Is Stainless Steel “Over”?

For the past few decades stainless steel has been the reigning champ of the appliance world.  If you’ve ever watched any HGTV episode you know that “stainless steel and granite”  signifies a high end kitchen to the average home buyer.  But I remember growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s in a house with white appliances against whitewashed oak cabinets and it being the “of the moment” style; and now it seems people are trying to make a comeback of not only white appliances but black as well.  Of course they have new fancy names like “White Ice”, and are in more of a smooth matte finish, but they are still the colors of old. So what do we think of this “new” trend?

This is GE’s new “Slate” range- a more matte dark grey finish.  This I can see working in combination with dark grey cabinets I think…


A better representation of the color:


Shown installed:


Maybe? But still feels a little too heavy with the white cabinets to me…


Miele is doing  a very modern white appliance line shown here:


GE has a range called Artistry which comes in tons of colors, but the black and white are the most “common”.  It has a very vintage flare to it which could be cute in a little cottage, but a bit too cutesy anywhere else- especially the fridge.



Here it is installed with grey cabinets. Close, but I am still unsure as to my opinion on the heaviness of the black….


Although in this shot, with slightly fancier appliances and finishes, the black kind of works?? Still visually heavy though.


Whirlpool has “White Ice”…



Which looks pretty harmless here:


And a matte black finish too…


Which I do not like. Meh.


What is your opinion? Would you use any of these “new” finishes or do you think stainless is a tried and true classic we just should not mess with?


  1. In our kitchen remodel we mixed stainless against white cabintry with a white sink and refrigerator and I love the mix…it all flows. And I would never do black…too heavy and shows every single finger print, smudge, water drip etc.

  2. The slate color is attractive……..but I adore the color slate. Would love with charcoal. Meh on the others!!

  3. I think the Ice White is difficult to work with. It stands out against many whites. As for the Slate, I like it but think it’s a trend. Regular white or stainless are timeless. It’s the industry trying to get us to buy new appliances every few years. Not falling for it!

  4. You should check out the black stainless collection that KitchenAid introduced last year. It is a beautiful alternative to stainless steel, has the same appearance as stainless but is a very soft black instead of steel color.

  5. For me personally, stainless steel is a neutral. The problem with white appliances is that unless you get custom painted cabinets, the white of the appliances will be different than the white of the cabinets. And who wants to match their cabinets to the appliances????

    Really for me, the best solution if you don’t want a bunch of stainless appliances i’s to do a panel ready fridge and dishwasher, then the only stainless is the range, which I like being stainless.

  6. I just got all stainless Viking, but kept my white subzero from 1995. It looks awesome with my white cabinets. I hemmed and hawed for two months between white and stainless. Ultimately, it was the difficulty I faced from Viking over getting the white that made my decision. This should have clued me in … I have vowed that I will replace my white Sub Zero with another white built in fridge when the time comes.

  7. Boomers may remember harvest gold and avocado green appliances which had a brief window of trendiness and then went OUT OUT OUT. And even further back there was red, pink and turquoise. Lesson learned? Ignore the trends! At least the new options are relatively safe neutrals that won’t date as quickly.

  8. We did a “temporary” kitchen remodel on our 110 year old house (I need a nice kitchen while we decide what this house will become in a few years). We put amazing ash floors on the whole first floor and I really wanted a white kitchen. I was so excited for white appliances, and bought the white ice range. They did NOT offer the slide-in range option at that time, so we have the range with that little part that sticks up at the back. I really like the color , the five burners, and how awesome the whole-top grate looks, works, and cleans; but I HATE that part that sticks up. i don’t understand why they still make ranges like this, it just looks bad. I love the ranges in color with brass ‘jewelry’. When the time comes, I probably will choose one of these. I do feel that stainless is a classic, but don’t we prefer kitchens where the range is a show-stopper now?

  9. I think I will stick with stainless. While I love black and white in the home, I absolutely hated the white cabinets with the black appliances. If this is becoming a trend, I don’t see it being around for long.

  10. The problem with any trend is that it’s just that–it’s a trend, probably soon to replaced with a new one. Most people can’t afford to replace their appliances–much less their cabinets and countertops–at a pace that keeps up with ever-changing design trends. I agree with Pink Camellias: stainless is a neutral, always has been. I’ve had white, wood, and antiqued-white cabinets and white, black, cream, and stainless steel appliances over the years, and I can’t imagine departing from stainless steel. My mother’s 1959 drop-in stainless steel GE Range still looks (and works) fantastic by the way. Go with what you love and believe you will love for years to come.

  11. I don’t like stainless steel but….. because taupe cabinets are in style, stainless steel is the only thing which goes with them. I have taupe cabinets and stainless steel is the only color that looks good with them.

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