Two “Traditional” Spaces That Caught My Eye

I’ve been totally impressed with Traditional Home magazine as of late. It’s one of the few shelter magazines that I feel really has upped it’s game instead of losing my interest. And I think the word “traditional” in decor is no longer a dirty word for “hip” designers.  I predicted a while ago that traditional decor is going to have a big comeback in 2015 and these spaces are proof that we can take spaces and furniture of traditional design and mix them with more modern items to create a very interesting and layered look.

This month’s TH magazine has great examples of this look, especially this house designed by Summer Thornton. I LOVE the rustic modern vibe of it, and all the details that feel collected over time, not all bought in one swift shopping trip. And there is a cute story behind it too- the man who bought the home and was renovating it with Summer ended up falling in love with the previous owner’s daughter and they ended up getting married! Quite the meet-cute. :)

Those windows! The log holder opening (doubles as art!) SIGH.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.59.00 PM

So many good things- that stove, the brass trimmed cabinets, the doors!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.58.51 PM

I don’t know how people have glass front refrigerators- mine always looks like a hot mess inside. You’d have to only buy prettily packaged goods and put everything in cute glass containers.


There just too much goodness here. THAT FLOOR. Someday, I swear to all things holy, I will have a herringbone wood floor. I would have added a jute rug for coziness under hide rug , but other than that it’s simply awesome!



Such a nice mix of streamlined simplicity and antiques.


A cozy library/den.


The dining room takes a more modern tone- the grey grasscloth is lovely.



Love this bedroom shot. I’m sure some of you will really dislike having a taxidermy head next to the bed, but I think this all looks really cool and interesting- modern art mixed with traditional and industrial accents.


Such a pretty vignette.


The bathroom is also super cool.


This next space was in TradHome, Traditional Home’s online magazine. It’s a little house in California owned and designed by Jennifer Dyer. It is another example of modern traditional decor that I love.


Love this shot- the coffee table and sofa are particularly fetching.


A gorgeous bright white kitchen. Adding in the gilt framed art adds so much. Cover it up with your fingers and you can see how one small item can really make a room so much more interesting.



The dining area off the kitchen with a traditional table mixed with a modern chandelier, chairs and abstract painting found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for $350!



Love the way the gallery style art turns this small hallway into a really interesting space!


The bedroom with french doors out to the patio and yard. A happy, light space in which she mixed blue and black (as you know, my current consideration for my living room).  I would have done a different rug and pillows, but each to their own, of course!


Love these details! That blue desk is insane. And the puppy. :)


This shower is bananas good. Stone slabs make a small stall shower something spectacular to behold.  Proof that going really bold and big in smaller spots works amazingly well.


The guest bathroom has a gorgeous sink and vanity! Bookmarking this for future jobs!


Such a quaint, amazing yard complete with a window (?!?!?!) and fountain with gorgeous mosaic tile.  And all that green. It’s adding insult to injury for those of us stuck in this snow storm!


Images via TradHome and Summer Thornton Design.












  1. Wow – the first room and kitchen is right up my alley – I especially love the photo of the couch area, with the two trees flanking the couch and the richness of the velvet pillows on the couch. Feels modern but luxe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I actually just bought this issue of Traditional Home yesterday – the cover really pulled me in. It might be time to subscribe if this is any indication of what future issues will look like. Another shelter mag I’ve been really loving lately is Canadian House & Home. It goes a little more modern, but it’s always full of insanely gorgeous photos and lots of eye candy.

  3. Just picked up that issue also. I definitely swooned over the kitchen with the brass trim fittings. I have that stove in black and brass so I’m a bit biased! LOL The only thing that bugged me was how the stove was jammed in between the brick walls. As a cook, not having a serving space directly next to me would drive me insane. My last kitchen was sort of set up like that, but had a small resting spot and I always complained it wasn’t enough.

    As far as the glass front fridge, I have that too! On the upside, you can keep the light turned off and it turns into a smokey type of glass so you can’t really see the “damage” inside. I’ve had no problems with it at all and I’m definitely Type A.

    Hope you’re surviving Blizzard of 2015. It was a non event in Manhattan.

  4. Traditional Home is one of my favorites and I have had a subscription for as long as I can remember. I am also enjoying Trad, with its fresh twist to traditional. Love reading your take on the above images and what caught your eye. Fun seeing things through your eyes. More post like these please!!!

  5. Erin – such a good post, bravo. I’m in a different time zone and seriously enjoying pouring over these photos with my morning cup of coffee. Wednesday inspiration!

  6. Trad really is rad!! I opened my “Traditional” and “bought the bed” on pg 17!! I have those gorgeous chandies shown in the hallway, too. Spring MUST BE coming…re-fluffing the nest!! franki

  7. Hi Erin,
    Guess what? My painting is on pg. 58 of the Feb/March issue of Traditional Home! It’s the painting beside the vessel tub in the master bath. I’m with you — traditional style is becoming new and fresh — it isn’t your mother’s traditional any more!

    Holly Irwin

  8. both are beautiful, i especially love the first! might have to pick up a copy of TH soon! i’d love to see a post of your favorite shelter magazines and interior design books :)

  9. Stumbled across this post on Pinterest and I am obsessed with the round table in the first picture. Any idea who makes it? Now I have to hunt this magazine down.

  10. Really loving this fresh take on the traditional. I’m always on the hunt for ways to bring lightness and brightness to older New England homes without losing that which makes them special. These rooms hit the mark for ideas and inspiration.

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