Henry’s Nursery

So here it is- finally- Henry’s nursery reveal! It’s taken a long time to complete, but I am so grateful to Wayfair for helping outfit this room with some seriously dreamy items! As you know, I went with a serene scheme aimed at calming not only the little guy but myself as well. I knew I wanted to do a scenic wallpaper and chose this Susan Harter muralpaper (Calmsden in Grisaille) to base the room on. It’s SO gorgeous, a real work of art. We want Henry to love being outside, so hopefully this starts him off on the right foot.

For the crib I chose the ducduc Campaign crib and I am OBSESSED. It’s the perfect mix of modern and boyish with the greyish stained wood supports. It’s an amazingly well made piece of furniture too.  The bedding here is from Rikshaw (quilt and sheet) which I have loved forever, and the mobile I got from a maker on Etsy (the brass finish is INCREDIBLE in person against the paper!)


The rug was last minute replacement to one I really wanted and you know what? I love it.  Would work great in any kind of space.  On top is the most lush, yummy sheepskin rug that the dogs love, but Henry does too.  On the windows we did custom made blackout roman shades in a Robert Allen buffalo check.  We wanted lots of animals in this room, and so I had to spring for this RH Baby & Child stuffed giraffe made of wool and leather. :)

The Jonathan Adler Sputnik fixture is awesome (but very bright so have a dimmer on it).


I chose the ducduc Morgan changer because, well, it rocks.  The wood stripe matches the crib and the whole vibe is very “boy” but in an modern, unexpected way. The leather pulls just slay me too.  Above that I hung a lion photograph by Sharon Montrose.  He’s so regal, and yet looks huggable.  The changer pad cover is from Land of Nod– I HAD to get some stripes in here!



We did the Dwell Studio Kinney Glider in linen paired with this cute leather pouf (I also have the Kinney Ottoman too which I will probably swap in if I feel it’s more comfortable).  The fabulous Christina Baker painted this amazing modern piece for Henry and I love it- one of the colors in in matches my wall color (Benjamin Moore Alaskan Husky) EXACTLY!  The floor lamp is Aerin Lauder for Circa and the adorable pillows are from Alegria Home (I got a dash of otomi in here!)  I LOOOOOOVE the Z Gallerie side table for it’s quirky style.


I know this Jonathan Adler etagere (20% off today!) caused some arguments about safety, but this is anchored to the wall, incredibly sturdy and I love it.   Shall it ever become a safety issue, I will move it somewhere else. On it is a variety of items I love, including the Dwell Elephant Bookends and a globe from Target.  The horse sculpture from Homegoods as are most of the frames (no better place to get frames).


We added some sentimental things like a picture of Andrew’s grandpop (whom we gave Henry a middle name in honor of) and a picture of my dad and me at my wedding (his other middle name is his mother’s maiden name).  Also poignant, the fact that I had this Eiffel Tower sculpture in here for months, and Henry was born on the day of the horrible Paris attacks.  We want him to learn to love Paris as we do, so it’s extra fitting now.


The vintage model cars are my dads, and if I know anything I know he will teach Henry his love of cars!


The closet KILLS me. I am so, so, so happy I did this Nobilis wallpaper inside. It’s heaven.  The ceiling fixture from Schoolhouse Electric is one of my favorite things too!  The little stool is from Serena & Lily and the owl hook is from Anthropologie.


I added these adorbs giraffe hooks from Pottery Barn (now sold out) on the inside wall.  I worried about animal overkill, but I think since everything is funky and not babyish it’s okay.  The buffalo fleece suit is from Old Navy, by the way :)


I still need some more storage (I think I’ll do a toybox under the window next to the bookcase with a cushion on the top for the dogs to hang out on).  But in the meantime this cart from Land of Nod is handy (plus I wanted something small and clear that would not block the paper.  The basket is from Serena & Lily and I plan to get another one to store more blankets, toys and stuff.


I am really happy with it, and hope you like it too. :)

And just because, here’s a picture of Henry from yesterday’s trip to the pediatrician.


*The good pictures are by Sarah Winchester– the obviously crappy ones are by me, professional iPhone photographer. :)



  1. Looks great. Playful and sophisticated. I must have had you and Henry on the brain after seeing your Instagram post when he was born because I dreamt the next night that I was invited to a baby shower at your mother’s house. I went to Starbucks before where you and Andrew and Henry were and then left to go to the shower but you never showed up. All of your friends who were actually blog readers were opening your gifts. The best part was that your mother had a permed mullet. It was a bob in the front with a longer section in the back. Strange! Love seeing all the pictures of your newest addition. He is so cute and I love the name!

  2. Love it all. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your thought and design process from early ideas to final color choices and now get to see the finished (for now) room. i’m sure your design process is never done … it will change and evolve over the months and years as Henry grows and his needs change. If you DO decide it’s animal overkill, just pack up that darling Z Gallery side table and PB giraffe hooks and ship them right to me.


  3. That last instagram photo of you snuggling Henry … I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an estatic expression. That photo says it all to me…

  4. Adorable! It came out great. Hope your first days of mommyhood are a blast and that somehow you are managing to get some sleep.

  5. I don’t have any children…yet, but this honestly makes me want to have a little boy. Perfection! Henry is precious! Enjoy every moment.

