Fashion Friday: Classic 60’s Icon Style

I finally bought some flare jeans (all the rage right now and a post-pregnancy indulgence) and and am loving their 60’s vibe, but prefer to style them in a clean, preppy way- not a super bohemian one. It inspires me to emulate the style of so many of my favorite fashion icons- Jackie, Audrey, Ali Macgraw and Francoise Hardy. Pair a good striped shirt and classic suede booties with them and you have a look you can rock forever.
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Here’s a look I’ll wear any day!  When it comes to finding the right fit flares, I prefer to look for pairs that are fitted through the hip, butt and upper thigh and then get wider starting at the upper knee area.  When they are tight to the knee it’s not as flattering on the thighs (and reminds me of the 90’s and my Paris Blue jeans- yikes).  These below are the ones I bought and fit just the way I desire (and hilariously yesterday Lindsey looked over at me from her computer and said “I need to take  a picture of you right now” as I was buying this striped shirt while WEARING a striped shirt #ihaveaproblem)

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  1. I am all about the flare! Standing ovation!

    I must say, however, what is up with JCrew’s boxy, baggy style these days? Well, for the past few years at least. Its as if Jenna wants everyone to be an androgynous nymph — which would be awesome if I were Tilda Swinton. Alas, I am a mere mortal who would like to accentuate her waist and her tiniest of boobs. Bring back the classic fits JCrew!

  2. Jackie & Audrey–icons of the 60s. Love, love, love striped shirts. But not even considering flares. Been there, done that so will leave it to the under 40 set. BTW the big flares were really a bigger deal in the early70s than the 60s. We saw them on Cher and Janis but they weren’t in the yet stores, at least in Detroit. In the late 60’s we slit our bootcut jeans and inserted fabric (usually Indian cotton or a batik) to create a flair. Also made horrible skirts from cutting the legs of the jeans open. That’s one fad I hope to never see again.

  3. Always wonder will i look like my mom? She was so cute in those pictures back in 60’s. They were so happy and free. Love power!

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