Fashion Friday: New Site & Navy!

You may be a little surprised this morning with the new appearance of EOS. We’ve been working on an update with JSGD the past month or so since my site’s code was SO DAMN OLD that we could do nothing to it to make it function better. So we had to redo it. Here is the new (hopefully improved) EOS with a cleaner look, a navigation bar and ability to reply directly to specific comments (the comment button is now at the top under the title!) Oh, plus a little portfolio imagery (some sneak peeks of the book). PLEASE be patient while we work out all the kinks! It just went live late last night and there are some adjustments to be made. That said, if you have any suggestions or notice anything not working right, please leave a comment.

In other news, my bag with Gigi New York is now available in new fall colors- the best one in my opinion is the NAVY!  If you haven’t noticed while shopping this fall, navy is the new neutral.  There’s lots out there in the bag/ shoe/ leather goods category done in the classic shade. I happen to love my bag in this shade and brought it with my on my recent trip to Nantucket and paired it with my preppy best!

photo 3-38

Top- Devon Baer (old, similar here) // Jeans – Citizens of Humanity // Shoes- TJ Maxx // Bag- Gigi New York // Sunglasses- Red’s // Necklace- J.Crew (old- similar here)

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 5.25.44 PM

There are other new subtle color changes for fall, like the Sand, which is less of a camel color and lighter with a tony touch of grey to it! Also a black and sand version.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 6.59.05 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 6.58.16 AM

Here’s another outfit in which navy accessories work amazing. I could live in this every day!


1. // 2. (I bought this and LOVE it) / 3. // 4. (my new favorite skinny jeans!)// 5. // 6.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone!!!


  1. Love the new layout, Erin! Question about the book — will it be available to purchase at Barnes & Noble stores next Tuesday or is it only available for purchase online? Can’t wait to get my hands on it! :)

    1. I’m not sure when it hits shelves, I believe it will be on Tuesday! B&N will have it as well as some other bookstores! Thanks for your enthusiasm.

  2. Love the new design!!! It is beautiful. The only thing i find a little inconvenient is when I click “continue reading this post” it takes me only to the portion after the jump. I can’t scroll up and see the whole post. I usually like to re-read everything.

    1. I agree with Megan – love everything about the new site, except that the full article isn’t viewable when I clicked through. Otherwise, it’s beautiful.

      1. We are working on fixing this issue ASAP! You will be able to see the whole post soon! Promise!

  3. Love the new layout! Plus I love seeing your pretty face in a post! Although I love your usual decor posts it’s nice to see you every once in a while!

  4. I found the new blog style when I checked back to yesterday’s wedding post. Love the new bigger photos, and the ease of commenting and replying. I agree with Megan and Ashley; would be “perfect” if the whole article came with the jump.
    Of course it’s your great content and eye for fashion and design that make this blog what it is.

  5. The new site is gorgeous, Erin! Spied the new portfolio pics last night – it all looks SO good! And, damn, how I want the satchel in navy (early Christmas, Hon?)
    Congrats on an incredible week!

  6. Love the blog and this site! I think the redeisgn looks great, I especially love this new Portfolio section. Really appreciate you taking the time and effort to improve the site! A bit of (hopefully) constructive feedback – I find the comments section and the top banner a bit hard to read with the black background and light type. Maybe it’s just my eyes though! I also don’t love how the banner stays on the top as you scroll down. Other than that, love it!

  7. Erin,
    Do you have the coach shoes? are they comfortable?
    Sent an email for the NYC book tour. Hope to meet you. Congratulations!!! xx

    1. It was just installed two days ago. Once the tour is done and I’ve had time to style it up I will do a big reveal. Also for the whole bedroom! :)

      1. Excellent! I have similar closet (without a window) and I’m totally stuck on how to finish it (the previous owners put built-ins in only half of the closet – so weird!), so I’m excited to be inspired by you! Thanks so much!

      2. I am so looking forward to the closet and bedroom reveal. Of course you want it to be perfect before we see it. Personally I’ve been dying to see it ever since we first saw the bluerprints many months ago…

  8. Love the new site! I am looking forward to my book arriving next week (yay for Amazon Prime Pre-Order) and meeting you in DC as well. Congratulations on all your success-it is will deserved!

  9. Love the site. Also loved your feature in the “G” section of The Boston Globe this past week. Look forward to seeing you in Boston on Tuesday evening.

  10. Omg love the lines of the bag but navy makes it a must have for me bc I never wear black!!! I wd also much rather have my initials on a bag than someone’s logo.

    Congrats on the site and book- hope to see you in NYC

  11. I love the new design! My only comment is that the black EOS bar that stays at the top of the page is a bit big, it makes the actual blog area a bit small when reading from a 15in screen (macbook) so that it’s impossible to see a lot of the pictures in one view without having to scroll. Since you are still working on it anyway, I would consider either making this bar smaller or something that only appears during scrolling as I have seen on some other websites, just for ease of viewing larger content! Other than that I love it!