  6. That kid is already on the best dressed list – incredible outfits! I love the name Henry too, it’s a
    strong name that is important (at least where I come from). Enjoy your precious little bundle of joy and congratulations to both of you! The nursery is very tastefully done, quite serene and cozy.

  7. Every element of the nursery is just gorgeous. It’s obvious that you labored (no pun intended) over every choice. Beautiful adorable work!

  8. Erin, you have set the bar. It is practical, crisp, fun, interesting , and inspiring . And silly for those who can understand. Congratulations on all counts. I hope Henry’s life is as wonderful.

  9. Congratulations on the arrival of Henry!!! He shares a birthday with my beloved Mom. Enjoy every moment with your sweet little Henry – they really do grow up too quickly.

  10. OMG!! It is so so beyond anything I expected!! It is SOOO gorgeous. I love how you’ve mixed the more traditional grisaille mural with contemporary furniture. It’s just STUNNING. And I love how it’s masculine without being the typical navy and brown. Love love love!!

    What a lucky little boy to spend his early years in such a beautiful space! No doubt he will be a nature and animal lover! And he is just the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen!

    I’m not kidding, this might be my favorite room you’ve ever done.

    #fangirl #gushing

  11. I’ve never seen anyone make new motherhood seem like such a breeze. My daughter had a baby in July and it was a week before she left the house. Congrats, and yes, the nursery is truly spectacular!

  12. Congratulations many times over! Henry is absolutely adorable and the room is gorgeous. The giraffe legs side table is so unique. A perfect accent for the room. Enjoy!

  13. What a beautiful nursery. Congratulations Erin. It was quite a journey to get here and your baby is gorgeous. Treasure every moment. I had a similar infertility journey and now have twins – they are four now but every morning is still like Christmas morning for me when I see their faces :)

  14. Everything is just right. And that picture of him is so adorable….you wonder what is going on in that little head. Enjoy!!

  15. You did save the best to last (Henry’s photo!!!) and THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING…Henry’s room is out of this world gorgeous!! franki

  16. Okay…. I am in my 40’s and I want that room for myself! I love all the details, and it’s such a calming space! Good job, mama!

  17. so beautiful… you have a such a great eye for putting together unique items. Love all of your wall and window covering choices!!

    If you ever did a kid storage/playroom storage post in the future I would be so grateful!! It is so hard to pick out non-childish but kid accessible furniture for toy storage in our living room!!

  18. Wow. So beautiful and classy and not OTT. I lots just what I would have expected from you. And he won’t outgrow the theme for a long time, which is key! Congratulations, mama!

  19. So happy for you! There is no greater joy! The nursery is beautiful! Hope Henry enjoys many peaceful nights!

  20. Which toy box are you looking at?? I’m dying to find a toy box to fit a similar tone room as yours (for a boy). I’m only finding white and ugly woods…. The best one I’ve found is made in England and was one made for Prince George…. insanely expensive to ship, I’m sure.

  21. There are so many elements of his nursery I love. My favorites are the little details that have meaning…..your dad’s old cars, old pictures, the Eiffel Tower, etc.

  22. Erin
    I’m so happy for you, I’ve enjoyed reading along on your journey to bring little Henry into your world. I imagine designing his nursery must will be one of your most cherished projects just because it’s for him.:)

    Congratulations to your family.
    and don’t worry about becoming a mommy blog, this is your new world and I welcome reading all about your new adventures!!

  23. The nursery is lovely; it truly is! And, Henry is beautiful.:) Congratulations on everything. Enjoy every moment.
    p.s. Remember to sleep when he sleeps.

  24. What a gorgeous room for your little cherub! That sputnik light is going to be a hit with keeping Henry busy looking up at it, great idea :-)

  25. Absolutely gorgeous, Erin! I love how you balanced the baby features with more sophisticated ones. Had I only seen this post when my two kids were little! ;) Congratulations again.

  26. Dearest Erin, This is the most amazing nursery ever! My husband and I are such nature and animal lovers, he is also so in love with your room, and everything about this room is something that pulls at my heart. Soothing and serene with just the right amount of contemporary. I was so happy to see your post on IG that Henry was on his way and then arrived! Wishing you and your family all the best. Love, Christina

  27. LOVE! the baby colours and abc books are the best by the way….got me through lots of plane trips to the USA from Australia and to Paris from Sydney via Bangkok. You can painstakingly linger on every page and look at every picture for some very long conversations. One bit of advice that sounds counter intuitive but glad I received….TRAVEL with baby in the first year before they walk. We had DD in Paris when she was 11 months and when she feel asleep in her Maclaren ( the best travel stroller) for those afternoon naps- into a cafe we would go for leisurely lunches…..and being on a baby schedule up at the crack of dawn meant we were the first to bakeries for fresh fresh bed and hit the sites before anyone else! And dinner time was often room serve- who can complain about that!

  28. Henry’s nursery is perfect! I love everything about it, you did such a wonderful job. Brought back many memories of decorating my children’s nursery- they are now 23, 19 & 15. In fact we are ordering your pouf for my daughter’s room, we both loved looking at the nursery pictures. Hope you have had a great first week with baby Henry (and you have also made me want grandchildren)!

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