Renovation Update: The Finish Line (Almost)

So like with most projects, there was a little delay in finishing up our addition, but this is the week. We are so close! Things are looking amazing, if I do say so myself!  Already our house functions SO MUCH BETTER, even with just the extra 600 square feet. In smaller homes (with our addition our house is 1900 square feet) you have to make every square foot count, and I think we did a great job of that.

One thing I enjoy about smaller homes is that you can spend a little more on specific things because there isn’t a ton of space you have to dress up.  One area I spent a lot on are the master suite entry closet built ins.  Made by a cabinet company here in MA (TaylorMade Cabinets) we needed this space to function as Andrew’s clothing storage and book/ additional bathroom storage.  I added the detailed X mullions on the mirrored doors last minute and am SO glad I did. This might be one of my favorite areas of the new space.  The master bath is almost done too- it also is very small, so I went ALL OUT on flooring and a custom vanity.  Although spatially lighting above the mirrors would have been better, it’s so much nicer to have lighting on the sides for makeup application.  So while it looks a little tight, it’s going to function better for me.  Also, the medicine cabinet doors are not on in this picture, and clearly not enough hardware arrived!

photo 4-24 photo-36

SOURCES: Closet built ins- custom // Closet hardware // Bathroom hardware // Bathroom floor // Bathroom vanity- custom, in Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray // Faucet- Kohler // Medicine cabinets // Lights- Circa Graydon Sconce // Wall color- Sherwin Williams Eider White (gorgeous light grey- love it).

The walk in shower is missing it’s frameless glass door, but the 4″ x 8″ subway makes it look bigger and the grey grout gives it a throwback look.  The brass fixtures really pop off this.  In the picture on the right you can see the hall in relation to the bathroom- since there isn’t much bathroom storage we’ll probably use one drawer in the hall for overflow/ towels, etc. Also, Baxter decided to follow me around as I was snapping pictures.

photo 2-40 photo 5-19

The master bedroom is HUGE and feels so ethereal and relaxing! I’m obsessed! To keep the ceilings feeling high we painted the walls and ceiling the same color (Sherwin Williams Incredible White).  The window seat is one of my favorite details- it’s big enough for me to lie down and read on but mostly will be used for Baxter and Oliver to keep an eye on every single thing that goes on in front of our house (Squirrel! Dog! Kids! Squirrel! MOMMY!!!!)

photo 1-39

I chose these simple sconces for the space and have some Edison bulbs on order for them to keep it looking vintage.  And our Bob-o-pedic arrived. It’s the third one in the house, we’re addicted (despite the bad commercials).

photo 2-41 photo 3-29

SOURCES: Sconces- C&B // Ceiling Fixture-Circa  // Nightstands-Wisteria // Wall Color- Sherwin Williams– Incredible White // Trim Color- Sherwin Williams Extra White

I could not find the perfect bed that I wanted for the space so I contacted Kristin Drohan Furniture about making one for me of my own design.  I wanted a limed oak frame with a tufted headboard- a very “California beach house” kind of vibe.  She helped sketch it our and figure out the details and finishes with me and now it’s on it’s way here! I did a faux leather in white for mine, but also ordered another one for a client in a gorgeous linen (with a slightly higher headboard).  I cannot WAIT for it to get here!

IMG_8823 Gated Bed angle front

This looks towards my closet and we actually ARE hanging a TV on that wall. And believe it or not, it was MY call not Andrew’s.  I just can totally picture us snuggled up in our gorgeous bed with all those windows open watching movies. :) Also, Oliver wanted to drop by to tell you he’s DOWN with his new room. Like, seriously down.

photo 4-25 photo 1-40

Down stairs is pretty much wrapped! The laundry room is amazing and we finally painted the ceiling a light blue-green and put up the Jonathan Adler light we previously had in the office. It’s pretty adorable in there. Another case of spending more on a teeny tiny space to make it feel special. Also, that coat closet is SO big I may need to order more fall coats. :)  It’s a tiny thrill every time I realize I don’t have to go to the basement for the vacuum or a raincoat!