    1. I feel ya on this- we had it smaller and it felt so small to me. I’ll think about adjusting it for sure!

      1. ah yeah that’s a really good point. i am constantly reading your blog on my iphone (not the new ones!) so the new header makes my read area tiny.

        i suppose it’s not bad bc then i HAVE to come visit again on my laptop or ipad in order to see bigger images (good for page views!).

        good to think about this from UX perspective. (I read your blog daily. and the economist. that’s IT.)

  12. Love the new look, would like the advertising section to be slimmer. it takes up to much of your editorial section and makes it seem like your blog is 40% just for advertising… I would like your own post section to be wider on the screen. thanks!

    1. DJ- This is the same exact amount of space for advertising and sidebars as before, just all to one side to be less “busy” than when it was on both sides.

      1. well it seems like a lot more, and the photos that flash/change are rather distracting to the eye when trying to read one of your posts. maybe check out atlantic-pacific blog, she has a lot of advertising but its done in a better way than your new site. her content is the main focus of the site/blog, not the advertising, but she probably makes more than you in advertising from the blog.

      2. For what it’s worth, I think this looks a lot cleaner. I also find the comparisons to the other blog to be inane. The number of sponsors on the page is far fewer (regardless of the $ amount – and WTF with that comment anyway?). NEXT…

  13. The bluegray trim/grasscloth/gold room is killer. Did I miss this in a post or have you been holding out on us??

  14. i love this new look, love navy, & the globe article! your self-deprecating humbleness in posting your childhood pict on instagram is quite something,…. i’m at a loss for words!!! we all have that one postively BAD childhood pict, yet few would publish! i can only aspire to…………. happy beautiful fall weekend!

  15. Diggin’ the new design. Also love, love, love, love navy. Done right it’s always so classy. Last night my husband shocked the snot out of me and surprised me with keys to a classic, vintage Mercedes Benz in perfect navy with tan interior. It prob sounds nuts to be excited over a 30 yr old car but it has classic lines and is in mint condition. Not only is it navy but it’s a glossy navy. I’m so excited. I think I need a matching monogrammed purse to go with it ;)

  16. Erin,
    I picked up a copy of your book here in Canada. I’m still rifling through, but everything I’ve read so far is just awesome! I’ve read your blog since your first year and have been a fan ever since. It’s been so inspiring to see how your work has evolved and the changes and successes you have had over the years. To have your book here on my dining table is testament to all your hard work, and it is a real reminder to myself what hard work and passion can do. You are truly inspiring. Congratulations on your book and your success! There will be many more:)


  17. Hi Erin – I’ve been reading you blog since many years day-by-day and I love your
    success story. Congrats on your book.
    I think the “Search” field is not enough to go looking for topics. I miss the “Labels” or
    “Tags” section as you had it before. I did a search on “Paris” and found all of your
    previous articles there, but to enhance this, it would be nice to show a small preview
    picture under “Search result” as well (seems a faster way to be reminded what the post
    was all about).
    On a site note: too bad your “biggest giveaway ever” is not open for international readers
    as I am located in Germany.

  18. I love the new look. It is clean and polished and a nice update. My computer view shows the right amount of space for the ads without taking away from the main blog/story. I think the banner/heading looks sleek. Thanks!

  19. Erin, congrats, the new site looks great, I like the cleaner design! That black and sand bag, adore!!

    The Arts by Karena

  20. Dear Erin-
    I have been reading this book since I bought it Friday. I am reading about your body image issues. Please don’t ever look at yourself and think that the number on the scale matters. It doesn’t. My gym teacher said to us, “the two most negative things you can have in your house are a scale and an alarm clock.” I had Ulcerative Colitis, and have had surgery to correct it, for 19 years. And after being so sick, and NOT being able to eat what ever I wanted because it MADE me so sick was a horrible way to live. My weight fluctuated to the point that I was hospitalized for a month, from dehydration and lost 45 pounds. When I got out, my brother was horrified- when my legs were together he could see the walls in the house. I never had that gap- I was so thin I looked bizarre to everyone- when ever we went somewhere with family all they wanted to do was feed me! My brother even went diving for lobsters and brought me home a 5 pound one- which I ate- and got sick from! I was jealous of people who were HEALTHY and could eat, and not be in the bathroom for hours on end. Being healthy is a gift. You don’t know this until you’ve been at your worst, and hospitalized for it. I didn’t want to be sick, and I have two kids now. Please don’t be overcritical of yourself. Women need to boost each other up, not take each other down! Women need to stop trying to live up to unrealistic expectations and start accepting us for who we are, inside, not what we can look like to the outside world! Be HEALTHY AND HAPPY!! Congratulations on your book!! Its giving me more ideas on my house! Next project- bathroom (with a cast iron tub-UGH!)
    -Erin B.

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