New Year, New Gear

I hope to launch back into blogging more next week when I start up work again. I’m having a lot of feelings and thoughts regrding that which I will discuss on Monday in my first “reflections on motherhood” post. I’ve been wanting to write so much yet feel so overwhelmed by my changing emotions that I keep shying away from it.
So for the weekend I’ll leave you with something I can write about- getting back into pre-baby shape! I did luck out quite a bit in that I have lost the baby weight numerically (mostly because I’m nursing and I did not gain a lot due to morning sickness and a long bout of nausea), but trust me when I say things ain’t looking the same for sure!!! My stomach has this Jello quality to it that has got to go! I did my first post-birth workout last week and it felt so good to MOVE again! And to motivate myself a little more, I’ve gotten some new workout clothes. Leggings with a higher rise to keep things from jiggling and more supportive bras and tops to keep the ladies in check. Here are some of the items I’ve gotten and others I have my eye on in case you too are feeling the whole “get in shape for the new year” thing.


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  1. I remember being so excited to move in my body without the constant fear of harming my baby and it was so freeing. One wise Momma told me be patient it takes a full year for your body to go back to normal despite how many pounds you drop. I remember thinking whatever…. that is not going to be me. She was so right….lol. I had lost the baby weight but my overall body took a year to get back to “me”.

    Looking forward to your reflections as a mom. I started following your blog because of your honesty. I love home decor and always doubted and tortured myself. One day I was taking some “me” time at Barnes and Noble and I was attracted to the spine of your book. I opened it up and was captivated by your honesty. After reading countless snooty design magazines it was such a relief to find someone who spoke from the heart and opened herself so others like myself could gain confidence. So please don’t be afraid. Your thoughts and feelings are a gift to all of your readers. Looking forward to your posts in 2016. Happy New Year!

  2. Haha! I remember reading somewhere that while lying on your side, your tummy after a baby just rests on the bed next to you like a puppy . So true. Those muscles do come back though. Promise.

  3. That old navy funnel neck sweat jacket is adorable. Can anyone tell me how it holds up after washing?

  4. Julie, poster above, is right. It’s about a year. Don’t spend one bit of worry on this. You gave birth! Your body rocks!

  5. Where is #3 originally from? You linked a Lulu item that is similar, but it doesn’t look exactly the same (the neck isn’t as cowled as the one you linked). I’d like to see if I can find the original. Thank you!

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