Tiny, Cozy Cottages.

I have always been delighted to death by miniature things. Really, anything super tiny from animals (i.e. pygmy goats, mini horses, micro pigs, specifically).  I loved my dollhouse and tiny furniture and always preferred a smaller room to a big one.  I still prefer a smaller home to a huge one personally.  There’s something so safe and cozy about a smaller home.  That said, the trend of micro homes is a bit TOO snug for my taste, but small cottages? Yes please!

This one would be amazing for a weekend retreat– and LOOK at that interior!

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.31.39 AM


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.30.46 AM

A southern style cottage.


ADORE this one.



A Nantucket-style little cottage!


So charming.


Another New England shingle style tiny cottage.


This is the stuff fairytales are made of.


I wish the roof on this one was dark with the yellow, but I still love it. Look at that front door!


This looks perfect. I’ll take it.



A California version of a “cottage”.


My all time favorite- an old schoolhouse.


This would make an amazing guest house too.


You can buy plans for small cottages like this- and it’s so great to see how the floorplans work in small homes.  This one below is from architect Russel Versaci’s Pennywise Plans


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.18.34 AM

This one from Southern Living is larger at 1,174 square feet and you can see interior photos here. Looks pretty roomy for just over 1,000 square feet!


This adorable one has plans available here. 1,230 square feet but 3+ bedrooms- I love this layout!

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.53.55 PM



And this one is biggest at 1,489 square feet with plans available here and great interior shots!!!







  1. I have always felt this way too…
    Love smaller cottages–especially older ones.
    But I willsay after city-condo living, and now a small child in said condo, I think my tolerance for it would be limited!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Although I couldn’t picture living in a tiny(er) place with my boyfriend, I have dreams of decorating a charming studio in NYC.

  3. I rented the 7th cottage down one summer when I was in college. You could sit in the livingroom, open the front door and grab wine out of the fride all without moving. It is ADORABLE. But tiny, tiny, tiny.

  4. Oh man my hear skips a beat when I see the word ‘cottage’. They are all so charming…I couldn’t pick a favorite. And, YES to small cozy cottages/houses over ginormo monstrosities ANY day!

  5. I bought my husband one of Russell Versaci’s books for Christmas last year, “Creating a New Old House”. It’s a FANTASTIC read, and I highly recommend it! He does great work.

  6. I love all these homes, thank you Erin, just so charming! I have always preferred smaller homes that just hug you with comfort and beauty.

  7. It’s funny that the last ones are tiny houses. We live in 1000 sq feet as a family of four and it seems normal. Couldn’t afford much more living in Seattle city limits. I prefer not to have more space now. Too many “things” would be collected that we don’t need. But I would love to have a smaller one as a weekend get away

  8. I live in a cozy cottage on a lake in North Carolina. I always find it funny when my friends with huge homes envy my little jewel.

  9. I know what you mean. I prefer a smaller place, it feels safe and cozy. I would to take a peak at the inside of everyone of those houses.

  10. Loved this. If you’re still looking for ideas, I’d welcome a post on beautiful chicken coops! I’d especially love a coop with a little covered area attached to it for pygmy goats :). Thank you for even considering it!

      1. We have a bernese mountain dog, a miniature hamster and two hives of bees, but we really want chickens and goats! And you are always welcome … when you need to escape the cold, come visit Santa Barbara and I’ll happily show you around!

      2. Hi Erin, I have been milking Nigerian Dwarf goats for a few years. The milk tastes just like cows milk and makes great cheese, esp. feta.
        They’re aren’t mine, but an elderly lady that lives very close. Okay, now that I have your attention, how do you like the Balboa Mist after living with it for a while? Is it dark, neutral, goes with everything you throw at it? Best trim color? Thanks a lot? Kim

  11. My husband and I are buying a mid century modern little house built in 1956 and never been touched! Floor to ceiling windows overlooking a river. It’s 750 SF total and we can hardly wait to get our hands on the interior – so charming! You can see it on my blog. I, too, love all things small. Thanks for this great post!

  12. OH, yes! I’ve always had an affinity for small spaces. So many of the ones you have pictures have been among my favorites for a long time! And, yes, there IS a difference between small and tiny. Our family of five has lived small for three years now, and the interest in our house (plus my love of design) spurred me on to design and release my current collection of small house plans (900 – 1400 sq ft) – the Shelter Collection. You may want to take a look! Shelter No. 1 released in Februrary, Shelter No. 2 will release next week, followed by Shelters No. 3 & 4 soon after.

  13. You should get your brother to take you to Palmetto Bluff in SC….a few of these pics look like they are taken of cottages there. PS – not a stalker; just work with your brother and am neighbors with him:)

  14. We built a custom craftsman single level cottage in the TND community of Mt Laurel in AL. I just love my cozy cottage and the motto here is to “keep the trees” which they adhere to by removing minimal trees when building in your lot so we are surrounded by trees!

  15. Love these cozy cottages! I would enjoy a post on the related topic of carriage houses too. Ours (open space with loft ceiling, kitchenette, and small bath on top of detached two car garage) is in need of an interior update (honestly, a gut job), and I would love some great inspiration pics. This post gave me a few ideas but I would love more!

  16. I love small cottages too and have a Houzz ideabook filled with them. My favorite is a mini French chateau in the country with a gravel driveway. We’re in the middle of building a large home, but one day when the kids are gone we will definitely downsize. Right now we need space or we will lose our sanity!

  17. I LOVE THIS POST. As you would say, I die…. Love Russell Versace …and want to build all of them in a retirement community on the Chesapeake….my brother is a builder, so I will pitch it to him…..

  18. So glad I found this blog ! Love all of these pictures. I have a question I hope someone can answer for me. The 18th picture down, the grey cottage, when I click into that link it opens gorgeous pictures and plans for an 1870 sq Ft home. It is Southern Living and the name is Winonna Park. I have seen this picture (just the outside) all over Pinterest and tiny/small house blogs. In this blog the wording above the picture references 1100 (ish) square feet and the picture below references 1200 (ish) square feet. I love this house and am actively looking for plans. I was excited to find it here but now more confused. Where do I find the right plans and size for this house that is the cute grey cottage, 18th picture down? I hope this makes sense. Thanks, Amanda

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