Flower Power: Hana Floral Design

My dear assistant/ project manager/ right hand Lindsey is getting married this weekend (YAY LINDSEY!) and so I felt inspired to share the beautiful work of a floral designer that I found on Instagram (who also just happens to be located in the area where my family has a beach house!)  Hana Floral Design in Mystic, CT is run by Yumiko Fletcher who clearly is a GENIUS with flowers.  I loved my wedding flowers, but if I were to do it again, I would hire her in a nanosecond.  Perhaps when Andrew and I renew our vows next year for our 10th anniversary (sidenote: is that sweet or tacky? I can’t tell… also, how the hell has it been TEN YEARS?) we’ll get Yumiko to do something small for us. :)

In the meantime, take a gander at these STUNNING arrangements (and follow her Instagram if you love seeing more of this!)

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This whole striped ribbon business slays me.


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How perfect is this tiny succulent boutonniere?

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Some delightful Instagrams from Yumiko

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Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.33.27 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.34.23 PM

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Photography and vendor credits can be found on Hana Floral Design.




  1. Beautiful! BTW, don’t renew vows…so tacky! Didn’t you wed the first time till death do you part? Have an anniversary party if you want but please don’t renew vows. Just saying.

  2. Beautiful florals! My friend is celebrating 10 years in September and they are having a party, no vow renewal.

  3. Man, she is very talented.

    I disagree with Dianne above – I think it is very sweet to renew your vows. To remind each other of your commitment to each other and your love is a very wonderful thing to do – especially after the stress of a new home, your book, etc. It’s good to reconnect and shed a special light on your marriage. It doesn’t have to be a big to-do. It could just be the two of you and your family. I think it would only be tacky if you made it tacky, but you’re pretty much the exact opposite of tacky.

  4. Beautiful flowers! But I am DYING over the flowers on the ceiling of the tent. So imaginative.

    FWIW, I’ve been married 35 years and never had a vow renewal ceremony. You should be living your vows every day with a kiss and an “I Love You”. Anyone that I know who has had a Renewal Ceremony were either compensating for something or are now divorced!

    Have a lovely dinner with Andrew and your closest family. Prepare a fabulous toast and look forward to the next milestone. But I’m not worried. I know you would never do anything tacky!

  5. I’m with Barbara re: the flowers on the ceiling of the tent. Inspired.

    My husband and I just celebrated 27 years.

    For our 10th we spent a long weekend at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires (swoon). Just sayin’ in case you’re looking for a spot to unwind and celebrate the good fortune that brought you and Andrew together.

  6. DO NOT renew your vows……. Every couple I know who did are now divorced! Show each other everyday that you would do it all over again……and go on a wonderful vacation instead!!! It’s seriously “the kiss of death” for a marriage….

  7. I’m coming up on ten years myself, I wanted to throw a party and have a small renewal, but my husband suggested we wait until 15 years, since ten was so cliche (men). You should do whatever you please, he is obviously so in love you! But, def hire her for flowers if you do, she is very talented!

  8. Inspiring flowers for sure

    Just my two cents but the vow renewals I know of seem to be people who have had an issue (infidelity, etc) so it’s a perception thing for me.

  9. I love your blog. Since you asked, I have a bad association with vow-renewals. It’s probably my (admittedly) jaded outlook, but it seems to be bad luck to me. I agree that most examples I can think of when couples renewed their vows, they ended up getting divorced (often within just a couple years!). However, if it’s something that is sweet and meaningful to you and your husband, who cares what everyone else thinks?!

  10. GORGEOUS!!!! I am certainly going to follow them. Thanks for the introduction to Yumiko & Hana Floral Design.

    I agree with Elizabeth above – do you chica! If you want to renew your vows and party go ahead! Life is too short to worry about nay-sayers.

  11. Vow renewal – no. Why? Anniversary party, trip, weekend away, lovely present for yourselves – yes. I don’t understand vow renewals. I had my wedding, and now I have a marriage. A lovely marriage that we both work at and celebrate every day. But the wedding is in the past – the marriage is the now and the rest of our lives….

