What I’ve Been Missing In My Life

I didn’t even know it until I saw this article, but a cocktail tower may be the secret to happiness. :)

Yup, there are people in this world who have gorgeous structures on their property expressly for drinking cocktails while watching the sun go down.  I can’t even wrap my brain around this awesomeness, so I’ll just let you take a look:


The stairs up to the main level. In my dreams the bottom level is used to house baby goats. Just sayin’.


That view! I also wouldn’t mind this being my “bathtub tower” too.  Can’t you just see a nice big clawfoot tub right in the middle of the room? I can.



The happy owners, because they HAVE to be happy with this kind of place.




I did a little internet sleuthing and this is the main house on the property.



And some of the spectacular gardens.


I can’t get over this glass house on the property.  I think this would be my “Afternoon Tea & Magazine Reading House”, if you were wondering.


So, I assume none of you have a cocktail tower, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice little cocktail area- all you need is a bar cart and some nice bar supplies!


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  1. I want one like the little white one in the last picture! Filled with frilly, girly things! Men want the man cave, or the garage, I will gladly take an outdoor “shed” if you will just to escape and plot my next project! Oh, and the meticulousness of that garden- is what I want to do this year! LOVE IT!

  2. that little white cottage/ garden shed/ wineteagetaway house is on my dream list!! I’m finishing the inside while I have coffee looking at the snow fall——-ugh…….

  3. I am lucky enough to have a special place for cocktails too. Yep , its flat long and gray. Most people call it a driveway. But in my ‘hood its my special cocktail place. Complete with rusty fridge in the attached cabana (mostly used for autos) and folding chairs. If the pink flamingo signal is out in the yard on Friday afternoons all the neighbors know to come on over….real life…….

    1. Hahahaha!!! I’m dying!!!
      We must live the same luxurious life …I have the same drinking area as you!

  4. I want one of those for afternoon naps. Or maybe curling up with a good book and pot of tea on a rainy day while I’m all snuggly and dry (there may be a cat curled up next to me … purring). So do they make afternoon nap towers too?

    PS love the old drawer repurposed as a ice bucket.

  5. Love this and especially the concept of the “afternoon tea and magazine reading” space. My late mom –who was otherwise on her feet all day caring for the house and four kids — used to ALWAYS lie down on the sofa every afternoon with a book or new magazine, and I now think that is a fabulous idea, and I try (but don’t always succeed) to sneak a few minutes each afternoon to do that, too.

  6. love this! My favorite drinking place is the hot tub at our Lakehouse in Maine!
    Thank you for all of the cocktail links! I ordered the Elderflower cordials!!!

  7. I swooned when I saw this cocktail tower in G&G!

    Your idea for baby goats in the bottom is brilliant. Do you follow @goatsofanarchy on Instagram? They just adopted a mini-horse and a mini-donkey. I’m officially obsessed. :)

  8. The furniture in the tower looked so uncomfortable!!!
    The property is killer good however!!!! Love the gardens especially.

  9. Erin The follies on this fabulous property are wonderful! I have been looking for the perfect bar cart for some time now!!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. This is so frivolous and fantastic! I love the SC low country there’s such charm and effortless style there. That house is to die for too!

  11. Erin, Did you see your book in the decor on HGTV’s Fixer Upper this week? Joanna Gaines even has a close-up of it on her blog! Great free advertisement!

  12. This is amazing! If I could have something like this on a beach somewhere with a pullout couch on the lower level I’d live there all winter….

  13. I’ve never heard of a cocktail tower…What an interesting concept – I think it or the glass house would make great studio spaces too .

  14. Well this is just awesome! I’m now dreaming of a house down on the cape with one of these in the backyard. ( And even more awesome is that there is an entire publication out there called Garden and Gun… #mustbeasouthernthing)

  15. Amazing!!! The garden’s look like the yard used in Home Sweet Home Alabama (at the Carmichael’s plantation) :)

  16. I think this would be a great idea if you have a west-facing window with a view (you know, unless you want to go all out and just build a cocktail tower…then lucky you). :-)

  17. Or a home office, with internet connection, a tub, and a bar. Perfect motivation to get work done speedily!

  18. The house and gardens are to die for! I can only imagine what the inside of that house looks like!

  19. Hmmm…I wonder if that’s what my neighbor is building? They are building a pool and they have this weird two story structure behind it. If it’s a cocktail tower then we need to be friends. ;)

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  21. Just this moment reading Furlow Gatewood’s “One Man’s Folly”…from my indoor swing….looking out at snow… I am definitely a “Folly” person!! franki

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