Emmy’s Red Carpet Recap

Yes, I’m supposed to be on vacay but then the Emmy’s were on and I had to at least chime in quickly about my favorites and my least favorites. :)

Hands down best dressed goes to red carpet newcomer Lizzy Caplan (Janis!!!!) in Donna Karan Atelier. Just PERFECT from all angles- modern, glamorous and perfectly accessorized.


66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Second favorite was Allison Williams- another modern take on a ladylike gown.  I feel like if Audrey Hepburn were alive today and this age she would have worn this.


Red was obviously the color of the night. I imagine there were a few stylists being like “Oh sh*t…. everyone is in freaking RED!”  The two that nailed the red trend- Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who almost never misses) and CRAZY EYES! You guys, look at Crazy Eyes! So fabulous I almost couldn’t believe it was her!

042m 083m

These gowns looked red on TV, but they are certainly more coral- LOVED Heidi Klum’s Zac Posen and I thought Sarah Hyland’s two-piece ensemble was totally age- appropriate and adorable on her.

heidi-klum-290 003m

When it comes to white and nude I thought Taylor Schilling slayed it- love the neckline and drape of the sides.  And I was so happy to see Kristen Wiid not looking like a wet mop finally- she looked simply beautiful (although nipple covers would have been welcome).

taylor-schilling-290 062m

You can;t mess with Robin Wright in a white tux jumpsuit, she’s just so bad ass. And Lucy Lui looked lovely as well.  And we all know Sofia Vergara looked hot and amazing, but I really wish she’d try something new just ONCE. Just for fun.

075m 045m

Seth Meyers was so funny and his navy tux (another trend of the night) was perfect.  His wife looked fabulous in J. Mendel too.  But WHAT was Matthew McConaughey wearing???? SO BAD! Camilla looked killer in her gown though.

002m 064m

For sparkly, I loved Amy Poehler and I actually liked Julia Robert’s dress on her- if I saw it hanging on a rack (or on anyone else, probably) I don;t think I would have, but she really pulled it off. Plus, those legs- my God.

051m julia-roberts-290

Halle Berry just being her perfect self. She really is unbelievable. And Gwen Stefani’s two piece, while looking awkward here, moved so beautifully on stage and was so different and so HER- I think it was a great choice.

084m 069m

Now for the bad. There weren’t many, but those that missed, missed by a mile.

Amanda Peet always looks weird and frumpy. And for such a pretty lady, I don’t understand why. I HATED Kerry Washington’s ensemble- it fit awkward and looked like she was wearing a pair of sequin bike shorts underneath.

006m kerry-washington-290

Katherine Heigl looked like she borrowed this number from someone’s closet at a Hollywood senior living facility, and there really are no words for Blossom/ Mayim Balik’s 80’s prom mess.

058m 039m

But yet again, Lena Dunham takes the cake. The hair. The makeup. The awkward, awful top with that skirt. It’s by far the worst she’s worn yet.


Your thoughts???


  1. Lena Dunham’s outfit has GOT to be a joke, right? She couldn’t have possibly looked in the mirror and thought “Yep, I look fabulous and this is totally Emmy-appropriate.” Please, God, let it have been a joke.

  2. I LOVED allison williams dress, so so much. And I was very saddened by Kerry Washington’s pick. Like, Halloween come too soon? Ick. She is so gorgeous, I was definitely bummed she chose this off-the-rack,high-school-prom-looking mess.

    I agree Julia Louis Dreyfus looked so great – how is it that she just gets better looking with age? I mean, she is definitely peaking now!

  3. Amanda Peet is pregnant….probably best not to refer to a pregnant woman as ‘frumpy.’ Just sayin’

  4. Lena rarely wears clothes that actually fit her. Whatever a person’s figure is, clothes need to be tailored!!! It’s one thing to have a fugly dress, but at least make it fit.

  5. Is it strange that I woke up this morning bummed because I knew you were on vacay? Of course, you didn’t disappoint. So over Sofia. And I also thought Deborah Messing looked beautiful.

  6. I actually thought to myself last night that I was so bummed not to be able to read your recap today since you are on vaycay… what a lovely surprise!

  7. I know Amanda Peet is pregnant- but being pregnant certainly does not mean you HAVE to wear an unflattering dress. There were a few other pregnant women that looked fantastic last night- and Amanda Peet certainly has the pregnant body to carry off something better. She categorically looks frumpy on red carpets if you look at her past choices….

  8. For me the winners were the entire Game of Thrones cast…Natalie Dormer, Rose Leslie (also played a maid in Downton Abby), Sarah Hyland, Teyonah Parris and Michelle Dockery.

  9. Allison Williams’ waist is so freakin’ tiny! Yikes!

    Kristin Wiig definitely looks better with shorter, blonde hair. I think that’s the key to not looking like a “wet mop,” haha.

    Lena Dunham needs to learn some posture. Looking like a hot mess is one thing, but the slouching certainly doesn’t help.

