Fashion Friday: Current Favorite Outfit

So, I managed to get a post up every day this week which honestly, I didn’t think I could do yet.  And so here we are on Friday and I don’t have anything super original or awesome because I actually got to go out to dinner last night with a friend! Which felt great- but of course it felt even greater to speed home to my Henry afterwards.  So I didn’t have time to prep for today- instead I’m just going to share this outfit that I’m loving and shared on Insta and LOVE due to the combo of high rise jeans plus a tunic style sweater that really helps an 9 weeks post-partum lady feel pulled together (literally- pulls the tummy right in and then covers it- HA!)

FullSizeRender-10 FullSizeRender-9

The high, wide funnel neck on this sweater is super 60’s/70’s and it’s so comfortable too (and not itchy at all). Paired with my work hard Rag & Bone boots from last year (worn more than any other boot in my closet-they really look a bit grungy now- but so comfortable and yet gives some height!)


  1. The sweater from Anthropologie.
  2. MiH Marrakech Jeans (I had from last year- love them)
  3. A grey wool coat is the perfect topper- this one on super sale today.
  4. My earrings are old J.Crew, but these have similar vibe.
  5. Rag & Bone booties (pricey, but a workhorse)
  6. A cute crossbody saddle bag is perfect with this outfit.



  1. You look absolutely stunning! So chic, comfy and appropriate for the season.
    May I ask where the light fixture behind you is from?

  2. You look fantastic! As always! How do you do your hair in a bun? Do you use one of those donut things? I usually don’t like those, but your bun looks full and awesome!

  3. Seriously! I cannot believe you had a baby 9 weeks ago. You look better than me at 8 years later. :-)
    Love the outfit. You look amazing.

  4. So refreshing to see someone rock boot cut jeans! Seems like I only see skinnies anymore. You are so beautiful momma!

  5. You could not have recently had a baby! You look absolutely fabulous!
    Your dedication to your blog is so praiseworthy. Thank you for that.
    By the way, motherhood looks great on you.

  6. Erin, As always you look amazing and I adore your blog. Silly question for you, your bun is gorgeous–do you use a bun form or just have amazing thick hair that it looks like that on your own. Im trying to get trick of using a bun form well for that pulled together look but struggling!

    1. It’s just my hair. I put it in a high pony with an elastic and then wrap the pony around and pin with bobby pins!

  7. You look seriously so beautiful. The sweater looks way better here than in their image. I never would have picked it out.

    I’m so grateful you’ve come back to your blog so quickly. I love your blog and your voice and I wish I knew you in person!

  8. Erin– your outfit is great but I am totally fangirling over your bedroom! Where can we find that carpet?? Thanks :)

  9. Adore the neckline of the tunic-love the retro vibe. It does look like it would be itchy, glad to hear it is not!

  10. Such a simple outfit, yet you look elegant and stylish. Love the funnel neck sweater. The topknot sets off the neck of the sweater perfectly.

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