Coffee Please.

It’s been a rough week of sleep with Henry and therefore I am a walking, talking, blogging zombie.  So coffee has become lifeblood. And since my brain is resembling more of a bowl of scrambled eggs than anything right now, I’m just going to share these darling coffee cups with adorable lids (to keep things warmer longer or just be cute, I’m not sure) by famed ceramicist Richard Ginori.  Adorable to gift someone with a bag of their favorite beans or tin of tea.  His stuff is hard to find but I found some at FX Dougherty and Gumps,


He also has to die for china place-settings for those of you who might be looking for wedding china!



  1. I post at many blogs if I find something really nice however, here I am posting for 2 things which impressed me a lot 1st these coffee mugs and 2nd I am enjoying this positing here because of this whole elegantly designed posting box. Simply Awesome!

  2. A cup with a lid is ingenious…I probably re-heat my coffee 4 times in the microwave each and every day in between packing lunches for kids and making breakfast!!!

  3. Oh my goodness…I think I have some Richard Ginori plates on my wall at home. I bought several when we were in Florence 5 years ago and the design is the same as the floral design on the pink and green cups. I’m going to have to go check out the stamp on the back!

  4. Those sleep set backs are TOUGH. I almost found them harder than those first initial weeks. At least in the first few weeks you have leave from work, family helping out, people bringing meals. Then you get used to having your sleep again, and when you go through an erratic sleeping stage again it’s so hard to feel like you’ve regressed. Hang in there! You have such a great eye for detail even when sleep deprived…

  5. They are all so pretty and delicate, great gift idea Erin ! And good luck with getting more sleep. I was a walking, talking, very unproductive zombie for the first 18 months after my daughter was born but I was one of the unlucky ones since most of my mommy friends started sleeping well after the first 6 months or so… Therefore, keep strong, keep calm and most importantly keep the coffee/ tea coming!

  6. I hate to be the one to state the obvious, but cutting back on the caffeine might help Henry settle down for sleep a little better. Even if you are careful with drinking only after you’ve just pumped or nursed, it still gets in the milk and can cause sleep issues (even if it’s not keeping them awake directly, caffeine can cause bowel stimulation/irritation that can cause fussiness). Please accept this as it is intended – a friendly suggestion from someone who’s been there (3 times!) with fussy sleepers. It took me a long time to figure it out! I couldn’t eat coleslaw for years for the same reason!

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