Renovation Update: Getting Close!

The last four weeks of renovations crawl by, but I cannot complain as we are not only ON schedule, but a little ahead (and on budget, which is even better).  The details make new spaces really take shape and I can see the finish line so clearly now it’s exciting!

I came home today to a garage door! We did a carriage style door and I am 99% convinced I’m going to paint it black. My dad wasn’t totally in agreement but I think he’s on board now! (P.S. I cannot wait until I can fix that off-center middle window- it literally drives me INSANE!)
photo 4-18

I love the look of black shutters with a black garage door. :)



Our bedroom is AMAZING. It’s huge and bright and I love it so much. Our hardwood floors went down this week and made it all feel so much more finished!

photo 1-32

The window seat will go in soon and then it’ll be impossible to get the dogs away from it.  Prepare to be barked at if you walk by our house.  The step from the entry hall to the bedroom will go in soon too- Andrew texted me this week “Are we putting a step in the bedroom?” and part of me wanted to say “No- we’ll just take running leaps into the bedroom.” ;)

photo 2-32

We picked these C&B sconces for the window seat nook.


We’ve entered the painting phase which is always a treat as I feel the need to test 72 different light grey-beiges and then stare at them like I’ve had a lobotomy.  Our window treatments are this FAB print from Lacefield Design– I’ve never done print drapes for myself before and I’m pretty excited!

photo 3-22

Today the floors got stained- same as our hallway for continuity (50/50 mix of Minwax Jacobean and Ebony- one coat!)  Poly will come next and then baseboard!  On the left in this entry hall are the custom built ins we designed that will function as Andrew’s closet and our bookshelf. I’ve since added some decorative molding to the glass panels and I’m sensing these will be gorgeous and the mirror will bounce light around this narrow space. To the right is a pocket door that opens into our little master bathroom.

photo 4-19

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 6.47.01 PM

Speaking of pocket doors I have another one going into my closet (which I’m designing with California Closets– it’s a small walk-in, but will be efficient and pretty- and feels HUGE to me!)

photo 3-24

The pantry doors went in (but not the steps down to it, hence the broom and wood keeping me from falling on my face).

photo 5-15

And the hardware for those doors came in today too and they are BEAUTIES!

photo 2-33

Our huge coat closet has sliders now and the whole mudroom and laundry is trimmed out- tile up next!

photo 1-33

It’s the little things that thrill me now- like the side door into my garage (OMG, I HAVE A GARAGE!)

photo 5-16

And speaking of thrills- my editor received ten preview finished copies of my book yesterday and I am DYYYYIIINNNNGG over them. I wanted this book to be a beautiful decorative object as well as something amazing to read and that spine SLAYS ME. It will add such punch to people’s bookshelves and coffee tables! I just love it. You still have to wait until October 7, but you can pre-order it just to be sure. :)





  1. The house looks SO GOOD!

    My best girlfriend pre-ordered your book for me as a house warming present and I cannot wait to get it! Seeing your beautiful renovations makes me want to fast forward everything with our house!

  2. It all looks great! I have to agree with your dad, though about painting the garage door black. I think it will draw attention away from the main focal point, your front entry.

  3. Love all your choices! Any chance of divulging who’s garage door you used? I’m in the market for a replacement soon.

  4. Looking great, Erin! I vote to definitely paint the garage door black. I also think you should paint those two chimneys white! Would look great. :)

  5. Erin,
    I love your style and check your updates every morning with my coffee. I’m losing sleep over window grilles in our renovation of a 50 year old traditional home. Can you share whether you selected a divided light with spacers between the glass or an option that is kinder to the budget?
    I can’t wait to see your completed project!

  6. I hate to be the voice of dissension but I agree with dad; I would not paint the garage door black for the following reasons: 1) Your eye goes to the area of highest contrast. Painting the garage door black will draw attention away from the main part of the house and the front door. 2) You’ll lose the arch detail that’s in the garage door windows. I don’t agree with the language of that curve but I assume were meant to echo the curve above the front door. 3) And most importantly, painting the garage door black it will highlight the fact that the new bedroom windows are grossly out of alignment with the garage door. If the little window above the front door bothers you, this will drive you insane.

  7. I think the black garage door will look fab, and, honestly, I wouldn’t have noticed the off-center window above front door (or for that matter the fact that new bedroom windows aren’t lined up with garage door windows below, which PP pointed out), and I don’t think the casual passerby would notice either one. If anything, it is just one of those old house quirks. Don’t give it another thought (easier said than done, everyone has things about their home that drive them craaaaazy). To me it wouldn’t be worth the expense to fix and I would try to repeat to myself “old house quirk” many, many times. :-)

  8. That hardware for those doors – BEAUTIES!! Definitely a “yea!” for black garage door!! All looking SPLENDID!! franki

  9. Re: your off-center window above front door…. my husband (NOT a professional contractor) recently widened/moved a window at our house and he claims it was “really easy” “not a big deal”. Maybe you should just have those contractors DO IT.

    ps love your blog and have pre-ordered your book!

  10. LOVE the door hardware from Emtek but wondering which finish you selected, polished brass or french antique? Your picture doesnt’ quite match up with what I see on their website…

  11. Love the black doors, do you think it will take away from the carriage look? Also what brand are your garage doors?

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