Fashion Friday: Spring’s Hot Sandal

I know it’s still really cold and miserable in a lot of the country, but let’s be positive and look forward to spring (and for those of you who live in warms spots- lucky you!) So I’m noticing that for spring/ summer the biggest trend in footwear is going to be jeweled flat leather sandals- big, no apologies bling applied to casual, laid back styles!  I’m all over this look- I love how a blingy shoe when paired with a casual outfit just makes me feel hipper. Here is a roundup of the best ones I’ve found- from Sam Edelman to Marni! Click on the hotspots for links or the numbers below!

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    1. She listed two Marni sandals. Just FYI.

      I like the Marni’s with the green stones. The simple wide shoe strap sandal is very marni. These would look great with an emerald green sundress or emerald green top and shorts. Although in all honesty I’m still enjoying winter. The BF and I were watching the X games last night. He loves riding his skidoo. Also I love wearings boots and coats. I bought the gray J Crew Chateau parka that Erin posted a while back and I love it. Good Call.

  1. I bought a pair while on vacation in the Turks & Caicos last week and wore them every night for dinner. Very chic!

  2. I’ve always loved this style, casual but yet bling and dressed up. I’ve had quite a few pairs, but the only thing I don’t love is the absolutely flat sole, and would love the odd bit of arch support for foot health down the road and comfort. Other than that, love them!

  3. I also forgot to mention that the deadline to sign up for health care on the exchange for 2015 is February 15th 2015.

  4. I think your ideas are cute but as a professional writer your writing is painful! Please refer to the original “Elements of Style” for grammatical asisitance of the use of hyphens. My 12 year old has a better command of the English language that you do. Quelle domage!

    1. S/b “than” you do, NOT “that ” you do. Get it right before you judge others so harshly, or better yet, go elsewhere. Erin does a wonderful job on her blog.

  5. I love a “little” bling. It elevates even a simple tee shirt or casual sandals to something special.

  6. I LOVE your blog and while I don’t agree with Pamela Townsend, I do tend to find a typo in almost all of your posts/Instagrams. I’m sure others have told you in the past, but before you hit send, I would do a quick edit on your posts (especially now that you’re a published author). Otherwise, I love your content and even if you had a million typos I would still love you.

  7. I just need to put it out there. I can’t stand the word bling!! It’s the worst, no matter how cute the shoes are. Can we stop
    Saying “bling”???

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