A Kitchen Inspired by a Movie

The other night I was in the mood to watch something light set in France. But for some crazy, unknown reason, no streaming service has French Kiss, one of my favorite “lay in bed and do nothing” movies. It’s a tragedy, I tell you. So instead I made Andrew watch Chocolat, which he was less than thrilled with,  but I was into since I hadn’t seen in in many years.  I forgot how amazingly charming the little chocolate shop is- and it immediately had me thinking of designing a kitchen based on the details in it!

The perfect light blue-green walls, the wood shelves, the patterned concrete tile floors? Oh yes, this is the PERFECT inspiration.



This blue color is soooooo good. Johnny Depp (in the days before he became Jack Sparrow both on and off screen) ain’t half bad either.


So here’s what I came up with…and I LOVE IT. Walls done in this perfect blue color, walnut cabinets (a rare choice in my design world, but here they work) and floating, open shelving in front of subway tile, some patterned floor tiles and counters done in Danby Imperial marble, which mixes tans and greys perfectly (such a beautiful stone choice here to match both the flooring and the warmth of the wood).  Add some brass details, and one HELL of a range (this is a dream kitchen after all) and you’ve got the perfect modern yet classic French inspired kitchen!  It makes me want to move and renovate!



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  1. ugh i LOVE it. That floor with walnut and the colors walls… PLUS the deep stove with brass?! perfect. Its so romantic.

  2. Erin, what a beautiful combination! Thank you for the inspiration! I normally wouldn’t love that blue hue but I seeh ow it totally works here. Also, Thank you for day in and day out publishing some really wonderful inspiring content on your blog. I know it’s not easy putting together a new post daily and so admire you for doing that, for so long. It is really admirable and I for one, so appreciate it. You are tireless in giving to your readership! One day, when I finally up and move out of NYC and own my own home, I can’t wait to contact you for help with my own home. I hope you know how much you are appreciated with so many readers!

    1. Thank you so much. It’s so nice to know that people do notice the amount of work it takes! You made me smile!

  3. French Kiss, Chocolat… kindred spirits. Have you seen Like Water for Chocolate? You’d love it, subtitled but great!

  4. I love Chocalat. I came out of that movie starving for dark chocolate. Luckily a nearby french boulangerie had pan au chocolat and saved my life. Love your fantasy kitchen. And seriously loved her wardrobe, perfect for a pear shspe likr me … you could also do a fashion post some day.

    Please, more movie inspired design. Love it.

  5. Just watched this movie last weekend, when I was craving some French-spiration for an upcoming trip I’m planning – and I completely agree about French Kiss, I think I might have watched it 4+ times this winter when we were snowed in! Loving the kitchen design too!

  6. ahhh thanks for getting my off to a good start. I remember seeing this in a real theatre-by that I mean not a mall theatre but an old time theatre where you purchase your tickets at a booth outside the theatre before going in. I think I’m going to rent this this weekend.

  7. You sort of came up with the kitchen I’m creating now. Crazy. I used polished nickle instead. It was hard to find an affordable schoolhouse light in brass. I know you love brass but I just didnt think it worked in our farmhouse. I have the williams sonoma brasserie blue banded plates.

  8. loooooooooooooove. It’s fun to see a slightly different aesthetic on here :) I would totally do this in my house!

  9. I envy your creative brain. The inspired kitchen design is delightful. Also, my better half is leaving for a business trip, so Chocolat is in my Netflix queue for tonight. Thanks!

  10. Absofrigginlutely.

    I watch this movie over and over just for the sets, the music – the COSTUMES! You’d almost think it was a Nancy Meyers’ movie;) (excited about The intern??)

    Spot on, Erin.

  11. I LOVE this look. I struggle with incorporating the warmth built into my house into my more modern aesthetic. I love how this look feels modern but with so much character and warmth.

  12. Could you share the manufacturer of the light fixture? For some reason I can’t access it. Thank you!

  13. I too wanted to watch French Kiss recently and discovered the whole movie on YouTube! The only thing missing was subtitles but as I have watched it many many times they weren’t missed.

  14. When I was pregnant with my daughter I read and bought every English design magazine I could find. I was so enmeshed in anything English during that time! Those crazy pregnancy hormones!
    I love this kitchen you’ve designed! No chance I’m pregnant, but definitely feeling the French vibe :)

  15. Awesome! I love how your brain works. Thanks for diverse and inspiring posts every day! You are amazing.

  16. We watched “Chocolat” on Valentine’s Day…when it first came out!! See how memorable “that” is!! Luv the kitchen design. franki

  17. Ooooooo….all the product links are just awesome.

    LOL: “Jonny Depp before he became Jack Sparrow both on and off screen.” — NAILED IT.

  18. Erin – what’s the source for the stools? For some reason I link to the light when trying to access and think those stools could be just what we’re looking for! Thanks for the inspo!! xo

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