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Nursery Inspiration: Serene or Bold?

So now that I am halfway through my pregnancy and beginning to feel the little lad move around I have to get down to designing my nursery. And it turns out, this project is my kryptonite.  I have two schemes going- one more bold and one serene. And I CAN. NOT. DECIDE.  Since it was so difficult for me to get pregnant, who knows if I will get to do another nursery again? And since it was such a long, highly anticipated journey I feel so much pressure to make it AMAZING. So it’s got me a little freaked out and incredibly indecisive. But let’s face it- this kid’s room will be redone a few times in his choldhood, so if I go more babyish and soothing for the nursery, I could always make it more bold when he’s 3 or so….right?? :)

So I gathered up a bunch of boy nurseries in both varieties to compare and contrast. Let’s start with the serene and soothing:

Simple, bright and lovely.


This nursery by Christine Dovey  is the definition of serene- I’ve posted about it before I love it so much.


Caitlin Flemming’s nursery in Rue is a great example of serene-chic.


Love the neutral star wallpaper with the modern sconces in this nursery.

Allison K

This nursery implements neutral stripes on the ceiling and sleek furniture pieces for a modern touch.


I’ve had this one by Amber Interiors pinned for months- love the light, serene tones mixed with the vintage rug (the flatweave style seems to be a smart pick for babies room- cleanup is much easier).


Brass, wood and linen tones look great in this nursery.


Sarah Sherman Samuel’s baby boy nursery adds a couple colorful accents to an otherwise light and bright space.


Fellow blogger Camille Styles revealed her son’s chic nursery recently- love all the textures.


Love the slight nautical influence in this adorable space.


LOVE this one. The ceiling, the texture- masculine but light.


This one kind of bridges the gap between bold and serene nicely, don’t you think?


A bold paper mixed with solid green accents and light wood tones in this space.


Sarah Richardson designed this nursery with TONS of bold patterns!


This room is bold but yet still calming with it’s accent wall and small navy accents.


Emily Henderson’s nursery is the definition of fun and whimsical.


This one only uses bold color on the ceiling, leaving the rest of the space light and neutral.


This space has SO many windows (jealous) which makes patterned drapes a great choice.


This one uses a familiar rug pattern on the wall for a graphic focal point.


Red, black and tribal patterns make this room fun and bold.


This one isn’t TOO bold but does employ a fun wallpaper backdrop and hints of orange.


I like the black and white mixed with mint and gold! Funky and cool.


Love the blue wallpaper offset with the bright yellow in this nursery!


This one is very reminiscent of Jenna Lyons’ “nursery seen round the world”.


This one uses my favorite Woods wallpaper from Cole & Sons as a focal point.


So what do you prefer- a bold, fun nursery or a soothing, serene one? I’m SO TORN!!!!


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