A Pretty Palette

As a designer you have to learn how to compromise with clients in order to create a space that reflects both your concept and your client’s taste beautifully.  This means you often don’t get to use ALL the fabrics, colors and items that you initially pull for a room.  So I often have fun just coming up with pretend concepts on my own when I feel inspired.  It’s like sketching but in 3D. :)

Yesterday I was looking through one of our fabric bins and came across this GORGEOUS  Schumacher Indian Arbre that I have looooooooved since I pulled it but have not gotten to use yet for anyone.  So I started pulling things to go with it and came up with this scheme in blues, violets and creamy whites.  This is basically how we pull together schemes for our clients on our office floor!

Clockwise from left: Schumacher Indian Arbre in Hyacinth (drapes) // Farrow & Ball Elephant’s Breath (wall color) // abstract art by Amanda Talley // Sister Parish Burma in Parma ( pillows) // Galbraith & Paul Oyster Linen (headboard) // Robert Allen faux fur Snow Fox in White (bed throw or bolster pillow?) // Target bone inlay frame (hi Kate!) // Rug- Restoration Hardware Double Diamond Flatweave in Sand // Madeline Weinrib area rug Otto in Lilac // Jane Churchill Cristo in Cream (roman shades) // Samuel & Sons  Aristotle Greek Key trim in navy (trim on romans) Center: Target brass wall urchins // Schumacher Gainsborough Velvet in Blue (chairs) // Kravet Henninger in Coast (end of bed bench)


Also, I wanted to let you know about a fun event coming up- I curated West Elm’s Etsy pop up shop with some great Boston-based vendors.  So plan to pop in and check them out- RSVP here!



  1. SOLD! I’m almost done with a renovation and these are the colors of our master suite. All of this would work: our bedroom has been painted a medium blue with BM White Dove trim and our master bath is Farrow and Ball Pelt – really dark purple – with White Dove paneling on the lower halves of the walls. The closet, which is inbetween the two rooms is a barely there blue. I love all of these ideas! Thank you!!

  2. AWESOME. I am actually matching that exact pallet with my outfit today :). So fun, colorful and exhilarating. I LOVE seeing these snap shots, just like drawn sketches. Gotta love the process work :).


  3. This is a really beautiful room scheme – you have such excellent taste! Simply gorgeous! I love the “starting” point fabric. It really gives insight into how designers build a room.

  4. most definately i see where you are coming from. most times i never get to using everything i have picked out on a project because in theory everything tyou have should work but once you get down to it, the perception and vision of the project always changes and morphs….which isnt a bad thing because you get good results most times

  5. Beautiful palette! Designers have access to the most scrumptious fabrics, and pair them beautifully. BTW, i am thrilled to see that you included Katie Corrigan’s Etsy shop in your selections. PopOColor is the best place to get pillows custom made on Etsy, IMHO. And the bonus is that she is a local girl. And, no she didn’t pay me to say that! I just love pillows and order them alot… :)

  6. This is one of my absolute favorite posts to date. Please do these more often. It truly inspires! My MIL will be coming to stay/temporarily live with us and I want to redo our guest room to make it feel welcoming to her tastes but still keep it modern and chic . I’ve had a hard time thinking of ways to accomplish both. This is a fantastic and beautiful palette. Please, please, please do more posts like this in the future. I realize it’s difficult to showcase work you do for clients but this is a great way to allow readers to see what’s really inside your head. Thank you!

  7. Beautiful! It’s exactly the same color scheme I’m using in our new formal living Room! It’s coming together and I love it

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