Lighting Roundup

Lighting is one of the most important parts of decorating- both for the way your space is illuminated (functionally and mood-wise) and because fixtures can make such a big statement in a space.  There are cool new items coming out all the time so I thought I;d round up some of my favorite new fixtures found at some of my go-to online shopping sites for such things: Circa Lighting, Shades of Light, West Elm, Laura U, Rejuvenation and even Etsy!


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  1. Damn, wish I could afford a $400 lamp (everything i clicked on was that much!… wah), but not on my budget! beautiful picks, though.

  2. I love your eye for lighting! So manny great finds!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Jamie Herzlinger

  3. These are all beautiful but how do you choose lighting? I’ve been struggling for a couple of years to choose lighting for several rooms and I have no clue how to narrow it down to something that will work together. Where do you begin? The choices are overwhelming.

  4. I couldn’t agree more that lighting is one of the most important elements in a design. I am an interior designer who shifted my career focus to lighting design about 10 years ago because I felt it was so critical to making colors, finishes and ambiance look right. The decorative lighting is the jewelry that completes the look. These are beautiful selections!

  5. Quick question – we have this light fixture I love over our dining room table (it was there when we moved in) however because it is white and some kind of, I’m not sure, fabric/paper? it is yellowing where the light bulbs are. The fixture is long and rectangular so the yellowing is at either end on the sides and bottom. It’s driving me crazy. Is there anyway to deal with that without having to replace the whole fixture? I think it might be CB2 but I’m really not sure.

  6. I found Stimulight on Etsy a while back and can’t wait to order something from them! Now to figure out which one!

  7. I love your picks! I always notice lighting, but the price tag always makes me pause and I never get what I truly want. It’s rare to find inexpensive lighting that’s as nice as these.

  8. I would love to see a splurge v. save on lighting (as well as furniture and decor)! I splurged on a Furbish lamp, but I have the Target navy gourd lamps in the same room and am happy I saved on the non-statement pieces!

  9. For some reason, my link to No. 12 is not working and I’m loving that chandelier. Can you tell me where it is from? Thanks!

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