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Those of you who love design blogs have probably seen the Michigan home of Michelle Adams in House Beautiful a few times in your internet travels, but that doesn’t keep me from wanting to post it here too and discuss her charming abode. You must remember Michelle as the editor of Domino, back when Domino was DOMINO- so we all know what a great eye she has from all those dog eared old copies of the magazine.  And if you’ve been following her on Instagram, you know she’s been renovating this house back in her home state of Michigan for a while.  And the final result did not disappoint any of her fans, especially me!  I love the palette, the mix of high and low and the personal charm each space exudes. It’s a great example of what I think a youthful, well designed home should look like.  And at the end of the post, I have lots of sources for finds just like those shown here!

I just die over the marble mantle she brought in to replace her dated one with.  Those graceful, traditional lines in combination with the (replica?) Serge Mouille ceiling fixture is French perfection.

I especially love the color palette of white, blue and black.  Especially since I am tryig to figure out how to combine blue and black in my own living room update.  This provides ample inspiration for me! And that glass pendant? RAWR.


Her kitchen is simple, classic and timeless- which is how kitchens should be- in my opinion!


I recognize those Hollyhock Pyne drapes from her old Manhattan place- so it’s fabulous to see items re-used in a new home.  Proof even the super fashionable don’t see the need to toss something perfectly lovely just because it’s been “done” before.  This is one of my all time favorite fabrics too (it was the pillow in my guest room in the book).  I love the mix of the floral pattern with the steel, streamlined cabinet!


An eat in dining area in the living room with great leather side chairs.


Her master bedroom has moody navy/black walls which offset the drapes and bed perfectly.


Love that she tricked out the shallow walk in with custom built ins- make every inch count in a small closet by investing in this kind of thing!


A gorgeous mix of a traditional chest with modern art.


Love this guest room with the tabriz rug, overscale photo and leopard accents (hello.)



I also LOVE that she painted the outside a super dark grey color. Modern yet classic.


Want to find items that look like those shown in her home? Here ya go!



1.// 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. (amazing in person, and not crazy $) // 14. // 15. // 16. // 17. // 18. Farrow & Ball’s Black Blue paint // 19.

Images via House Beautiful


  1. I loooove this! I saw a sneak peak on instagram and was literally waiting for my mail lady to drive by yesterday so I could get my copy of HB. This is one of the best homes I’ve seen in the magazine for quite awhile. Perfection and longevity – love!

  2. Very cool! Would love to get a better look at her work space with the shiplap paneling. And how is it possible that that Turkish rug is available in the $200s?!?! That just made my day. Have been jonesing for one of those for a long time but thought they cost thousands of dollars.

  3. I love this entire home, except the black metal chandelier in the living room. I’ve never cared for that specific lighting look, and I love mixing modern with traditional.

  4. Erin,

    Is the F&B paint you listed the exact color of the bedroom walls? Or just a favorite shade of yours?

    I love the look!

  5. I saw snippets of this house but didn’t know it was hers. I really love everything about this abode. Once I buy a house, this will be top inspiration because it is so in line with my taste and design aesthetic. Thank you for also giving links to similar pieces. As always, Erin, you are on point.

  6. Thank you so much for this post, and for everybody’s kind comments! It means so much to me. :))) I never dreamed when I was decorating my home that so many people would like it! So thanks for making my day. xx Michelle

  7. This home really seems to strike a chord with everyone. I know with me, it’s one of those homes where I actually feel it in my body, a visceral sense of pleasure like I sometimes get from looking at certain colors. Perfection.

  8. I loved this post. The home is beautiful and I love how you broke it all down with similar items in the end. Thank you!

  9. Ummm, she was an assistant at Domino when it was DOMINO. she came back to run it way later when they just copied everything from the original…like, literally used the same font after some investors bought the rights from Conde or whoever.

    1. This comment is so mean and spiteful, does it actually make you feel good to post it? I don’t know Michelle at all but she seems lovely, kind and humble based on her posts here. Regardless, I can’t imagine why anyone would take the time to post such a mean-spirited comment such as yours Jess. I hope your day gets better.

    2. Jess, you are correct! :) I was merely an assistant at the original domino, and I proudly returned to take over the mag when Conde Nast relaunched it as a start-up in 2013 with a brand new business model. Our team chose to use the original fonts to respect the brand that our readers love so much, and we tried our best to create beautiful content with a fraction of the budget. Some people loved it, some people did not. You can’t win them all!