  12. Anyone who has been married forever will tell you staying in love isn’t easy and renewing your vows is a beautiful way to recommit your commitment to staying in love. Theo and I did a 4 person renewal of our 10 yr vows in the public garden. I was 8 months pregnant and everyone thought it was a shot gun wedding, our best friends were our photographers and we went to no. 9 for dinner and I proceeded to continuing shocking everyone by having wine :) It is not tacky at all — unless you ask people to bring gifts. Ps- deciding to do that is nobodies business but your own.

  13. Gorgeous flowers! The husband and I are celebrating 5 years in a few weeks, and it feels like only a few months have passed since we got married. Time does fly, right? Congrats on 10! I love the idea of vow renewals, but I also would do it with just my husband and I. No guests, no gifts, etc. It’s all about commitment to one person, so I wouldn’t need anyone else there! Plus, it sounds super romantic… ;)

  14. These flowers are amazing!
    Side note, can you do a fall wedding guest “what to wear” post? I loved the one you did for summer! :)

  15. Beautiful work! Love those grays of the Dusty Miller and eucalyptus mixed with soft corals and rose pinks.

  16. Mandy – no one I know who has been married “forever” has done a vow renewal. I think that sort of thing must be regional? Generational? (I’ve had several sets of grandparents make it past 50 years, my in-laws are just about at 50 -47 I think – and I’m at 14 years myself….And nary a renewal in sight.)

    That said – and to agree with what most other people have said – Erin, you should do what YOU and your husband want to do. What is important to you both is all that matters and who cares what blog readers or others outside the marriage have to say?

  17. Clarification: people married “forever” saying staying in love takes commitment–renewing your vows a way to show it–my opinion :) that being said my parents are about to celebrate 45 and they are going to renew vows as part of anniversary celebration.

  18. Yumiko did the flowers for my wedding six years ago this September. I was so thrilled to see your post about Hana. She is super talented and just a lovely person all around!

  19. I was with my husband 5 years before he asked me to marry him, and got pregnant 5 months later. So since I was pregnant at my wedding, I always imagined I would have a renewal at some milestone. Not some huge wedding style event, but almost the wedding I wanted to have the first place. Maybe 20 guests, our CLOSEST and MOST DEAR, not that weird third cousin and Aunt Sue that has seen me once in my lifetime. Great food, lots of libations, stories and laughter. Someone to take photos of course. Maybe even have it at the same venue? I think its a lovely idea.

    But I do kinda agree with the above who said most get divorced. Think about Seal & Heidi Klum. They would renew yearly I think… too much.

    ps. also dying over the succulents – genius

  20. Wondering how the succulents on the ceiling are defying gravity. Hana Floral Designs must have magical physics-defying powers! Simply glorious flower arranging.

  21. Interesting discussions today… we’re coming up on 30 years and have actually forgotten our anniversary the second year in. In our defense we were traveling from Japan to Hong Kong to Taiwan and crossing date lines and we both just forgot!
    The important thing is you both love and support each other and are each other’s best friend. Celebrate that any way that is meaningful to you and makes you happy.

  22. PS … my sis just ordered me your book for my birthday. Sad you don’t come to Seattle, but your book will!

  23. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous. The problem would be choosing one look. They are ALLLLLLLL so pretty….What are you wearing to the wedding?? Or are you in it?

  24. Second Gray’s question: What are you wearing to the wedding (unless you’re in it).

    And thank you for the link to YOUR wedding. It’s not often you show your readers pieces into your life, so loved to see all the details you had chosen fo ryour wedding ten years ago, pre-blog days!

  25. Yumiko did our wedding flowers about 4 years ago and she’s the best! It was such a nice surprise to open your blog post this morning, because I immediately recognized the top 2 photos as bouquets from our wedding – such a small world! I would recommend Hana Floral Design to anyone!

  26. Beautiful flowers!! I love a good florist and it’s great to know they are so close.
    I don’t see a problem with a vow renewal ceremony. Since you were married, you and Andrew have gone through so much and it might be nice to re-commit to each other while looking ahead to all of the wonderful things life has in store for you from here on out. I am sure whatever you do will be fun and personal. As long as it makes you and Andrew happy, that’s all that matters!

  27. P.S. That fall arrangement with the striped ribbon makes me want to renew my own vows! I had a fall wedding and love how that looks. Autumn Nautical…who knew that could work??? Love it!

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