Awesome Fall Items from Pottery Barn


I was scouting for a project yesterday and popped onto the Pottery Barn site to poke around for some new items and found SO. MANY. THINGS.  This is in no way a sponsored post, I just really was jazzed to see so many things I thought were great!  Granted, I was a little dismayed to see Halloween stuff already for sale (whaaaaaat??).  I will admit I always love the pre-fall catalogs since fall is my favorite time of year, and this year fall signifies getting to meet my son (I can’t believe I just typed that).  So here are some things I flagged for clients and myself!

These velvet pillows come in a bunch of great colors and are a great price- I’m currently partial to the coral and the absinthe green! I also NEEEEEED a few of these brass giraffe hooks for the nursery!

img11o img52c

I love the refined lines of this tufted leather chair and this brass ring lamp.

img61c Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 5.50.56 PM

I also am eying these navy Morroccan blanket pillows and this large scale print one too! I may have added them to a client board yesterday!

img13c img50o

I LOVE this two level brass and glass coffee table AND this incredible, HUGE painting. LOVE! The tones are so perfect for a soothing bedroom.

img5c img8c

This grey rug is gorgeous in person (saw this weekend) and this chandelier has a modern yet industrial feel.

img51c img21c

From the genius files, this mirrored cabinet that can conceal your TV!


This version looks like an antique objet on the wall.


Crazy about this floor lamp (wish it came in brass though) and these simple ceramic table lamps.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 5.54.59 PM img66c

A rustic object great for bookshelves, consoles and mantles and a neutral patterned rug great for a living room!

img65cf img65c

I covet this blue spongeware dinnerware (it’s BAAAAACK) and these tortoise glasses. Perfectly preppy.

img22c img78c

This framed print looks like a framed vintage, worn flag and is massive at 74″ wide! Amazing in a boys room, playroom or family space!  Also great are these brass and canvas organizers for the office.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 6.01.56 PM img54o

Fantastic bordered roman shades and a neutral print reminiscent of Rothko.

img29o img44c2

A pretty ikat pillow and awesome, go-anywhere diamond tufted rug in navy and tan.

img50ao img56o

This simple but perfect farm table would go with just about any chairs- from modern to traditional.


A fantastic horn object to top a stack of books or add to a bookshelf and a green overdye style rug!

img90c img96o

A great little brass side table, perfect for between a pair of chairs.  And a great looking brass and black coat rack for a tight hallway.

img18c img85c

A large framed print by photographer Alicia Bock (fun fact- I bought a couple prints from her right when I discovered Etsy many, many years ago- look at her now!).  Also a basket I think would be great to house a tree in the corner of a room.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 5.58.01 PM img39c

A great geometric textured lamp and another FANTASTIC abstract painting!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 5.52.51 PM img90c2

A great brass pendant light and striped, rustic basket hamper.

img17c img86c

This marble and brass side table in a perfect “fit anywhere” size and a great bath sconce with traditional meets modern design.

imga Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 5.49.20 PM




  1. I have had my eye on the Devin diamond patterned rug for my new living room!! Their tufted rugs are really of excellent quality and I love when they come out with new patterns. Unfortunately when I clicked on this new item just now it was already sold out! Make more, Pottery Barn! Thanks for a good roundup, Erin.

  2. I got the catalog in the mail yesterday and was very impressed as well! It is not the typical PB lineup, just rearranged merchandising photography. Lots of cool unexpected pieces.

    Congrats again on the lil bubba joining you very soon! We have an Andy (andrew), Henry (i know, I can’t believe we actually called our kid Henry but he is SUCH a funny Henry) and Alice is due in September. I’m sure you’re having a lot of fun with the name game if you haven’t decided already! Congrats again and hope you’re catching some quality shade in this heat!

  3. My new catalog arrived yesterday and I felt the same way. I have not swooned that hard over a PB collection in a long time. So excited to add a few new touches around the house!

  4. I freaked over the brass ring lamp too! Some how overlooked the grey rug though. Glad you saw in person. Does it read greenish, blue-ish or warm in person or is it true cool grey? Trying to find the perfect grey/green rug for our dining room. I love how they are doing some great jewel tones and more moody colors. The catalog was fab. Very masculine. I nice change from all the light bright neutrals we have been seeing in design lately.

  5. I can attest to the quality of the velvet pillows. Bought a couple in the coral washed velvet, along with the PB insert and have been very impressed with the weight and softness of the fabric. Great price just makes it a bonus.

  6. Erin,

    can you do a post on window treatments? curtains/panels/drapes types, bllinds etc? what looks best for type of window etc? I’m having the toughest time deciding what works best in a bedroom based on the windows I have and not spending a fortune! something for the more cost conscious folks out there.

    thank you!

    1. There’s a lot of help on Pinterest, but maybe publishing a pic of the space would help others make suggestions that will work for you? Erin, maybe you crowdsource the ideas and people can vote here? Hahaha joke’s on us if none of the recommendations are taken!!

  7. i literally just pulled their new catalog out of the mailbox. the oover’s beautiful. that green rug is perfection. and congrats to alicia bock… i have photos of hers also from way back when.

  8. Love this post! All those abstract art pieces are wonderful…may need that Rothko look alike for my living room.

  9. I still can’t believe we aren’t related…I have and love so MANY of those shown!! :) franki

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