  10. Beyond beautiful, love it, also love it shows how you can bring style to your home, even in Michigan!!! Welcome to Ann Arbor:)

  11. Just so beautiful! There’s nothing boring about these images, there are so many charming, unique pieces. One of my favorites is the dining room–just fantastic styling. The two matching chairs are amaaaazing. The giant claw feet are awesome and I love how the diamond with the circle sort of echoes the framed eye piece on the wall. Awesome.
    I’m shopping for my first home and totally overwhelmed about decorating. And while I love the kitchen, truly, and want something like it, is it really going to stay classic? It’s beautiful, but k see so many like it that I really do wonder. Maybe classic doesn’t stop being classic just because lots of people like it and have it?

    1. Mac–I actually wonder the same thing re: my kitchen! I’m hoping it remains classic but it’s quite possible that it’s been too overdone by this point. Only time will tell! And thank you for your kind words! The dining room chairs (matching ones) are from Cappellini and the antique ones I picked up at Round Top market in Texas last year. They arrived the day of my shoot!

  12. I was reading House Beautiful last night while my husband watched football! I loved that she stayed true to the house (for the most part…blowing out walls for a real closet is always fine IMO), but added plenty of her own personality into it as well!

  13. Erin, good call in posting Michelle’s Michigan home. Thank you for posting resources . I have been looking for an industrial but traditionally designed cabinet for my dining room. I like hers because it has the drawers – any idea of the exact source or one like it? In a city house, I need space for linens! Henry is adorable – nice work!

  14. Blue and white with black done to perfection! While you’re sourcing for us, do you have any ideas on her fabulous shoes? ;)

    Also, I too love her leopard accents and have been trying to decide whether or not I could take the plunge with 2 cheetah print lamp shades. After seeing this, I’m going for it!

  15. HELLO it’s amazing. And speaking of amazing, I have been scouring this site to find the post about your current living room, am not finding in My Home or My Renovation, am I crazy that you did a post about your current living room? Appreciate any guidance you or a reader have, ha. :)

  16. Gorgeous. I love the mix of blue, black and white. I already have a ton of blue accents, but now I wish I hadn’t painted so many walls gray! Absolutely love it. And it makes me miss Ann Arbor. Love that town.

  17. Michelle what an inspiration you are. Domino and Lonny really shone brightly when you put your stamp on them!!! Have missed your touch in those shelter mags ever since you left the helm! So glad to get a glimpse into the lovely life you have made away from the big city.
    I’m a huge fan

    1. Heather! You brought a tear to my eye (for real!) thank you! :))) Really sweet of you to say. I am LOVING life back home with my family and am grateful to still have fulfilling creative work outside of a big city. Thank you so much for your support and for making me feel like my years spent in the office were worthwhile. :)

  18. So happy to see you post about Michelle’s house! We were THRILLED that she picked our coffee table for her living room. It looks so great with the black and white palette!

  19. Michelle did a great job decorating her house. What I like about it is that it looks like it evolved over time – maybe some furniture is heirlooms – it looks collected. Thanks for sharing!

  20. This house is amazing. I think the reason it is resonating with so many people is because, from the outside, it is a house you could find in any town or suburb. It provides so much inspiration for people with “regular” houses and budgets. You don’t have to have a million dollar mansion in the most sought after city to have something truly special, stylish and chic. Love it so much!

    1. Thank you Sarah! This was a fun project for me to publish (indirectly;) for that very reason! For years I had photographed homes with amazing architecture in big cities, so it was a fun challenge to bring my favorite design elements into a normal midwestern home. I’m really thrilled you like it! :)

  21. I really love this house – just a beautiful job of creating a home! I’m drawn to the lamps on the living room mantle, and on that antique dresser – are they Tizio lamps?? [PS – love the light fixture in the living room, too – tried something like it in my office, but ceiling just too low for it to work ]

  22. All the heart eyes!! Been a big fan since her Lonny days. Everything Michelle touches is pure MAGIC!!

    P.S. Does anyone know the source of the framed bust on the mantle? NEED.

  23. Does anyone know where I can find the white dishes with the royal blue pattern on the kitchen counter? I know it’s not Blue Willow but can’t recall anything else!

    1. Hi Andrea! Those were my mom’s that she collected at antique shows over the years. Her name is Lynn, so she hunted for the “Lynn” pattern whenever she could find it. Hunt online for Flo Blue and you’ll find lots ;)

  24. Does anyone know the source of the rug in the “formal” dining room? Have been looking for one just like it for my living room. Absolutely love it!! (And the rest of the house too;)

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