Big Headboard Roundup!

A bunch of you asked for a headboard round-up, and so I am here to deliver! Headboards are an important part of the style in your bedroom, and can make a big impact without the cost of a whole bed. when using headboards we like to pair them with crisply tailored bedskirts in white or a coordinating fabric to the headboard. Another tip- make sure to measure the height of the headboard to be sure it’s tall enough. There is nothing worse than splashing out good money on a headboard only to put all your pillows on it and no longer be able to see it!
Many of these choices below come in a variety of fabrics, so if you see one you like be sure to click the link to see what other colors and patterns it comes in!

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  1. While I can appreciate the decorative possibilities afforded by the solid or upholstered headboards shown, many of us have the problem of having to put the head of a bed in front of a window. A solid headboard on an already high bed is not an option here. We need creative solutions to allow light and ventilation to still pass throug this area above the bed. There are the all too common brass, wrought iron, and the wood spindle solutions as shown here. I currently have to place a king size bed in front of a window in my own home. Does anyone have any other ideas that work in the “I just don’t have a windowless wall!” times that do not cover the window❓

  2. My problem is deciding on which one I like the best! I love tufted upholstery! But do I want a flat top, curved, patterned, to nail head or not to nail head? Do I go for the complete bed- sleigh bed with rolled tufted ends? How far will that stick out in the bedroom. There are so many to choose from, with different price points. #LibraProblems! UGH!

  3. Thank you SO much for doing this!! Question though… How high should a headboard come over the bed? I want to make sure it is tall enough, but not too tall or too short.. Is there a particular height that is the most atheistically pleasing or does it just depend on how high your are?
    Thank you again for this roundup- to get advice from my favorite interior designer is so thrilling.

    1. For a flat top headboard I like a minimum of like 54″-55″ for a low headboard, but prefer things like 60″ high for a little drama :)

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