Design TipsFebruary 17, 2015

Winterizing Your Interiors!

I know you lucky folk out west are having a super warm winter, but on the east coast and in New England, it’s been brutal. If it’s not eight feet of snow it’s -20 degree wind chills!  We’re spending a TON of time in our homes so I thought I’d offer up some suggestions for making our spaces more enjoyable during these frigid months!


velvet curtains // LL Bean comforter // flannel sheets // humidifier // sheepskin rug // matches // fireplace screen // wood basket // firestarter kit // Feu de Bois candle // Cowshed candle // wood planter (large) // wood planter (low) // 15 best plants for air purification // blanket //  fuzzy pillow // crewel pillow // mugs

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