    As always, your picks are spot on! Thanks for posting. Now go back to relaxing :)

  10. Totally agree with your calls! The one thing I don’t get about Lena Dunham is that all the clothes she wears to these events are tailored for her – how can they be so ill-fitting? I know she is not built like a model but you would think the designer would have adjusted the shirt to her body. Every time I see her on a red carpet I think “ugh, who tailored that?”.

  11. Agree with all of your picks! And cannot stop laughing at your statements about the bad!! To each their own I guess.

  12. love your recaps! lizzy caplan absolutely SLAYED. add me to the list of those disappointed by kerry washington’s choice. also, i would like some of gwen stefani’s magical non-aging potion because damn!

  13. Great post – but note that Lizzy Caplan is wearing Donna Karan Atelier – totes different from DKNY!

  14. Yay so happy you popped in for the red carpet assessment. Totally agree. Lizzy Caplan looked AMAZING! I so wish she had won too, she is amazing on Masters of Sex. Alison Williams also looked stunning.

  15. I actually like Katherine Heigl’s dress … if you removed the sleeves and cut into the shoulders a little and dyed it a more exciting color. That would make it a little less “Golden Girls”.

  16. I loved Juliana Margolies! And Allison Williams was the winner on the red carpet with Julia Louis Dreyfuss just owning it. JLD really gets better with age. Love her! And so glad you took a brief break from vacation to share your picks!

  17. Totally agree about Lena Dunham. Regardless of your shape or size, you can at least have good posture!! Stand up straight and be proud of your hot mess of a dress!!

  18. As far as Woody and Matthew’s choice of tuxedo I am thinking this was a clever nod to Dumb and Dumber/and or A Night at the Roxbury. Come on, these guys don’t really dress this way! When I saw them on stage I thought “Boys just wanna have fun”.

  19. I just found out that a girl I know is datng Seth Meyers’ brother! I hope to see them on the Red Carpet some time.

  20. I am really bothered that everyone keeps referring to Uzo Aduba by her character name. I mean you used all the other actresses and actors . . . even their wives by name.

  21. Best: Lizzy Caplan, Sarah Hyland, Allison Williams and Gwen Stefani
    Worst: Kerry Washington and Katherine Heigl

  22. Love Allison Williams dress, but no shock because Giambatista Valli is always amazing, although this dress is almost Oscar De La Renta esque.

  23. Completely agree with all of this. For sparkly gowns I though Hayden Panettiere looked absolutely stunning as well.

  24. I agree. I think Julia looked great. I actually loved J. Jones. Lena Dunham looks like a mess on purpose. It’s her thing. Otherwise she is just very sad.

  25. I said almost the exact same thing about Katherine Heigl (she looks like a grandmother at her grandchild’s wedding)!

  26. When I read you were taking the week off my first thought was “good for her” and my second was “damn, we’ll miss the Emmys fashion recap”. so…YAY. Gwen Stefani was my fav!

  27. There were so many great classic looks,just gorgeous gowns! As you already mentioned, the few bad were really bad!
    The Arts by Karena

  28. Wow, this is just mean. I hope next time you get dressed up a million people snap photos and post them on the Internet with descriptors like awkward, frumpy, and looks like it came from a senior center. These are all talented people, sacrificing their privacy so folks like you can enjoy tv time; they are entitled to their quirky styles. Don’t you have something more positive to write about?

  29. Her name is not Crazy Eyes. It’s Uzo Aduba.I know you know that. But the fact that you chose to list everyone else by name except for her comes off as lazy, flippant and disrespectful. You’ll probably take this comment as a personal attack but it’s not. It’s just a comment letting you know how the details that you deem insignificant come off to your readers.

  30. As always, spot on! I love your recaps and thanks so much for taking time off from your vacation. :)

    And for the folks who are complaining about calling Uzo Aduba “Crazy Eyes”…lighten up.

  31. Hi Erin, Thanks for the recap…I missed the whole thing! Those red dresses do look amazing! I love to see what everyone does with their hair too! Inspiring! xo Holly

  32. Agree, agree, agree. Your recaps are always my favorite! Alison Williams = modern day Audrey. Julia Roberts’ legs = woah. Lena = a joke, which I believe was intentional. Maybe she’s like fashion Benjamin Button and is aging in reverse. I guess we’ll need a decade or so to see.

  33. Always fabulous Erin! I just wish you’d be a bit more open-minded when it comes to Lena Dunham. The way she dresses is much less about aesthetic, and more about dressing for herself. While I wouldn’t want everyone’s wardrobe to be for themselves, Lena’s dresses are a powerfully visible personal/political statement that might merit more thought than your average ‘worst dressed’ list.

    Don’t stop your lists anytime soon though! They are always a pleasure.

  34. Mayim Bialik’s dress may not be the most fashionable, but she is dressing to adhere to the tenets of Orthodox Judaism. I think that, considering the fact that she has religious restrictions, this dress is beautiful and it fits her incredibly well.

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