Project Scarsdale Reveal!

As I’ve mentioned before we’ve been doing a lot of work with clients not in the Boston area- many in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and beyond!  For the past two years we’ve been working remotely with a family in Scarsdale, NY and a few weeks ago Lindsey and I made the trek down with our photographer Michael J. Lee to take some shots of the project! This one wasn’t finished in time for the book, but it gives a good glimpse into our work BEYOND my own spaces like what you’ll see in the book!

This family has two kids and the parents are both very busy with big careers. They love traditional style and wanted to have defined entertaining and family spaces but nothing super precious. We worked in some existing pieces of theirs and created a comfortable family space with style.

In the entry we combined a linen wrapped dresser with nailheads with some tufted chairs, a navy Persian style rug and pair of gorgeous navy ceramic lamps. Sailing photographs, a favorite pastime for the family, flank the antique-inspired mirror. And the Gates Satchel looked so good here I had to toss mine in. :)

_K8B9702 copy

In the grand living room we went a little more formal with a custom Stark rug, linen sofa, custom pillows and drapes and a showstopper of a coffee table.  The family knows photographer Shelli Breidenbach (whose work I’ve loved for a long time) and got this photograph from her for above the sofa.  The client was an equestrian herself, so it has real meaning to them.

_K8B9739 copy

The color scheme of cream, orange, brown and tan runs throughout the room.

photo 2-37

A custom mirror and abstract paintings by Etsy seller Lauren Adams pair with many varied accessories around the fireplace.

_K8B9717 copy

Since the living room is very long we set up a secondary seating area near the bar. A camelback sofa, more of the dramatic ikat chevron drapes and a pair of tea tables atop a zebra cowhide define the area.

_K8B9709 copy

An Hermes scarf was framed and made for a stunning piece of art above the bar, which sits atop this gorgeous wood dresser.

_K8B9749 copy

Looking into the study off the living room.  We needed to continue the color scheme in this space since they are open to each other. I wanted the walls in the study to be a rich, dark brown to accent the many windows but make it feel cozy.

_K8B9758 copy

Another custom Stark rug in the study paired with a leather wingback and custom upholstered ottoman. And how about those amazing built ins??

_K8B9768 copy

In the dining room we used a vinyl grasscloth (a good choice for families with sticky-fingered children!) to add texture to the walls.  The antique style chandelier hangs above a gorgeous dining table and we did curtains in a large scale medallion print.  We painted their existing hutch a glossy navy blue and surrounded the table with light blue linen chairs with nailhead detail.

_K8B9693 copy

In the kitchen we just dressed up what was existing when they purchased the house with new barstools (done in outdoor fabric), new lighting and a statement valance.

_K8B9775 copy

Off the kitchen is the family room, which needed to be hard wearing and comfortable. The navy sofa hides spills and the leather ottoman is safe for wobbly little ones.

_K8B9675 copy

In the same room we created an informal dining space by building in an upholstered banquette. Custom romans with navy banding keep things crisp and simple.

_K8B9683 copy

We got to do some very cute rooms for the two little boys- we had to keep them similar to avoid any “I like his bunkbed more!” issues but give each their own look.  In this one we did blue walls accented with greys and navy.

_K8B9807 copy

I ADORE this metal dresser and the large scale lion photograph from Animal Print Shop.

_K8B9815 copy

In the older boys room we did deep green and wood tones mixed with leather. He got a giant buffalo print too (which I’m obsessed with!).

_K8B9790 copy

I think this is proof that little kid rooms can be fun but also not super juvenile. These rooms should last for many years with minor changes.

_K8B9798 copy

In between the boys rooms is a pass through bath (like Brenda and Brandon on 90210…anyone?? Anyone???)  We left the bathroom tile and fixtures as is but updated it with new lighting, medicine cabinet, shower curtain, custom window treatment and art.

_K8B9780 copy

I took this shot to show the window treatment. As you can see, when shooting professionally sometimes accessories move around. :)

photo 2-44

In the master bedroom we used the ever-classic Colette bed against pretty light blue/green walls (Farrow and Ball’s Pale Powder). Marble lamps and leather benches mix up the textures.

_K8B9830 copy

One one large blank wall we installed this HUGE (seriously over six feet tall) print. I adore it and it makes a dramatic statement.

_K8B9837 copy

A pretty detail. :)

_K8B9842 copy

If you are interested in our design services (near or far!) e-mail for more information!


  1. turned out beautifully. I’ve actually been wanting to frame a scarf here for awhile but in Denmark, getting some pushback from the framers + their lack of confidence in doing it – could you do a post on tips for framing scarves/what to ask for at the framers? same for large scale photography? would love any advice!

