Currently Obssessed: Little Market

I find that when it comes to dishware and glassware I have always played it safe. I’ve said it before, a major wedding registry regret of mine was not going bold with a classic, colorful china pattern.  While there is something clean and easy about all white dishes and simple clear glass stemware and bar ware- I am deathly bored by it.  Which is why I am still plotting to get myself these dinner plates once my renovation is done and have fallen in LOVE with these beautiful glasses from The Little Market (Lauren Conrad’s shop).  Handmade in Mexico and PERFECT for summer, they have gorgeous patterns (I prefer the more vine-like one) that would spice up any dinnerware set.

Short-Mexican-Flower-Glass-with-Leaves-The-Little-Market-510x650 Short-Mexican-Flower-Glass-The-Little-Market-510x650


Mexican-Flower-Wine-Glass-The-Little-Market-510x650 Mexican-Glass-Flower-Pitcher-The-Little-Market-510x650

Margaritas anyone?


Liked those plates you got a glimpse of up top? Yeah, me too. Here’s the whole set.




Also mad for this black and white market basket and these other darling baskets perfect for organizing little bits around the house.

Bohemian-Market-Basket-Black-The-Little-Market-510x650 Aqua-Herringbone-Whimsical-Basket-The-Little-Market-510x650

And while we’re at it, these towels are fan-freaking-tastic.


green_striped_Beach_Towel_the-little-market1-510x650 natural-stripe-towel-the-little-market-510x650 pink-hand-towel-the-little-market-510x650


I hope you all have a safe and happy Fourth of July! See you next week!



  1. While I love the Little Market, this comment pertains to an older post- L’Oreal Total Repair Extreme shampoo and conditioner. Holy moly. Thank you for sharing about this product! I love it and now routinely buy the big bottles just to stockpile under my bathroom sink because I am afraid they will quit making it!

  2. Sarah- Riiiiigggghhht? It’s so good and actually does feel like it repairs your hair unlike way more expensive brands I’ve tried!

  3. They are pretty, but nothing makes food on the plate pop like white! Also I don’t like red wine, iced tea or any other drinks with color in a colored glass.

  4. Thank you for posting! We had the best margaritas in these glasses at the Capella in Cabo and I’ve been searching for them ever since. Add to cart!

  5. I have the same regret about my wedding china! I have recently purchased Spode Blue Italian for everyday, and am saving up to purchase new formal china. Mine is white with a small platinum trim, and I am thinking of color with gold… Do you have a great suggestion? Something that is not trendy, not too expensive, and that I won’t regret in about 5 years

  6. Do you know about Barry & Fred, the Juliska outlet in Stamford, CT?? It’s right next to the Juliska flagship store. They constantly have that Country Estate pattern at the outlet — in fact, I bought myself a couple of serving trays in it last year. Love it! I don’t know if you’re ever in the area but if you take a trip to NYC it would be worth a side excursion.

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