Tempting Tabletop Collections

I’ve always loved a good tabletop setting, oogling many a dinner party set up on Pinterest with the best of them. Yet I personally own pretty boring stuff to set a table with. As of late I’ve been picking up some interesting pieces (striped plates from OKL, a set of fabulous Herend salad plates from my mother in law) and hoping to keep adding to that collection -where I’ll store it all, I have no clue!  I’ve said before I regret not registering for patterned , fancy china (particularly this set) when I got married.  I mean, when else are you going to spend the money to get such stuff?  The answer: never!  So I try to encourage brides to not think about their lifestyle now but down the road when they maybe actually own a dining table and want to throw parties.

So here are three new collections I’m loving- starting with this amazing collection from Raynaud in partnership with the fabulous wallpaper company Fromental.  I love this style wallpaper, and so obviously I love it translated into china!  You can get just some salad plates to add to simple white dinnerware or perhaps register for the whole shebang.
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Some rooms that may have inspired this collection:




I’m also loving the new Ralph Lauren Empress collection- you know my blue and white obsession continues to tabletop and this is a well priced table setting that is classic and mixes well with other solid plates and even some patterns.


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It even mixes well with Ralph’s other new collection, Cote d’Azur in stripes!

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The other blue and white new collection I’m eyeing is this one from Oscar de la Renta. It’s more of a casual vibe, perfect for everyday.  The polka dot napkins just add to the whimsy.



Dinner plate and salad plate // polka dot napkins // napkin rings // tortoise glassware

Any place settings you love in particular??



  1. If you love blue and white, have a look at the Rörstrand Ostindia line. My mom has had it for 25 years and I had to go with it as well as I love it so much. I love that no one else ( well no one that I know) has it.
    I hope your pregnancy is going well! Marie

  2. I’ve recently developed an obsession with MacKenzie and Childs Butterfly Garden plates. Love them!
    Also love the Oscar tortoise glasses in your post.

    1. Element has a more affordable but still stunning option of those that I’ve been eyeing.

  3. I also like the Ralph Lauren Empress collection. I currently have the william sonoma brasserie blue banded plates. I really like them. They are more simple but they allow you to get more creative with the place setting.

  4. Have you tried looking on Craigslist for China? I bet in the Boston area there are some great finds. Lots of people are trying to unload gorgeous antique china they never use or have inherited and don’t have room for (or don’t appreciate!). I got a gorgeous antique set for a steal and paid so little I don’t mind using it everyday.

  5. Great advice to think about the future when registering, and we purchased one of those plastic storage cupboards from Lowe’s to go in the garage as our dish cabinet. Everything is stored in quilted containers and labeled and easy to pull out for a dinner party or the holidays.
    We did not register for fine china when we married almost 30 years ago but instead began to purchase individual place settings as I found a pattern I liked. We now have a service for 12 of mis-matched but complimentary china patterns. I chose things with a border, a white background and no overall pattern to keep the look pretty simple and traditional but you could do it with florals or patterns for an eclectic or boho look.

    1. I love your idea Diane! Not only is each place setting different, but you probably have lovely stories to go with each one! :)

  6. I wanted to register for the same Constance china! I chose not to for the exact reason you stated, and I always regret it. I’ve promised myself that I am going to start collecting those over time… maybe I should start today. :)

  7. Spode Camilia, inherited from my grandmother. It’s so pretty, with a soft China blue and white pattern. I hope to someday display some in a plate rack or display cabinet, as it really is too pretty to just store away.

  8. Argh – I had a full set of everyday china that was blue and white and I decided that food looks better on white plates, so I gave the blue and white away. I kick myself for this pretty much every day.

  9. You will never regret buying blue and white – it’s pretty much impervious to time and trend. What about vintage china? There are so many unbelievably gorgeous options out there and the affordability cannot be beat.
    And I am not just saying it because I sell it. I’m turning into a crazy china lady in my old age. ;)

  10. get the reynaud – it’s gorgeous. i have to say, i have an oldie but goodie (Lenox-Autumn) and i still love it…i am now going to add some anna weatherly gold edged salads, etc. to go with it or to use separately during the holidays…

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