A Little Book Sneak Peek!

It feels like it’s been forever in the making, but my book is officially printing as we speak!  It still has a little longer until it hits bookstore shelves on October 7th, but I’m so excited to get to share a little sneak peek of a favorite shot and the AMAZING back cover!

I was blessed to find a book designer/packager who not only is incredibly talented but also someone who had been reading my blog way before this deal became a reality.  Jennifer K. Beal Davis KNEW my voice and my taste and so knew exactly what I wanted this book to look like.  It was not only painless, but easy and enjoyable, which is NOT always the case when it comes to designing your book (so I’ve heard).  You’ve seen the front cover, but today I get to show you the back!   We decided to use the fantastic F. Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock Print (which is a fabric I used in my own home) paired with the striped spine and gold foil accents (not mustard yellow, that “T”, the first line and the border will be BLINGED OUT gold, baby.)


Oh yeah, and about those quotes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I cannot believe that all these design, writing and lifestyle idols of mine liked the book enough to say such amazing things in print. It continues to bowl me over, so thanks a ZILLION Jonathan Adler, Emily Henderson, J. Courtney Sullivan, India Hicks and Holly Becker!  When I feel doubt sneak in (as is normal with a project of this magnitude) I go back to these and tell myself I did well. :)


image by Michael J. Lee

And finally, I’m getting to share one of my personal favorites from inside the book today!  This is a home in Boston that we started working on over four years ago (and we are still working with the client as her house grows and changes!) They are the nicest people and a complete JOY to work with.  This is the formal living room, right off the formal dining, and a spot for the adults to entertain and relax in apart from the larger family room.


image by Michael J. Lee

We wanted to make it feel special, cozy and a blend of traditional and modern design. Custom drapes, a chocolate grasscloth ceiling,  statement fixture, custom chairs and hints of green helped accomplish this.  You’ll see a lot more of this house in the book- their study, family room, formal dining, casual dining, entry, master bedroom and child’s room.  I love that every house I work on looks SO different and unique, just like the families that inhabit them!  Pre-order the book HERE pretty please!

Stay tuned for book tour dates too, coming soon! Can’t wait to meet you guys in person!


  1. so excited to get the book! preordered awhile ago (and love that I can preorder because how fun is it to have something come in the mail that I have been anticipating for half a year?!). Congratulations – super duper great accomplishment and you should be proud!

  2. Looks amazing! Congrats, Erin! Can’t wait to get my pre-ordered copy. Pretty please – come do a signing in Toronto :)

  3. Love the living room! That green lamp is perfection. Been a blog reader since way, way, way back – so happy for you and all your successes! Can’t wait to get my hands on the book!!

  4. Those quotes are amazing and I am totally drooling over that grass cloth ceiling. I can’t wait to see the whole book in Oct. I am already thinking of all the friends I need to order it for as a gift.


  5. I’ve been a longtime reader of your blog, Erin. I happened to stumble upon it back when doing an interior design search on Google for our newly purchased condo (that was back in 2008!). I’ve kept coming back pretty much everyday since then! We recently moved into a new home that we built, and I just wanted to say thank you for all of the design inspiration.

    You’ve given me (and all of your readers)a lot of fantastic ideas over the years, and our new house looks fabulous because of them.

    Congrats on the new book, I’ve just submitted my pre-order :)

  6. I am so excited about your book release! I have pinned and blogged about your styling of that living room before, because it was the first professionally decorated room I saw where every detail resonated with me. It really was my “Aha moment” as far as design goes. And please make DC/Arlington a stop on your book tour!

  7. Grammarphobia– I think you mean SHOULD not sould, and INFORMATIONAL not iMformational.

  8. I too pre-ordered a while ago, but love the sneak peek of your Boston project! It’s beautiful…and I just love Michael J. Lee’s photography — he’s the best! Excited to see Sarah Winchester’s photography in the book as well, as I’ve always been her fan too. The book’s endorsements by India, Jonathan, Holly & Emily are really amazing and something to feel so incredibly accomplished about! Congratulations…your book will be a huge success and is well deserved.

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  10. Hi Erin, I ordered your book because I’ve enjoyed your blog for quite a while now and felt obliged to. I’m sure it will be great because you have very good taste. I may not be your typical reader ( I’m in my late 50’s) but I enjoy all aspects of your blog. I like your your honesty on all topics and I wish you the best and hope all your dreams come true. Try not to stress about things too much and enjoy your success.

  11. Much appreciated, I really enjoyed stumbling upon this article. Many thanks for putting it together. I really do hope that other people, get something meaningful from your contribution here, I most certainly did.

  12. so so excited….it has been in my cart on amazon for a month or so now. i will be in ireland when it debuts, so i will order it asap when i get back! it looks just great erin….you should be very proud of your efforts!! i can tell it’s a job well done.

  13. i literally gasped when i saw that pic of the living room. absolutely stunning.

    ^ also nice name gray :) that’s my brother’s name (maybe that’s gray malin…?)

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