Down For the Count

Well, it seems I ran myself a bit ragged this week and into a bout of sickness.  Which stinks, especially with my little guy around (praying he stays healthy).  Today’s post will have to wait for next week. Sorry guys! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and those in the eye of the snowstorm stock up on wine, snacks and a whole lotta Netflix (if you haven’t watched Damages, The Killing or Friday Night Lights, start there..)

Me, I am in my own bed- but this one wouldn’t be too bad either.



  1. Hope you feel better! Try and avoid this mistake that took me a good 5 years to get right: The MINUTE you start feeling better you will push yourself too hard because you feel mom guilt. If you do this, you’re guaranteed to get sick again a few days later. This happened to me every single time (and my other mom friends). Take it slow. Good luck!

  2. Feel better! Friday night lights is the best! We are so late to this show. Only 5 episodes to go (which makes me feel like I’m losing a great friend)! #imissriggins

  3. Getting sick is the pits. I hope you recover quickly. Let’s see…favorite shows that I need to catch up on include Scandal and Downton Abbey. I tried to watch Damages but just couldn’t get into it. I felt like it was moving too slow. After 3 episodes I quit. I still haven’t watched any Game of Thrones yet. I feel like I should since everyone says it’s so amazing. I’m going to have to add it to my list.

  4. If you’re still breastfeeding, he will be ok. I would get bad colds while breastfeeding and the babies would be fine, something about the antibodies the milk produce for the babies. But do take it easy , one feels ready but our body doesn’t. Someone once told me, it took 9 months for your body to have the baby, it takes about the same to heal even if you feel you have your body isn’t quite ready for the full force. Hope you feel better

  5. Real BUMMER – fluids…the soup kind..!! Sleeting like crazy here with 8 inches of snow…on our way to 20 more…gaaaa!!! franki

  6. thats will be worst ill . I think this will be recovers faster . Let’s see … I have favorite programs to catch up to include Scandal and Downton Abbey. I wii be try, but just could not get into it . I hope I was moved to slaow. I have seen wrost thing feel like I should and everyone says it’s so amazing. I ‘ll be try to dit well.

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