My Bathroom: The Look for Less

A lot of you have been very kind with compliments on my new bathroom shots on Instagram and here on the blog.  I love how it came out (or, is coming out rather, there are some final touches happening this week) but know for a lot of people the cost of this room is a bit high.  So I wanted to show how to get a bathroom with a similar look using items from big box stores and discount retailers.

To refresh, here are some mediocre pictures taken this morning (the left part of the vanity is being repaired so ignore that as well as the low-light grainy shot! But you get the idea.)

photo 2-45

photo 1-42

Here are some ways to get a similar look for less:


1. My vanity was custom made but you can find similar grey Shaker style ready made cabinetry components online like at Kitchen Resource Direct for much less (you just need a contractor to install or VERY handy friend.)

2. At $69 each, these lights will work JUST fine.

3. Matte brass medicine cabinets are hard to find, so you could buy an affordable skinny framed nickel one and tape off the mirror and spray it with very high quality gold spray paint.

4. & 8. Delta’s Trinsic line faucet and shower set in Champagne Bronze is VERY similar the the Kohler Purist line in Moderne French Gold (which I used) but less than half the price.

5. These are the exact pulls I used, not insanely expensive.

6. This Kohler undermount sink is reasonable at $130.

7. My floor was a budget buster and recreating the look isn’t for DIY-ers or those on a SUPER tight budget, but you can do it for less.  By buying 12″ x 12″ marble tiles (I like Calcutta because it has browns and greys in it like mine) you can have the installer cut each tile into thirds (4″ x 12″) and install it herringbone style like this.  Cutting them into chevron pieces is MUCH more labor and therefore more costly.

9.  I used a remnant of white quartz for my countertop, which is worth the money (no staining, easy to take care of) and can be done on a budget.  Visit stone yards and sift through their remnants or you can buy it at a place like Home Depot.

10. 4″ x 8″ white subway tile is not expensive at all and I love the clean, classic look

11. I used Delorean Gray grout with my subway.  But fair warning, every tiny flaw shows when you use dark grout so make sure your installer is well aware of this before he starts installing and is very good.



  1. This post is why you have such a loyal following–super smart and resourceful! Really appreciate your sharing!

  2. Beautiful (and I wholeheartedly agree with Peggi, Kelly, Cynthia, etc.)! This is probably an odd question, but will you be using all white towels? Or maybe white with accents of some sort? Sometimes I think that the final little details are the most difficult. Also, will you use trays to corral some of your more frequently used toiletries on your vanity or just have pretties on it?

  3. Thank you so much for doing this post! I totally appreciate the fact that you can use pricier options (and maybe get them closer to cost?). But for DIY-ers like me, it’s great to see how to create your same look using easily available resources.

    The part I love best? That you know (and told us!) it would be cheaper to buy large tiles and have them cut down to 3″ pieces (factoring in labor, etc), than to buy ready-available tiles similar to those you bought. I would have totally assumed it was cheaper to buy the tile as-is. This was a super helpful tip! Thanks Erin!

  4. Love the bathroom and the post! One item I would splurge on = faucet and shower sets. They’re one of the few movable parts you use every single day (multiple times a day in the case of faucets or showers during the summer!), and high-quality, good design isn’t always cheap. I am a Kohler loyalist, but … it’s never failed me!

  5. LOVE your bathroom and am wondering if you know and would mind sharing the paint brand and color used on the cabinets?

  6. Hi there, I love it. Can you please share the wall colored used. It looks like a light grey and I remember reading it but can’t seem to find it.

  7. I was wondering if your tile installer is local/Boston area and i so, if you wouldnt mind sharing their info?

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