The Greenbrier

I just got back last night from a little vacation to the historic Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.  I’ve been once before, but even so, when I arrived I couldn’t help but declare “Instagram GOLD!” The amazing Dorothy Draper designed spaces are just so amazing and awesome you can’t help but pull out your phone for a few- or obscene amount- of snaps.  If you missed it over on Instagram here are a few pics from my trip:

The perfect coral walls (for a similar color try Benjamin Moore’s Bird of Paradise or All A Blaze- the same color in my office) and the herringbone floor just about did me in in this room.  The old paintings look so incredible against this bold color!




Drama everywhere in the form of bold florals, bright colors and black and white!


This chandelier (and ceiling) slay me- the detail work and the coral paint is just perfect with gold.


I love this room in the lobby bar area.  Only Dorothy can do hunter green and red without it looking like a Christmas nightmare.

photo 4-6

A little closer (that mirror….)


One of my favorite vignettes is in the lower lobby with this scenic wallpaper, the black and white floor and the railings.


A hit of palm fronds and stripes for ya outside Draper’s restaurant (there are like 8 different places to dine on the property!)

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 1.48.06 PM

Caught this sweet moment when Andrew and my niece Kate tried to shoo a confused cardinal out of the lobby bar. So sweet (and that chandelier!!!)  As a side note- this place is amazing for kids- pools, bowling, playground, horses, an ice cream shop….


Another shot of the lobby. DIE.


I fully expected Jason Schwartzman to pop up at the concierge desk.  Wes Anderson really should film a movie here.


There are ADORABLE cottages to rent in addition to the hotel rooms! Great for families.

photo 3-8

More incredible lighting.

photo 3-9

So good. SO GOOD.


Walking down towards the casino. I learned to play a little blackjack this trip… and won!


More of the lower shopping/dining/casino area chock full of pattern and color.

photo 5-6

The sulphur spring building… people used to come here to bathe in the springs.  I can only attest to the AMAZING massage I got at the spa! :)

photo 2-13

Lots of memorabilia about- I, of course, was drawn to the Dorothy Draper stuff.


Lady Draper really knew how to work it- this is equivalent to about 1.19 million today. I wouldn’t mind a job like that! :)





  1. Erin – am dying to go there also, but have been thwarted partially by how hard it is to get there from Boston (with 2 littles in tow…). Did you fly to DC and drive? Or drive the whole way?

  2. It’s a PAIN to get to- we flew to Charlotte and connected to Roanoke,Va- it’s an hour and a half drive from there. I’d probably suggest flying to DC or Pittsburgh and driving from there.

  3. Hi Erin! My husband and i are headed there on Thursday and I am so excited! Even more so after seeing this post. What were your favorite restaurants? We have resis at In Fusion Friday night. Also, what did you wear to dinners? I like any excuse to get dressed up and have a great new dress I want to wear. Thanks so much!

  4. Staci- I’d skip the main dining room for dinner. Try Prime 44, the italian place, and Drapers.
    Also, they take the dress code VERY seriously. No jeans (white jeans on ladies seems to be ok) and men have to have jackets.

  5. Love this place and am dying to get there one day! A friend of mine works for the very wealthy family that bought this place a few years ago. Pretty incredible family and story.

  6. Thank you SO much for sharing all of these gorgeous pics. I enjoyed watching your Instagram this weekend…the greenbrier is definitely on my bucket list. xx

  7. My husband worked here fresh out of college and as such, has PTSD about it and I will never be taken there! Alas! Looks so pretty!

  8. Oh, I’m hoping to go there soon! Thank you for the lovely photos. I’ve been to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI, which was also decorated by Dorothy Draper, several times and it is lovely each time.

  9. Erin, this place looks amazing! But I’m curious … There is not a soul around in any of the pictures. Is it lively? Or not so much?

  10. Liz – while Boston to Pittsburgh would be a direct flight, the drive from the Pittsburgh Airport to The Greenbrier would be over 4 hours. From Dulles, the drive would be around 3 1/2. Just be sure that your 2 little ones can handle the drive after the flight.

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