A Local Gem.

Before I get into pretty places and lovely dinners, I want to just say how devastating and heartbreaking the news coming out of Nepal is. I hope everyone considers donating a little bit to a valued and established charity to help people there get back on their feet- there is a list here from Time Magazine of six great options if you are looking for one.

This past weekend we drove down to Connecticut to have dinner with my parents at Sharpe Hill Vineyard in Pomfret, CT.  You don’t think of Connecticut as having vineyards, seeing as we’re under snow for what seems like six months of the year, but they do! And Sharpe Hill also has a pretty amazing restaurant too!  It’s all very colonial and cozy, with only about 10-12 tables, and housed in a barn building with whitewashing vaulted, beamed ceilings and a double sided fireplace in the center.


It’s really cool space and perfect for a special celebration or romantic night out.



There are these great murals painted on the end walls too- the whole scene is perfectly decorated.


Downstairs there is an adorable tasting room too, if you just want to taste the wines, or taste them before you head upstairs for dinner.



And in the summer you can eat out on their truly lovely patio!



Ahhhh, doesn’t this look just perfect?


You need to make reservations WAY, WAY ahead so if you have a desire to take the trek this spring or summer I’d call now (it’s only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday)



  1. Thanks, Erin. I recently moved to the CT Shoreline and love hearing of interesting places to go in the area. Cheers!

  2. I LOVE that place and always want to take the stone sinks in the ladies room home with me….and that wing chair by the fireplace is my favorite spot! Yes – a gem…

  3. I’m from southern CT, and am always looking for anew places to try! This looks incredible, I’m definitely calling for a reservation now! Thanks for posting this :)

  4. What a perfect little restaurant! I’ve never been to Connecticut, but I love seeing the spots that you visit and post about. One day!

  5. Erin, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for mentioning Nepal first in your post Monday. My husband is from Kathmandu and I have travelled there extensively. His family is safe but the reports we are hearing are heartbreaking. It is a tragedy and will certainly get very worse before better. Thanks to bloggers like you who express your concern and use your blog as a platform for sympathy. I have stopped reading most of the bloggers I follow because none of them mentioned Nepal on Monday. Not one. It astounds me and really made me realize how sucked into their own worlds some of these women are. But not you. Thank you Erin. Thank you.

  6. I could like to add my thanks to you for information on how to help in Nepal. It was weighing on me, and you provided a good solution. I also appreciate that you can see both the beauty and the suffering in this world and use your talents to spread the news about both. Thank you for caring.

  7. I love this place! When I was and undergrad at UCONN Sharpe Hill was about a 30 minute drive away, and once I turned 21 I went with my girlfriends, and for a date, for the wine tastings! I never did eat at the restaurant though, and this post has me dying to go back. Ballet of Angels was (and still is!) my favorite of their wines. It’s not sold anywhere around Boston and so my parents buy it for me at Christmas and my birthday as a gift, since they still live in CT where it’s readily available. :) I love you’re blog extra especially as a fellow CT girl transplanted to Boston!

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