Get the Look: My Guest Room

Ever since my book came out I’ve been getting inquiries about the side tables in my then-master-now-guest room.  These were some old Williams Sonoma Home ones that  a client offered me.  I had always loved them, but they were no longer in production so I could not resist the offer! They were dark brown wood but I spray painted them white and I still love the way they look!  The problem is- no one was making anything like them!

Until now!

Bungalow 5 just released a near exact version of them!  Currently they aren’t on any retail sites, but you can bookmark them and Google them in a few weeks when they probably hit stores. :)  So I thought I’d I’d pull together a little board that can help you get the look of this room!
Erin Gates Newton_025

Erin Gates Newton_016

Erin Gates Newton_008

This is a slightly different color palette, but I love it!

framed wallpaper panels // swing arm sconce // wall color- benjamin moore san antonio grey // side tables // bedding // lumbar pillow // bone frame // candle // ceiling fixture // rug // headboard // throw // tray

Aaaaaand I just realized it’s FRIDAY not THURSDAY… I guess I’ll do Fashion Monday next week! Whooops!!!!


  1. Gorgeous! Thank you SO much for the listings! I’ve been looking for a gray paint (so difficult) and this one may be a winner!!

  2. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on using different night stands. Maybe similar looking, but not idential night stands on each side of the bed. Or how can you use a wall sconse if you dont have electrical box right next to the bed? I know you can find one with a cord but how do you make it look good. Thanks.

  3. Laughed out loud at that last bit! (I was pretty sure it was Friday, so I was surprised when I saw this post!) Thanks for the laugh, it was much needed.

  4. Absolutely love the way this room is styled! Thanks so much for featuring our Katana Jade lumbar pillow in your product guide, it all looks gorgeous!

  5. The room is exquisite. However my first thought on seeing those side tables was I’d get no sleep as my cat would run up & down those ‘steps’ all night!

  6. I have been looking for the fabric on your lumbar pillow. Can you tell me where to find it or who it is by?

  7. I love your taste but does gray ever seem cold to you? Sometimes, I see rooms in gray and, immediately, it just feels stylish but cold….help me out here! Thanks!

  8. lots of grey in my house , just a gray thaths warm love your blog Erin reading ervery mording sorry not good at spelling a bit older I guess

  9. Gray has been “my color” or shade for over forty years…it’s just there. Dreamy bedroom!! franki

  10. I have long-loved your nightstands. Any tips on how to convince my husband that a small covered box or basket is sufficient for his chapstick, advil, etc.. ?

  11. I have been dreaming of getting framed wallpaper panels. As yours do not look like the ones you have linked to, did you have yours framed yourself? I am just curious about the cost of having it done yourself vs buying and also where you purchased yours.

    Thank you!

  12. Even if the whole room wasn’t shown, this part still suggests its a terrific space. All those details and the soft and simple colour scheme – just awesome. They’re even more highlighted because of the natural light through the windows.

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