My Bathroom: The Look for Less

A lot of you have been very kind with compliments on my new bathroom shots on Instagram and here on the blog.  I love how it came out (or, is coming out rather, there are some final touches happening this week) but know for a lot of people the cost of this room is a bit high.  So I wanted to show how to get a bathroom with a similar look using items from big box stores and discount retailers.

To refresh, here are some mediocre pictures taken this morning (the left part of the vanity is being repaired so ignore that as well as the low-light grainy shot! But you get the idea.)

photo 2-45

photo 1-42

Here are some ways to get a similar look for less:


1. My vanity was custom made but you can find similar grey Shaker style ready made cabinetry components online like at Kitchen Resource Direct for much less (you just need a contractor to install or VERY handy friend.)

2. At $69 each, these lights will work JUST fine.

3. Matte brass medicine cabinets are hard to find, so you could buy an affordable skinny framed nickel one and tape off the mirror and spray it with very high quality gold spray paint.

4. & 8. Delta’s Trinsic line faucet and shower set in Champagne Bronze is VERY similar the the Kohler Purist line in Moderne French Gold (which I used) but less than half the price.

5. These are the exact pulls I used, not insanely expensive.

6. This Kohler undermount sink is reasonable at $130.

7. My floor was a budget buster and recreating the look isn’t for DIY-ers or those on a SUPER tight budget, but you can do it for less.  By buying 12″ x 12″ marble tiles (I like Calcutta because it has browns and greys in it like mine) you can have the installer cut each tile into thirds (4″ x 12″) and install it herringbone style like this.  Cutting them into chevron pieces is MUCH more labor and therefore more costly.

9.  I used a remnant of white quartz for my countertop, which is worth the money (no staining, easy to take care of) and can be done on a budget.  Visit stone yards and sift through their remnants or you can buy it at a place like Home Depot.

10. 4″ x 8″ white subway tile is not expensive at all and I love the clean, classic look

11. I used Delorean Gray grout with my subway.  But fair warning, every tiny flaw shows when you use dark grout so make sure your installer is well aware of this before he starts installing and is very good.



  1. Your bathroom is utterly gorgeous!

    And posting the ‘look for less’ is genius- your bathroom has gone from aspirational to obtainable. Thank you!

  2. Couldn’t expect anything less from you.This is gorgeous!!

    Any chance you can share the source of the shower door?

  3. That floor is killer! You’re right about brass being hard to find. I’m working on our bathroom facelift and am trying to find brass fixtures to match the existing ones. Spray paint would be much easier.

    Thanks for thinking of poor gals like me!

  4. Looooooooooove. This. Post! Aside from being DAMN HELPFUL, it is also feels reminiscent of the posts that first brought me to your blog what, seven years ago, when it felt at least like you were a struggling little home obsesser like me, scouring for deals and hitting Ikea on the reg. Not to mention that I have been searching for a matte brass faucet that isn’t $500 since the dawn of time (or two months, whatever). Thank you for acknowledging in such a kind way that your bathroom IS the shit and it is not possible for many of us. And of course, BRAVO ON THE AMAZE BATHROOM. :)

  5. Gosh, thank you so much for enlightening us poor plebes on how to achieve your high end look.
    Waiting with bated breath on your defensive response.

  6. Fabulous job Erin, and great post about how you can achieve this look on a budget. I’m also curious about the dimensions of the bathroom. I’m getting ready to renovate my small master bath and I’m thinking of relocating the toilet. Just not sure I have the space clearance. Thanks!!!

  7. All of these tips are really helpful. I never realized the $$ difference btwn herringbone and chevron, but makes sense. Thanks!!

  8. Not sure how/why, but the information on number eight (the shower hardware) is missing. Would you please share the details on that? Thanks!

  9. Thanks for realizing this and posting a look for less board. Very smart of you! Also I’m in love with your floor

  10. I am so, so so so obsessed with your new bathroom. The floor in particular is astounding, but the fixtures and the glass too — it’s all just heaven!

    x Lily

  11. Thank you so much for this post – I will be using multiple products featured in my new home. I can’t wait for your book – my sister and I have a night out planned for it!

  12. I would’ve loved to see the actual elements used in your bathroom. What if we want to buy those? It seems like your tone is “this will work just fine for you poor blog readers, but it wasn’t fine with me.” Puh-lease. I have enjoyed your progress and like your choices.

  13. Gorgeous bathroom, Erin! And thanks for the tips on getting the look for less – very helpful! And I love your blog and check it every single day for the amazing inspiration.

  14. Welp, you can’t please everyone! I, for one, appreciate the fact that you not only shared your actual sources, but took the time to find and recommend more budget friendly items as well. Great post! And thank you!

  15. You were so sweet to post less expensive ways to get the look. The only tone I detected was “helpful.” Thank you so much for writing such a good blog and for ignoring people like Elizabeth.

  16. Wow Erin!!! It’s gorgeous! I’m dying over all the things one cannot find here in Portugal, the gold faucets and the herringbone marble tiles! Not the expensive ones and not the low cost at all… GDamittt! It’s even hard to find the right gold of pulls… Now let’s see If I can buy your book from here now! Otherwise I’ll have to go to US on purpose to do that!!! Ha! what a great excuse!

  17. Beautiful bathroom, Erin. Thank you for the continued inspiration! You must be proud and excited!
    Someday, when professional designers no longer share their talents and resources for free, I will leave a nasty comment on Anon’s blog…oh wait…

  18. Man… Are some of the commenters on their lady’s days? They sure sound grumpy and emotional! Lovely post! Everyone loves to achieve a stunning look for less!

  19. Hello Erin,

    Lovely bathroom thank you for sharing your sources (high and low) . Any chance you will be coming to TORONTO for you book tour? Regardless Im looking forward to your book. I almost bought a design book this weekend and thought, “Nope, I’m saving my coffee table space for Erin’s new book!”

  20. Love the final look. I am working on a similar bathroom for my own home. Just curious if you considered the “modern brushed gold” from Kohler and what made you go with the “french gold”. My renovation has been dragging on for months, jealous to see yours come together so quickly. Enjoy & Thanks!

  21. Ah, perfect!! I’m getting ready to redo a bathroom on a tight-ish budget and these resources are exactly what I needed. Thank you! Your renovations look amazing and I love reading your updates :)

  22. Enjoy your beautiful renovations! It is so gracious and generous of you to share your sources. I have never found your tone or intent to be anything but helpful and sincere. You are a great writer with beautiful taste!
    Ignore all trolls puh lease!

  23. In agreement with Peggi and Kelly. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous bathroom and ignore any negative comments. You worked hard to get to where you are and to be able to afford the luxurious items that make your bathroom your own! Enjoy your success and MOST of us truly do appreciate your making the time and effort to source less expensive finds for us. Best of luck with your book tour, by the way.

  24. I love that you did this. Magazines do this all the time for fashion and décor spread. Not sure what the nasty comments are about.

    If you didn’t do a look for less, some people would accuse you of being “out of touch.”

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