  2. Beautiful as always Erin! Question on the navy dining room hutch that you had painted glossy navy … what’s your favorite way to accomplish this? Spray gun? Auto-body finishers? A bottle of wine and good ol’ hand brushing in the backyard? Do you have a professional you recommend in the Boston area? I have tried all of the above (except the auto body finishers), but always wonder what others recommend. Thanks!

  3. Michelle- This was done by a refinisher. In Boston we use Art Applications in Southie. Pricey but worth it. You can do it yourself with a good latex enamel, a very high quality brush and lots of patience and tape!

  4. Erin, this is such gorgeous work! Knowing that you will work with New Jerseyans is exciting. Time to start working on the hubby, and making the kids grow just a tad. I can’t wait for your book and your NY book signing!

  5. I am speechless ! What an amazing work ! I’m a true admirer of your style, always very sophisticated yet warm and family friendly. Well done Erin !

  6. Beautiful work! I love the framed scarf (off now to go look at my inventory of scarves). However, the large photo of the horse(?)is confusing…I can’t tell what it is.

  7. Erin, what a gorgeous home! I wish I could move into it. We are currently sofa shopping and was wondering if you could share the sources for the living room sofa and family room sectional? Maybe you would consider doing posts on sofas/sectionals, giving your favorite styles at different price points. I also have little ones at home and it’s a challenge deciding whether to invest in quality upholstered furniture or going ultra value knowing sticky fingers touch everything. Thanks, love your work!

  8. Erin- can you talk a little about the amaze-balls coffee table in the living room? Is it a custom piece? I am looking for something similar (but smaller) for my husband’s office. I love the rich material.

  9. It’s beautiful, so glad to be seeing one of your projects on the blog. Where is the metal dress & bookshelf from (in the boy’s rooms)? Thank you.

  10. Beautiful!! I love a pop of color in an unexpected place like that dining room hutch. Would you be open to sharing the color you used for that piece?

  11. Hi Erin! Very impressive. I love the look and feel you guys achieved. Can you share how it works when you work remotely with a client like this? Had you seen the space before at all? How much of this is existing stuff vs all new? How much expertise does a client need to have themselves in order to pull this off without your help (or another person’s help) locally? And, how does it work cost wise? Do you get a budget and then start ordering stuff – or is there tons of back and forth on each purchase. Just so curious about the mechanics of it all…

    Congratulations again, it’s beautiful!

  12. Erin, I LOOVE the colors in the bathroom. Pretty please, would you share the wall color and the source for the shower curtain?

  13. This is my favorite post EVER! I love seeing your design work, especially on such a large scale. This is just beautiful, all of it. As other commenters said, now I’m doubly excited for the book!

  14. Oh Erin…once again you amaze me, this time with your interpretation of traditional. So right on for the current need for livable spaces. In every room there is something I’m dying over. Thanks so much for the source on the horse photo….the braided mane along its gorgeous neck is stunning. I will look Shelli up…I’m preordered and waiting for your book!

  15. LOVE, love, love.

    Do you mind sharing where the rug in the bedroom is from?

    Also, I LOVE seeing your OWN work in others’ homes – I’d love to see more about your process, etc on the blog! SO fun!

  16. Beautiful work on so many levels! I would so love to know what that green paint is. Your work is amazing, Erin!

  17. Your design work is so many things – beautiful, comfortable, luxurious in an approachable way, and timeless. Thank you for sharing this project with us! If you are able to share sources, I am most interested in the navy sectional, just based on my own current needs (wants, ha). Can’t wait for your book to be released!!

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  19. Erin, Bravo, a fabulous design job! I love how you used both large and small scale art to a great advantage. The small abstracts with extra wide matting is a very sophisticated look for those who cannot always afford large statement works of art!

    The Arts by Karena

  20. Erin – i love this post! Awesome job, I love seeing your work so much. Also, fun to run into you outside of RH a couple of weekends ago despite my incredibly awkward self-introduction that my husband is still making fun of me for! ;) Excited to get the book and see more of your work!

  21. Beautiful job – and I’m so glad you posted these photos because there are 2 items that I would love to know more about if you would be willing to share. The bar stools and the leather ottoman. Many thanks!!

  22. Hi Erin – I have been reading your blog for years and am a big fan. I want to paint my oak kitchen cabinets. They are perfectly good and I am spending the money on a granite counter top. I have already designed and installed a tumble marble back splash.

    I noticed you painted the hutch. How do I go about painting the kitchen cabinets? I want to do these a crisp white. Any recommendations on a paint choice?


  23. Love this! Those boy rooms are excellent! Having two little boys myself I may have to stash these for future inspiration :) Well done!

  24. Wow- this is amazing!! I love every single detail in every room. Its all so seamless….you are quite a talent!!

  25. Everything about the rooms for the boys is genius. I love the prints. The rooms are great for kids but appealing to adults too.

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