Everything’s Bigger in Texas!

We landed yesterday morning at the airport after waking up at 4 a.m. for our flight and I literally became an amnesia patient… “Where are we?? What day is it??”  This has been a whirlwind, and while we are both exhausted, these parties have been magnificently energizing and inspiring for me.  Meeting so many of you and hearing about your lives really has lit a fire under my ass to re-commit to the blog in a big way once this is over.  Not that I’ve been uncommitted, but after almost 8 years of doing this the burnout is real (as you’ve seen lately with a lot of big time bloggers calling it quits).  But let me assure you, I’m not going anywhere. Especially after this experience!

I was excited not only to meet my Dallas readers, but also get to see Wisteria’s only store!  I order from them all the time for clients and myself- namely my new bedroom nightstands I adore- so to get to see ALL the goodies from them in person was awesome for me! What a gorgeous store!

First the outfit- since this was daytime in Texas I went a mix of fancy (the shoes), casual (the jeans and tank) and business (jacket and pearls). I look so damn tired and awkward here but whatevs.

photo 1-65

Jacket: Ann Taylor // Tank: Calypso // Jeans: J Brand // Pearl necklace: J.Crew // Amulet Pendant: Temple St. Clair (thanks Mom & Dad!) // Shoes:  Valentino // Bracelet: Banana Republic (best buy ever- looks so pricey- but 30% off today!) // Since someone had asked, my beloved curling iron is this one. Never leave home without it.

And some of my favorite vignettes from the store- you can look for all the products on their site.

photo 2-67

photo 3-46

photo 4-42

I spec’d these for a client in Long Island and it was so nice to see them in person- gorgeous!

photo 1-66

My parents have this coffee table in their beach house and many people commented on it on instagram- at the time, it was no longer available, but now it’s BACK!

photo 5-36

In our beach house:

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 8.15.50 AM

LOVE this lucite bookcase, especially with more antique, textural objects on it!

photo 3-47

They featured some local jewelry I loved too!

photo 4-43

OK, off to Houston!!!!!  Don’t forget to order the book if you haven’t (or check your local Barnes & Noble!)  Signed copies are also for purchase at some of the signing stops I’ve been at so you can pop into Canvas Home, Furbish Studio, Ballard Designs or Wisteria to get one if you missed a signing!


  1. Congrats on the book, Erin! Mine arrived yesterday! How do I RSVP for your tour stop at Jayson Home in Chicago? I haven’t seen a link. Thanks!

    1. My parents bought it for me as a big “book present” from Lux Bond & Green jewelers. It’s available at Saks too I think (the amulet and chain sold separately). A warning- it’s fine jewelry, not “fun jewelry” i.e. I could have never bought it myself. :)

  2. I loved getting to meet you in Raleigh. I would love to hear HOW you get your curls to stay so well. I have thicker hair and a lot of it and have the hardest time getting my curls to stick but your curls always seem perfectly in tact. Please share your secret!

    1. It’s that iron- it’s SO hot. I have naturally wavy hair so I put salt spray in it, let it air dry all day then curl sections and spray with hairspray. The more damaged your hair, the better the curls holds so now that my hair is fried it holds curl better. Not that I recommend that!!!! :)

  3. Another fun stop!! You are one energetic lady. So glad that your readers are giving back to you because you give so much to us every time you write a blog post. Thank you for your continued efforts and here is to more energy for the rest of your book signing trip!!! Love the way your style your outfits, hair included!!!

  4. I LOVE this outfit! You look amazing. I’ve already devoured the book several times. Thanks for all your hard work. Hate the tour didn’t come anywhere close to Oxford, MS! :) You would love Oxford. Hotty Toddy!

  5. I got back from vacation Monday and found my book delivered to my apartment! I finally got a chance last night to start reading my book! Yay! Its so awesome – sad I missed you when you came to NYC (was on vacay) but so happy for you and I’m LOVING the book. You’re an inspiration Erin! Have fun on the next leg of your trip!

