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My Favorite Baby Gear


I’ve had a bunch of people ask about what baby gear I settled on for Henry so here’s a round up of some of the things we have found to be great for us in our new adventure as parents! Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

  1. We have two strollers currently- this one, the Stokke Trailz, we leave together in the garage that is great for running errands on foot and long walks around the pond by our house.  This one has a smooth ride (air filled tires), a HUGE basket and an amazingly plush bassinet Henry loved.  I adore the style kit we got (shown here) with the tumbling blocks pattern that jazzes up the seat and makes it look different from any other stroller on the sidewalk!
  2. We also have to carriers, this wrap one by Solly Baby lulls Henry to sleep in a flash and allows me to be active around the house.  I have this polka dot one, but love the stripes too!
  3. We have a veritable collection on every Wubanub out there at our house- it’s like a modern mom’s beanie baby collection. He took to these right away and they are easy to find in my diaper bag.
  4. I LOOOOOVE my 7am Enfant cozy stroller blanket-pod thingy!  I used it in the bassinet and now on the stroller seat itself.  You can also unzip just the front and put it on the car seat without interfering with the safety straps.
  5. The playmat of all playmats- Henry is OBSESSED with this Mamas & Papas one. It plays music and has colored lights that flash when he kicks the dangling tabs or foot panel.  He gets a little baby workout on this every day- and it’s not heinous either, it has some black and white stripes and polka dots- right up my alley.
  6. & 10.- The best nursing bras- one without underwire that is SO comfy but yet supportive and one with underwire but pretty lace and only $17!
  7. I was skeptical about the Baby Shusher but it WORKS.  It produces the “shhhhhh” noise which totally soothes Henry if he’s fussy.
  8. I registered for another carrier and it turns out I hate it and Henry hates it. So we got the classic Baby Bjorn and we both adore it.
  9. Every mom I know told me I had to have multiples of this Fisher Price Rock-n-Play thing. Little did I know how RIGHT they all were! Henry sleeps in one next to our bed and we have another one in the living room (and another at Nana’s house…) Best. Thing. Ever.
  10. See 6.
  11. The best, best milk storage bags for pumping breastmilk. You just need the right adapters for your pump, screw these right onto the shields! So much easier to handle, freeze and store.
  12. The Puj tub– a soft foam sink insert great for bathing newborns in a small bathroom sink!
  13. & 18.  We’ve settled onto these Avent bottles and Nuk bottles as Henry seems to like them best (we also have a few Dr. Browns he also takes well).
  14. My favorite set of swaddles– thick enough to keep him snug but breathable too. And ADORABLE patterns in this set.
  15. When I had mastitis we had to supplement a little with formula and got this genius thing- the Baby Brezza– which is basically a baby Keurig. :)  Makes the perfect bottle at 98 degrees in seconds! We don’t use it much now, but when I wean Henry this will be KEY.
  16. This is the fastest bottle warmer-it takes a while to figure it out but every second counts when you have a fussy baby that needs a bottle warmed up!
  17. Our nanny bought these bibs for Henry and they are genius. Stretchy with no snaps or velcro that stay comfortably close tot he neck to protect cute outfits from all the spit up babies produce (SO. MUCH. SPIT UP)
  18.  See 13.
  19. The Nuna Leaf– a great little swing chair that Henry is very happy in!  We added the toy bar too for entertainment.  I’d like one in my size, please.
  20. We use the Nuna Mixx as our “keep in the trunk” stroller.  Perfect for traveling as it’s very lightweight for a substantial stroller and works perfectly with our carseat for easy adventuring- but is also a quick, one piece fold with the seat on it too which will be great when he’s a toddler!  And it also has a generous basket, which is important to me.
  21. Our car seat- the Nuna Pipa.  SO highly recommended and light (for a car seat- all of them feel heavy to me!) And Henry will sleep in it for hours once settled in.
  22. I love this no-wash Mustela cleansing liquid for quick clean ups ( with a soft cotton pad–and it smells so good too) and their body and hair wash.
  23. The Skiphop diaper clutch is AWESOME for making any bag a diaper bag- neatly contains your diapers, wipes, small diaper creams and folds out into a changing pad. Genius.
  24. For my everyday diaper bag I am using this Tory Burch crossbody bag– it’s not huge, so best for single babies, but has so many great pockets and is comfortable to wear.  Plus the leather whip stitching on the edge is cool.

I plan on also doing posts of my favorite baby clothes and stylish diaper bags in the coming weeks.  But if there is anything else you’d like to see please let me know!

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