FashionJanuary 1, 2016

New Year, New Gear

I hope to launch back into blogging more next week when I start up work again. I’m having a lot of feelings and thoughts regrding that which I will discuss on Monday in my first “reflections on motherhood” post. I’ve been wanting to write so much yet feel so overwhelmed by my changing emotions that I keep shying away from it.
So for the weekend I’ll leave you with something I can write about- getting back into pre-baby shape! I did luck out quite a bit in that I have lost the baby weight numerically (mostly because I’m nursing and I did not gain a lot due to morning sickness and a long bout of nausea), but trust me when I say things ain’t looking the same for sure!!! My stomach has this Jello quality to it that has got to go! I did my first post-birth workout last week and it felt so good to MOVE again! And to motivate myself a little more, I’ve gotten some new workout clothes. Leggings with a higher rise to keep things from jiggling and more supportive bras and tops to keep the ladies in check. Here are some of the items I’ve gotten and others I have my eye on in case you too are feeling the whole “get in shape for the new year” thing.


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