An Entry to Envy

I FINALLY bought myself an iPad this weekend (last person on earth, perhaps?) and have had so much fun looking at all my fave magazines on it (makes blogging about spreads so much easier!) I was loving this month’s House & Home, particularly a project by Nam Dang-Mitchell which included this simple but stunning entry vignette which could work in any size and style home as it’s a good mix of modern and traditional elements.

And it’s easy to replicate using retail goods!  And while I normally dislike faux plants/ florals I make exception for big leaves like this(because even the real ones look fake) and succulents (which also look fake anyways!)


1. (I also love these faux fig leaf branches) // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.


  1. I just spent a great deal of time on her website and instagram studying the images, she is quite the talented designer with a real vision. Love how she mixes contemporary fixtures with classic lines. Her mix is spot on! So glad you introduced her to us,

  2. Anyone can grow a split leaf philodendron. I bought one purely to clip leaves for my home. The cut leaves will last 3 months in water. The plant, itself, loves outside in the summer, in a semi-shaded location. In winter, it will be fine near a window with light.

  3. Lovely mirror and beach vibes!! I have a fashion blog, i share looks and links to stores around the world. Welcome to jashion!

  4. These kind of leaves last a LONG time if you keep the water clean. I just don’t like the ottoman sticking so far out from underneath the console. The scale just seems off to me but I love the color combo. :)

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