  6. Been trying to track down a signed copy to ship to MN. I’ll be calling all the shops, for sure! Did you see that OKL is selling your book for $105?!? Marked down from $150. I sure hope your getting a cut! ;)

      1. Yep- it didn’t seem right to me, so I thought you should know…. It’s in their “Modern Prep” sale.

      2. Yep- it didn’t seem right to me, so I thought you should know…. It’s in their “Modern Prep” sale. And I’m officially embarrassed by my incorrect use of your…

      3. I just saw this on One King’s Lane as well! That is so crazy. And seems illegal (or at least very unfair). I love OKL but am so disappointed to see this. Erin – will you keep us posted on this? Perhaps my days of shopping there are over.

  7. Loved meeting you yesterday. I drove in from Oklahoma City that morning and it was 100% worth it! You’re so gorgeous in person, not to mention tall! I look like a dwarf next to you in the picture you took with me. Congratulations again and enjoy the remainder of your book tour!!

  8. I came across your book at the library. I read all the new designs books, but yours definitely stood out to me. I will be purchasing it for my design library! Best of luck !

  9. I got my copy of the book last week – love it! Any impromptu stops in Wisconsin scheduled? Can I bribe you with cheese? :)

  10. OKL still has the book for $105… I feel like you are definitely reaping the rewards of this major upsell! (You definitely should be!!)

      1. My publisher had no idea about this sale and is looking into it now! Neither them nor I are profiting off that! Ridiculous!!!

  11. Keep us posted on the OKL issue … am loving all these fashion posts. And I’m so very happy that this tour is helping you meet your fans and getting re-inspired as a blogger. You work hard to keep giving us fresh and original content. We love it. And we really appreciate you.
    As much fun as it’s been to keep getting all these fun posts, I hope you’re heading home soon to take a few days off … PLEASE!
    And then show us some posts of your fabulous remodel.

  12. I wanted to be at the Dallas event so badly but I got called into a last minute emergency meeting at work so I couldn’t make it. :(

    I even had on my same Valentinos too! Hope you enjoyed Dallas a bit (even if it was whirlwind).

  13. I so admire the fact that you are doing this gruelling tour, but are still able to post on your blog every day. I also appreciate your comment about meeting a great number of your readers which makes you further committed to producing this blog. Awesome and thank you!! Your blog is a great read and I have enjoyed it for quite a while. Good luck on the rest of your tour….you look fantastic – I love each outfit.

  14. you DO NOT look tired! so happy to hear you are NOT giving up the blog! i’ve been reading since Boston Globe Mag did an article/spead on you and your blog! bought your book and awaiting Hudson signing,… i believe that’s your last stop?

  15. A little story about OKL. Was looking for a patio set this summer…. They had one that was a possibility… I had asked for specs and the sheet they sent had the manufacturer on it. I googled it – and found the same thing sold by Walmart for way less!!!

  16. Erin I am so thrilled that you are having a fun whirlwind of a book signing tour (exhausting I know) yet as you mentioned how great to meet your fans and the shop owners!

    The Arts by Karena

  17. Hey Erin – Was looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in San Francisco but am now working late – boo! I have two extra passes. How do I get them to someone who’d like to go?

  18. Hi Erin,
    Love reading the book and your posts about the tour are so much fun – it’s all such an incredible accomplishment!!! Question about Chicago, blog says it’s next Thurs at Jason Home but recently heard it is on Friday (during the day) on Southport? Thanks for any info.

    1. There are two events- the big party is at Jayson home on Thursday from 5-7 and then a smaller party on Friday morning at Two Penny Blue from 10-12.

  19. I am loving reading about your travels and meeting all your peeps. I could not attend the two near me (DC and Raleigh) as I was coming back from Ireland. And I want you to know that I saw your maiden name over there on signs several times!! Ordering your book on B&N and not from OKL!

  20. Thanks for coming to Dallas and Wisteria this past week! It was fun meeting you and I’m loving your book!

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