photo 1-38 photo 4-23

SOURCES: Wall Color- Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist // Floor Tile- Balsatina Tile Showcase // Wallpaper- Cole & Sons // Ceiling Color- Sherwin Williams Breaktime // Ceiling fixture-Jonathan Adler

The door is off between the kitchen and the pantry/ mudroom and we stocked the pantry this weekend. Now we can buy food for WEEKS. Also, having a door to the patio right here is so nice for direct access to the kitchen.  On the exterior we put up these new lanterns from Lamps Plus (I’m replacing the seeded glass with clear because I’m picky like that).

photo 5-21 photo 4-26

I HAVE A DRIVEWAY! It’s looking a little “parking lot” right now, but as the pavement turns less jet black it’ll be better. Plus, who cares,  we can park comfortably, I can pull into my own garage and that stone wall steals ALL the attention (seriously, if you live around here and need stone work done Weston Landscape & Tree is AMAZING. Artists, really). Garage door still waiting to be painted…

photo 2-42

Love the bluestone steps (and the central air conditioning that’s being turned on today-YAY).  The side door will be painted black like the garage door and we added this cute little light from Lamps Plus next to it.

photo 3-30

Next week our furniture and window treatments should start arriving! Then we’ll be into the REALLY fun stage. :)



  1. I like the calm environment you have created, using classic styles enlivened with modern touches. After so much brushed nickel, it’s lovely to see how beautifully you have used brass fixtures in your master bath. I think the brass warms the space and adds elegance. Bravo. I am much older than most of your readers and have lived through many decades of trendy decorating. Your style is classic and quite charming.

  2. Wonderful…all of it! Good call on the Incredible White it’s not reading pink or peach on my monitor. Will you be parging or facing the retaining wall at the sidewalk?

  3. I have been enjoying your blog quietly for a long time, but I don’t recall ever leaving a comment. This time I just had! Your house is absolutely beautiful! You have a great “eye” for design. I have so enjoyed reading about the renovation process. Amazing stuff!

  4. Everything looks smashing! Who needs a giant house when you have a perfectly lovely and functional one?! Can’t wait to see the furniture and window treatments. Nice work!!

  5. The level of detail is fantastic. Everything looks crafted, not just “built”. The grey tones and unpolished brass accents(and choice of clear glass scone fittings) is so fresh. The drive will blend in after the garage door is painted black. Do you have plans for shrubs flanking the garage door? Some green over there would enhance the stunning white and balance the facade. Really like this, Erin. The next stage promises to be exciting!

    PS I’ll be a bit sad when your renovation is done. Love love love the project stories on your blog. Cheers from Australia.

  6. I love it, looks incredible! The master bath is just stunning and the lighting does not look crowded at all! Rather, it looks wonderfully positioned. The only think I’d change…you have this huge master bedroom and a teensy ceiling light fixture, it doesn’t look quite right. You need something BIG and statement there.

  7. Your addition is fantastic and I’m definitely stealing inspiration from your master bath for when it’s time to redo ours (love your vanity). That said- I cringe every time you call your house “small”. I live in a house that is almost identical in shape/size/layout to yours (pre-addition), and there are many days I feel like it’s way too much room. Granted, it’s just my husband and I most days (and a herd of tiny dogs- no kids) but our first house was 1.5 stories with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, no dining room (let alone space for a proper dining table)… My current house feels like a mansion in comparison. ;) Enjoy your beautiful home!

  8. Hi Erin,

    Your renovation is turning out beautiful! Can you share which model of the Bob-I-pedic you purchased? My husband and I were waiting for the right time to purchase a Tempur-pedic, but if you are satisfied with this brand it would be a great cost savings! Any information would be much appreciated!

  9. Wow, Erin! Your class and taste never cease to amaze me! What you’ve done with limited space is overwhelming. That bathroom is perfection! The floor, the lighting, the vanity, the shower! It’s all perfect! We’re redoing our small half master bath soon and I was planning on grey grout with white subway tile but this makes me sure that’s right! What’s your opinion on beveled subway tile? Do you prefer the regular subway tile or beveled?

    Can’t wait to see the final pics!

  10. A stunning bathroom. Had you gone the route of an over-the-mirror wall-mount light fixture(s), which one would you have chosen?

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