesn’t usually refer to the intricate weaving process in real Ikat, but the print pattern that mimics the original.

    1. Ahh, that makes sense. Thanks Patricia! I could never figure out why I kept seeing these strands of “sea glass” all over the internet when, at least to me, it seems obvious they were recycled glass.

  3. I’ve got Naval/SW in my great room that has 13ft high ceilings and I love the navy blue in there (black bamboo floors)- but it’s got a ton of light in that room. I’ve got a gorgeous light blue in the kitchen Silver Half Dollar 2121-40, Balboa Mist in the living room and Chantilly Lace in my foyer/hallway. So I’m totally on board with the blue and white. I’ve got ginger jars in every room to bring the theme through. And if you look at my wardrobe- lots of navy/blues and whites. (Although I did paint my closet pink!)

  4. Go for it Erin! I would love to see how you mix it up with some color in your living room. BLue and white with black and white and accents in kelly green, sunflower yellow, and bright pink. My home is a base of black and white and blue and white and to be honest just about any color works in my rooms, I change them out seasonally, fun to do with pillow changes. Etsy is my friend! Here is a blog post showing the pillows I would use in my room with my blue and white ticking sofa and black and white striped rug…….

  5. Beautiful! I absolutely love pink and blue. Is anyone else having trouble with the link for the blue and white floral pillows? I need them!

  6. Lulu is a dear friend of our family! She is an inspiration ! Love both of you and your style!

    Jen, CT

  7. Guess I’m feeling the blue trend too. I’m wanting to add cools to my very warm living room. Just last week ordered blue & white urn from wayfair! So loving your office additions!

  8. Thanks ! Decoration needs time, combination of colors, things , thoughts even in home or in office to be attractive for those who lives or works in it. Also decoration reflects the feelings, personality trades to visitors. Decoration is the utmost necessary part of the modern life .

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