A Little Jaunt To LA


I got to escape the dismal, horrid New England weather for a few days last week and jet out to Los Angeles for a book signing event and panel discussion with Reagan Hayes furniture for Westweek.  And I had the pleasure staying at the LOVELY London West Hollywood for a couple nights while there.  I highly recommend it if you are traveling to the LA area.


Watching the west coat sunrise from my room. Sun and warmth is so foreign to me at this point. It was so nice.


The rooms are HUGE and perfectly appointed. So comfy.


And they have the biggest bathrooms ever. I loved it!


Especially the giant tub which I soaked in (and then recalled that California was having a drought and felt hella guilty.)


The best design was in the restaurant, Boxwood.  It was SO gorgeous.  From the beamed ceiling, distressed wood floors, brass accents and plush upholstery.


And this wall of chinoiserie wallpaper with brass library lights with a tufted banquette in front of it? yep, perfection!!!


A close up of the paper- adorable and perfect!


One of the private dining rooms- just love the ceiling and the light fixture.


The roofdeck pool is even gorgeous at night with great a view of Los Angeles.


The Reagan Hayes showroom is STUNNING. I’d happily move right in.


Loved this little vignette complete with an Amanda Talley painting and an awesome Reagan Hayes chair in Les Touches fabric.


And how about this one? That sofa in Kelly Wearstler’s Channels fabric is insanity, especially when paired with those chartreuse ottomans and more Amanda Talley work.


A selection of Reagan’s dining chairs around a table of her design.


My most favorite chair, obviously.


I was SO SO happy to meet my LA readers- so many were so adorable and wonderful to get to talk to. :)

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 8.11.44 AM

The panel I spoke on includes fabulous designers Benjamin Vandiver, Betsy Burnham (an idol of mine) and Louise Youngson-Klasfeld from Viyet– pictured here with Reagan and Luke Hayes.


Oh, and Bobby Trendy came. YUP.


Remember him? Anna Nicole Smith’s crazy designer?


The week before I also got to have another book signing in Boston with California Closets.


I had such a blast working with them on my new closet (which is such a game changer).


I got to meet a lot of readers who couldn’t make it to the earlier signings, which was wonderful.


It was such a great night! :)


P.S. I’m totally obsessed with this tux jacket.




  1. I love the London hotels. I think I’ve stayed in that exact same room in West Hollywood! There is also a London in NY – 54th and 7th – that is just as spacious (soaking tub and shower, living room separate from bedroom). A rarity for New York. I stay there all the time on business and the service is great.

  2. How fun. You are living a celebrities life now. YOU are famous, I bet that feel surreal. You are adorable, love the tux jacket and I am so happy for your much deserved success, Kudos to YOU.

  3. Such fun! I’m so jealous of your trip to LA… I’m dyyyyyying for some warm weather. Are you looking outside right now? MORE snow?!

  4. London looks fab!!! I just stayed at the Hotel Ocean in Santa Monica also amazing!!!! Live in Buffalo had to get out too!!!! Palm Trees make me happy. Shopping on Abbott Kinney in Venice beach a must do!

  5. The hotel is insane and Kelly’s Channels fabric is my all-time favorite so I’m loving this hotel! But I also have to say NICE USE of ‘hella’! Being a displaced Californian I don’t get to hear it much, but when I do I appreciate it- if even in a sarcastic sense ;)

    Sounds like a good trip!

  6. I just LOVE The London here in LA! Perfect place for a stay-cation too. And please don’t feel too guilty about the drought – it is an issue, but a girl has to relax! {And people with noon-time sprinklers are STILL a huge problem. We have to work on that first!}

    Laura | Surf & Hydrangeas

  7. I love that you just wrote “hella”. So very Cali of you. ;)

    Congrats on all your success! You’re awesome.

  8. Hey Erin,

    Love the post! Any chance you know who makes the mirror above the couch with the Kelly Wearstler Channels fabric? Thanks much.

  9. Oh my yes I remember bobby trendy! So funny to see his face again ;) The hotel is beautiful and the view from the rooftop is gorgeous. Glad you were able to escape the cold and enjoy some sunshine for a couple of days.

  10. What a perfectly wonderful “working/sanity” break!! The surroundings are just gorgeous!! It’s gonna be Spring one of these days….. franki

  11. Amazing views and London looks fabulous and Marvelous. I really want to visit here now at least once. After seeing the photographed, my curiosity has been increased to see London. It’s really beautiful.
    Thanks to share.

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