My Baby Shower

Last weekend was my baby shower, held at my parents house in Connecticut.  Yes, I am aware that it’s not exactly “etiquette 101” to have your Mom throw you a shower but the house is so beautiful and such a peaceful place for me.  Am I Emily Post? Hardly. But we did manage to pull together an adorable little soiree!

We had an amazing caterer, Jessica Tuesdays, who really went all out on the details- including making this adorable cupcake tower!


These little onesie cookies were the CUTEST (via Meg Cobb on Etsy) and the napkins are from For Your Party.


My grandmother’s christening gown was hung outside by the entrance.


As I’ve said before, my mom has a crazy green thumb.


A little coffee station on the porch.


The tables were set up on the porch and patio- my mom found a slew of amazing, mismatched blue and white plates at an estate sale for like $50 (and some of them are valuable!).  Buffalo check napkins wrapped in greek key ribbon, burlap toppers and gold flatware completed the look.


For centerpieces we used old Hardy Boys books (the theme of the shower was “bring your favorite children’s book”. All the flowers were done by my mom in mismatched vintage vases and urns.



This view is why I wanted it held here :)


Some of my pals enjoying the sun and food.


The buffet table inside was a mix of rustic wood serving pieces and more formal silver.  And the food was AMAZING.


Details- topiaries and my dad’s baby cup and silver :)


A little rosé  :)


More florals on the gift table.


Andrew was around helping keep the four dogs away from the food, so we snapped a little shot before the party.


Dress // Heels (old, but similar here) // Necklace (old, similar here)


The adorable (and delicious) cupcakes.


You may know Julie Richard (form the blog Shelter, whom I worked with a lifetime ago at another designer’s company) and my soon be sister-in-law.


Some yummy Hogwash rosé and mimosas were served.


Those cute onesie cookies again (which were painful to eat they were so perfect and pretty- but they were so delicious too!)


The favors.


Part of the front of the house.


A happy soon-to-be Nana.


And a tired mom-to-be.


A big thanks to my Mom and friends and family for making the effort to come! 6 weeks to go!

Photos by Sarah Winchester & myself


  1. Wow, this is the most beautiful baby shower I’ve ever seen! And your parents’ house belongs in a magazine. What a fabulous day!

  2. What an amazing shower! If you didn’t have a hand in the planning, (and presume it was you Mom) I can see where you get so much of your talent and eye for beautiful design! Everything from the flowers to the centerpieces to the table settings to the sweet coffee stand (and setting of course) looks perfect for a fun celebration. Congrats to you and your hubby!

  3. I looked on my phone earlier while still in bed but came back to see the photos larger. I am just so obsessed with all the details! Tell your mom she did a fantastic job!

  4. Erin, Your parents’ house is INSANE! Would they ever consider doing a house tour on your blog? Prayers for a restful next 6 weeks for you.

      1. I Agree!! I think we need a house tour of your parents’ beautiful house!!! Beautiful baby shower. You’ll love having a little boy – I have two and little boys are the BEST!

  5. Thank you and I want to add that Jessica Tuesday’s is in Putnam, CT and is owned by the fabulous and talented Jessica Jellison. Her artistic and determined assistant Jenny found all those Hardy Boy books and the gorgeous urns for the flowers. I can’t thank them enough for their help and delicious and beautifully presented buffet!i

  6. This is hands-down one of the most gorgeous showers (and homes! That view! Those plantings!!) I’ve ever seen. I’m seriously wishing someone in my life was expecting, just so I could order some of those onesie cookies. Really adorable. Mostly, it’s just a joy to see this celebration, as I’ve followed your road to this point via your blog. I’m just thrilled for you and your husband and family. Cheers!

  7. I remember meeting you at your New York book signing. I was second in line and you talked about your fustration with wanting to get pregnant. I remember saying to you it will happen. I so wanted to give you a big hug at that moment but didn’t think it was appropriate. Seeing these pictures and your adorable belly brings such joy for your viewers. You are surrounded by a community who wants to see blessings and happiness your way. Your mom did a fantastic job! Buckle up, your life is about to change in ways you’ve never imagined xx

  8. This is fabulous, what a beautiful way to celebrate the newest addition to your little family. I am pinning everything, especially that table, from the plates to the napkins, everything is perfection.

  9. It’s so you – tastefully and subtly baby, and just really chic and beautiful. Your mom totally nailed it! And you look fantastic – love that dress! Totally sending it to one of my besties who is currently preggers.

