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I am such a sucker for monogrammed things. I love finding amazing sourced for home accessories and children’s gear with unique, beautiful monograms. Nothing feels more personal than having bedding or napkins with your own monogram on them.  While surfing Instagram I came across what may be the mecca for pretty monogrammed goods- The Loveliest Company in Dallas (the grouping of monograms above is from their account).  Look at how adorable the shop itself is!


It says they are launching an e-commerce site this spring, which I can’t wait for!


I love all the totally unique monogram styles they feature (and on a variety of goods like these John Robshaw napkins.

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LOOOOOOVE the gingham with coral monogram!

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These linen coasters would make the most perfect hostess or housewarming gift!

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Incredible baby blankets too.

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The holy grail of monogrammed linens is the famous Leontine Linens in New Orleans.  We’ve created bedding with them before and it is the most luxurious stuff out there- it’s an investment, but one that truly makes your room feel special.


So fancy.


A set of hemstitched napkins would be an incredible wedding gift (and something you would have for life).


They also do bold, modern styles of applique monograms.



Classic, feminine looks are their specialty.


Another fantastic resource for monogrammed linens is Julia B. Gorgeous stuff!!!

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Fabulous cocktail napkins.


Bedding too, of course.


Bunny Williams has done a collection with them.


I just LOVE this style bedding.  You could splurge on two shams like this for your bed and pair it with a simple, affordable white duvet or quilt if you don’t want to/ can’t do the whole bed!


They make the most GORGEOUS baby bedding too- I would kill for this set for Mr. Henry!  I know you aren’t supposed to use bumpers but MAN that one is pretty!


More yumminess.


I always try to use nice monogrammed towels in bathrooms we design.  These are super special.


If you want to add a fancy, unique monogram to more basic bedding, say my favorite set from Pottery Barn, you could contact local company Cece DuPraz who will work with you on bespoke monograms on just about anything- clothes, fabric for upholstery…you name it!

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Emily McCarthy also makes incredible monogrammed good at reasonable prices- especially love her notecards and gift tags (fabulous to have have on hand to tie around a bottle of wine or batch of cookies in a pinch!)

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My brother is getting married at a gorgeous southern resort in May and so I had to go ahead and get Henry a couple monogrammed seersucker specialties from The Beaufort Bonnet Company.  Given that his daddy is southern we have to embrace this style while we can- until he only wants to wear Under Armour and Star Wars shit.

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Do you have a special source for monogrammed items?








  1. I loooooooooooove monogrammed items too!!! I have the GIANT tote from LLBean with my monogram on it. I use it all the time and the monogram makes it feel so fancy!

  2. Hi Erin This is Ashley Everett’s mother! You worked on her house in Scarsdale. Ashley’s sister Abbie has a monogram business and she is amazing! Look on instagram 2smockedgirls. You will love It!

    1. I should have read through the comments before posting mine…I just recommended Four Eleven as well! Claire & Courtland are the best.

  3. Sadly I have recently closed my website for great personalized and monogrammed gifts, Bespoke Custom Gifts, but I love Threadwell in Chestnut Hill/Philadelphia for monogramming!

  4. “until he only wants to wear Under Armour and Star Wars shit.” Bahahaha
    My youngest daughter who is 8 only wants to wear my little pony shit everyday. Gah… I sure do miss when I could dress them. They looked like they stepped right out of a Gymboree catalog, while I looked like I barely brushed my hair.

  5. “My rule is: if it’s not moving, monogram it!” – Reese Witherspoon

    I love Mark & Graham for monogrammed goodies. I believe I learned about them on your blog.

  6. My grandmother taught me to love all things monogrammed. It was so much more difficult and expensive to find unique monogrammed items ten years ago than it is now. I love Emily McCarthy for notes and tags. TBBC is great for special items for the kids but it can be a bit pricey. I follow @formonogramsake, @cecelandlou and @smockedauctions on IG for less expensive monogrammed and smocked items for my boys and have always been very happy with what has come in the mail! How adorable is Henry going to be in that little Jon Jon??? <3 They're my favorite things for my boys…but my older one is three now and requests "cozy pants" regularly… here comes the Under Armor/Star Wars era…

  7. The fact that you know the “star wars and Under Armor” phase is coming is hilarious…..I wish I wasn’t so naïve to think my children would let me dress them however I wanted to for as long as I wanted to. My 3 year old now tells me he prefers “comfy pants and tops” over the long sleeve button downs and colored khakis.

  8. I still have the my first monogramed sweater that my grandmother gave me for my 10th bday. I wore it forver. when I married, I took my husband’s last name as mine and moved my birth given last name to my middle name. Clearly, I was not thinking of my monogram.

    The traditional monogram of first,last, then middle initials spells out “sAc” Ick, right? I do a lot of “S”s for my things and for our bedding went with our last name initial to monogram the shams because that would be “sAt”.

    One year my husband bought me a beautiful robe for Christmas and he was so excited because he actually thought to monogram it. He followed all of the instructions on the vendor’s website and even chose my favorite shade of blue thread for the monogram. He went with a more modern all caps monogram. I know walk around as “SAC” (because he was so happy at his attention to detail – not something he is known for, that I do not have the heart not to wear it). Motto of the story, a volume for a last name can be deadly for a monogram. Especially an “A”.

  9. I love this place! We live in Dallas and not only do they carry beautiful items to have monogrammed, but they have such a well-curated shop of other goodies too!

  10. I am a transplant to Dallas (originally from Los Angeles) and the monogramming here is cray cray! Growing up in LA, I thought it was limited to grannies and their handkerchiefs!

    My style is super modern so it doesn’t include monogramming but I do like the occasional modern rendition on a pillow or baby clothes but unfortunately for my name (5 initials), monogramming just doesn’t work.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I will be sure to keep it in mind for gifts for my monogramming friends.

    1. Yes, us Angelenos know nothing of monograms or seersucker :) It always surprises me to learn of something that’s so incredibly popular elsewhere in the US and non-existent in LA. Smocking is another foreign concept!

  11. Wow! So many incredible options.

    I never knew I needed monogrammed cocktail napkins, but clearly, I do. (Might have to splurge on new bedding, also — am madly in love with the bold, modern designs you featured from Leontine Linens.) Thanks, Erin! :-)

  12. My grandpa use to have cotton handkerchiefs monogrammed. I was in love with that. I will love to have my towels monogrammed. Maybe some more stuff now that you mention it.

  13. I find it interesting that you used profanity, a vulgarity, in a post about monograms, symbols of elegance and refinement.

  14. LOL star wars sh*&! isn’t that the truth!!! enjoy those moments when you can dress him. I cant wait to have a few so I too can torture them.

  15. This is a great post! I love monogrammed items (and giving them too). I’m a realtor and they make thoughtful house warming gifts. I’ve just compiled a complete list, from the comments too, in my Evernote for future reference. My favorite source has been Jan de Luz – https://jandeluzlinens.com/, which I found on a trip to Carmel, CA. They have lots of beautiful French linens and unique monogram styles. (The heart soap you see on their home page smells incredible!)

  16. I live in DC and recommend Whyte House Monograms. Debbie is a doll and her work is great. Great post!

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