  10. Absolutely beautiful and thank you for the cookie credit! What a surprise! The Hardy Boys books are my favorite, though it’s awfully difficult and hardly fair to have to choose. Best wishes for a safe and healthy remainder of your pregnancy!

  11. Gorgeous!!!! I loved everything!! Your Mom is an amazing Lady!! I wish we were having more baby showers in my family! We are at 12 g kids!! Blessed!
    Thank you for sharing!

  12. What a great shower. I don’t blame you a bit for wanting it there. There view is to die for! Love all the details, too. And you look sexy pregnant!!

  13. So cute that Erin’s mom is posting in the comments. Next guest blogger for the site?? Would love to have her write about her artistic flare when it comes to flowers/greenery…or I’ll settle for more house pictures!

  14. Jessica Tuesday’s is fabulous – we used them to cater for my brother’s rehearsal dinner and could not have been happier. If in the local area, their local shop has terrific sandwiches!

  15. I read that to say that Julie was soon to be your sister-in-law and almost fell out of my chair! (Then I re-read…) ha! Looks lovely – so so happy for you. Xx

  16. I love this post. With the flowers and the landscape and the beautiful sunny day – there’s just nature & life bursting from every corner. I’d say ‘ hope you & your guests had a good time’ but I’m pretty sure you did, lol. Thanks for sharing this – what a great job!

  17. Screw tradition, your mom throws one hell of a baby shower! It looks like she put a lot of thought and care into it, and given all that you had to go through to get here, you deserve a celebration more than most!

  18. Perfection!!! Your parent’s home is amazing!!! Those views are incredible. Love the “book” idea and centerpieces are too cute!!! Cookies and cupcakes were original ideas, all of which I am going to copy! This baby boy has won the parent lottery!!! Enjoy every moment!! So happy for you all!!

  19. Beautiful shower! Thanks for sharing! Love the view too! Do you happen to know the trim color on your mom’s house??? LOL

  20. Erin,

    It was a wonderfully perfect shower and day! I am so happy for you and Andrew.
    I am so glad I could share your day with you…

    Hugs and kisses,

  21. So lovely! My thought was that not only was the shower elegant and beautiful, but very approachable and do-able, does that make sense? Some showers on pinterest etc look like there was tremendous labor and time involved for details that are only for show and not for function. You all look like you were relaxed and had fun in the planning and execution!

  22. I’m certain you posted that photo of my empty chair just to make my heart hurt. ;) It looks so amazing and I am so sorry that I wasn’t there. (Though everyone looks so stylish and lovely that I would have looked like your accidental friend.) I have Baby Gates’ books and tiny treats and I promise to bring them to you IN PERSON very soon. You look amazing.

  23. Wow! Your mom has exquisite taste, and can absolutely throw one gorgeous baby shower! Everything looks perfect, and I love all of the personal touches. I’m excited for this little guy to be born–thank you for sharing your pregnancy journey with us!

  24. Every detail is perfection! The house. The dress. The flowers. The food. Amazing!
    Love it all! Congrats!

  25. Absolutely beautiful post! What a wonderful baby shower you had! I so enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing this with us!
    Warm regards ,

  26. That was one gorgeous shower! Your mom’s gardens!!!! Those window boxes! What is that chartreuse plant in the window boxes? I’m obsessed with her green thumb. Is that Northwest, CT? Congratulations Mom and Nana to be! Simply stunning! And now I’m going to start my son on the Hardy Boys series….

  27. WOW!!! Nice Deets Girlfriend!!! Probs not the best etiquette for a baby shower compliment at such as gorgeous classic home. But sincerely stunning top to bottom. Your Mom has serious talent and obviously lots of love!!!

  28. Oh my goodness, it looks so gorgeous! What an incredibly beautiful house your parents have — I completely swoon for that view! And I love that your mom got all of those beautiful blue and white plates at an estate sale — I actually think that’s my mom’s dream, too :)

    I hope that the rest of the pregnancy goes really well!

    Luscious + Intuitive Eating |

  29. Boy-oh-baby Boy…I LOVED THIS!! Absolutely enchanting and just…perfect!! BRAVO to Nana and all concerned (I’m called “Nana,” too!!) We did a “very similar” shower for my daughter’s first…a boy!! franki

  30. I’m a day late, but I might be as close to Emily Post as it gets. It’s true it used to be that moms didn’t throw showers, but nowadays it’s perfectly okay for your mom to host!

    And your shower looked lovely. Congratulations! Love the place settings and champagne glasses, and the gingham bows were a nice, subtle touch toward your baby boy.

  31. The whole event looked absolutely stunning but casual and fun at the same time! I see where you get your design sense from!

    Congrats again!

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